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3 things you can do if you hate your wedding photographs

3 things you can do if you hate your wedding photographs

Other than the big day itself, there is nothing more exciting than getting your wedding photos back. They should be a gorgeous account of the happiest day of your life. They should be beautiful, detailed, and something you want to keep and frame as art.

But what if they are a complete flop?

We’ve put together 3 things you can do to save your wedding photos. Before I get into this, though, I’d like to give you a few tips for avoiding this situation in the first place, because prevention is always better than cure.

1: Look at the Google reviews

Because businesses can’t edit Google reviews, the comments you get on a photographer generally reflect their actual work ethic. Read the positive and the negative reviews so that you know exactly what you are in for.

3 things you can do if you hate your wedding photographs

2: Look on the photographer’s website

Go and look at the photographs on the photographer’s website. Note picture composition, lighting, and editing. Much like art, photography is very personal, so if you don’t like the photographer’s style—even if they come highly recommended—go somewhere else. BE SURE YOU LIKE THE EDITING STYLE!


For more tips, see below:

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3: Ask to chat to happy customers

Ask the photographer if they have customers you could chat to so that you can better understand how the photographer works. This will give you a first-hand account of the way the photographer works.

4: Include a photo booth or disposable cameras in your wedding planning.

If you can’t afford a backup photographer, consider including a photo booth or disposable cameras in your wedding planning. Although the photos won’t be the same as those taken by a professional photographer, they can provide some nice wedding memories.

3 things you can do if you hate your wedding photographs
3 things you can do if you hate your wedding photographs 1

These are all great pre-wedding ideas, but if you are in an unfortunate situation where the photos you received from your photographer are awful, here are three things you can try:

1: RAW photos

If you are unhappy with your wedding photographs, contact your photographer as soon as possible and request the RAW, unedited photograph files. It would be best to move quickly because many wedding photographers delete these files a few days after the wedding!

Once you have the RAW files, contact a photographer whose work you like and ask them to edit the photographs in your style- of course, you would need to cover the costs of editing with a new photographer/editor.

You would be surprised by the difference in editing style to photographs.

2: Key moment retake

It’s all very good to edit photographs, but what if your photographer neglected to photograph critical moments in your wedding?

In that case, you can ask the photographer to retake key moments at the venue in your bridal clothing. While this is not ideal, you will, at least, have the moments in a photograph for the future.

3: Wedding love shoot

If you dislike the photographs taken of your wedding, you may want to hire a different photographer and do a wedding love shoot. These photograph shoots are very popular in Europe, especially with couples who get married in court but then choose to have a wedding love shoot afterwards.

There are lovely opportunities for exquisite love shoots in a location that may not have been ideal for your wedding but may provide you with gorgeous photographs to add to your wedding album.

Some ideas for your wedding love shoot include:
• A church or castle ruin
• A lake or riverboat ride
• A forest in autumn
• A different season that lends itself to a romantic feel.

As mentioned, prevention is really better than cure when it comes to wedding photographs, but if the worst has happened, there are a number of ways to make the best of a bad situation, resulting in gorgeous wedding photographs and some new and beautiful memories.

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