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Poulaphouca House Wedding

5 Reasons Poulaphouca House Wedding & Falls Barn Epitomises Romantic Irish Charm

Wedding Photography Rule #1 Something Old, Something

Here Are 5 Ways Poulaphouca House & Falls Tick the
Old and New Boxes.

Planning a Barn Wedding? Check it out!

5 Reasons Poulaphouca House Wedding & Falls Epitomises Romantic Irish Charm

Like most of you, the everyday admin of life often blinds me to the history, the romance, and the charm that Ireland exudes from almost every street.

Poulaphouca House & Falls is such a unique blend of old and new that it’s like turning a light on and the exquisite romance and history that pervades Ireland suddenly leaps to the fore and reminds me how very lucky Im to live in a land with such ancient roots.

Look at this barn!

In short, The Barn at Poulaphouca House & Falls offers a unique blend of Old and New that oozes Irish charm.

Poulaphouca House Wedding

I’ve chosen 5 reasons why Poulaphouca House is a wonderfully romantic wedding venue, but to be honest, I could have easily doubled this number and here is why.

Poulaphouca House Wedding photos

1: Poulaphouca House & Falls Is a Perfect Blend of Old and New

There is a wide range of wedding venues available on the property, but my absolute favourite has to be The Barn. It’s old, in that The Barn has been there for over a century – a detail I personally love because you can’t recreate a hundred years of history. It has been “lovingly restored” so that the finishes are sublime, and the overall feel is one of earthy elegance.

From a photography standpoint, here are some key aspects that make for the most delightful wedding photographs in The Barn:

  • Huge windows not only let in a lot of natural light but also provide framed views of Lower Blessington Lakes and the River Liffey – the perfect backdrop to photos of friends and family.
  • The restored materials used in the walls and ceiling have been painted a rich coal black which, adorned with fairy lights, crisp linens, wooden floors and fresh flowers is this photographer’s background dream.
  • The ceiling is very high, which means that photographs in The Barn have a sweeping elegance to them.
Poulaphouca House barn

In short, The Barn at Poulaphouca House & Falls offers a unique blend of Old and New that oozes Irish charm.

2: Poulaphouca House & Falls has 36 Acres of the famous Gardens of Ireland

Set on 36 acres in the Garden of Ireland in West Wicklow, Poulaphouca House & Falls provides bridal couples with vistas of natural beauty that can be enjoyed from almost every location at the venue.

From a photography perspective, these gardens provide you with:

  • A wealth of natural textures to for beautiful wedding photographs
  • A subtle reminder of the season in which you got married
  • A wide range of gorgeous natural colours with which to frame your wedding photographs.

From lakes to woods to secret pathways to blooming shrubs and trees, the venue offers a huge selection of natural backdrops for almost any wedding photograph feel you might be going for.

3: Poulaphouca House & Falls is perfect for Summer and Winter Weddings

One of the things I often look for when I’m scouting a venue is how it will hold up across different seasons. Now some venues are designed with winter or summer weddings in mind, which is great, but when you find a wedding venue that can cater for both, I get very excited. Poulaphouca House & Falls is just such a venue. Regardless of the season, the views and venues provide romantic options for couples and that is difficult to beat.

Poulaphouca House Photos

4: Poulaphouca House Wedding & Falls Food – No Explanation Needed

With 3 chefs focused on creating the perfect wedding feast, the food is not only delicious but pretty as a picture too. I thought I’d give you a few reasons it works so well for wedding food photography:
The chefs really understand the art of plating. Each item is beautifully presented in modern crockery.
Food photography is all about the details, the placement of little elements that finish off the dish and turn it from a plate of food into a masterpiece. The Poulaphouca House & Falls chefs have food detail down to a fine art.

Photographing your wedding is more than just taking romantic pictures, it’s about capturing the essence of who you are as a couple and the love you share. Wedding food is such an important part of this as it can be a physical representation of the “culture” the two of you are creating in your new family.

Their chefs understand how to translate this into a spectacular wedding feast that is a true representation of who the two of you are and I love capturing that as part of your wedding photography.

5: Poulaphouca House Wedding Venue & Falls…Falls

What could be more romantic, ancient, and exquisite than your very own waterfall as a backdrop to your wedding photographs?

Poulaphouca House & Falls have so much history associated with them and the path and bridges leading to them have been carefully restored, making them the perfect venue for unique wedding photographs.

With a good reminder of the ancient and romantic roots of Ireland, Poulaphouca House & Falls is a wedding photographers’ playground and a venue I highly recommend for cleverly blending the old and new.

And one more amazing venue: Burton House

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