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Bellinter House Wedding

7 Bespoke Wedding Details Available at Bellinter House Wedding Venue

Bellinter House Wedding

I’ve often spoken about the importance of the couple on any wedding day and today I’ve found the most exquisite wedding venue, just a stone’s throw from Dublin, which truly celebrates each and every couple that gets married at their gorgeous venue. If you’re looking for a wedding venue that delivers bespoke weddings, time after time, then read further to find out the 8 ways Bellinter House delivers bespoke wedding experiences.

7 Bespoke Wedding Details Available at Bellinter House Wedding Venue

1: Bellinter House

Set on the banks of the river Boyne, Bellinter House is an 18th century Georgian House in pristine condition. Every detail of this gorgeous wedding venue, from the ivy that laces the outside of the brick house to the intricate and tasteful moulding, sconces, and chandeliers that grace the inside of the house, Bellinter House is a treasure trove of Georgian detail.
From a wedding photography perspective, the type of architectural detail found at Bellinter House makes for amazing bespoke wedding photographs that depict your personality to a tee.

7 Bespoke Wedding Details Available at Bellinter House Wedding Venue 1

2: The Rooms

Key to making any wedding fit your personality is the rooms in which the ceremony and reception take place. Bellinter House has a range of options with lovely detailing. One of my favourites is the arched ceiling and columns that grace a room often used for ceremonies, while another grand ballroom can be decorated to suit your wedding theme.
While decorations can make all the difference to any space for a wedding, architectural details like the ones found here are difficult to replicate, and so make for a unique wedding setting.

3: The Furniture

I’ve spoken about the details at when it comes to the architecture, but a lot must be said for the great care that has been taken with regard to the furniture. Tastefully chosen and carefully arranged, the furniture is a delightful mix of rich fabrics, paired with simple neutrals that add character and class to each room.
From a photography perspective, I particularly like the use of some dramatic pieces to highlight certain elements of architecture or décor as these pieces make for fantastic backdrops for the happy couple. In particular, the weathered grand piano is a beautiful piece of furniture, perfect for wedding photos for couples with a love of or flair for music.

4: The Outbuildings

I really like wedding venues that give couples options when it comes to the ceremony and wedding photographs. Bellinter House has beautiful outbuildings, complete with wood floors and exposed brick that make for amazing wedding photos and a unique venue for the wedding ceremony.

5: The Gardens

Sweeping lawns and ancient forests surround Bellinter House and provide a grand natural vista for an outdoor wedding. Couples have full and exclusive use for their big day, which enables you to make full use of the entire property for your wedding.
From a photography perspective, gardens are a wonderful way to document the time of year of your wedding without specifically stating when your life together began.

6: The Trees

Although I’ve already mentioned the gardens, the trees at this extraordinary location are really one of my favourite features and none more so than the weeping Beech Tree that is also the logo for the venue. With enormous branches that create an outdoor living cathedral, the Bellinter House trees are perfect for outdoor wedding ceremonies and very exciting for wedding photographs. One of my all-time favourite times of the year for a “tree” wedding is autumn. The weeping Beech is festooned in glorious autumn colour and is a natural décor phenomenon that is difficult to beat.

7: The Team

Bespoke weddings require a team of people dedicated to understanding who you are as individuals, who you are as a couple, and translating that into your dream wedding. The Bellinter House team are experts at making this happen, and no two weddings are ever the same.
I have been blown away by the tremendous effort the Bellinter House team goes to for couples. From festooning the house with balloons to hanging lamp shades from the weeping Beech to setting up hundreds of candles for a wedding ceremony, the Bellinter House team go the extra mile in making your wedding a bespoke experience.
As a wedding photographer, I have the opportunity to see a wide range of venues. Bellinter House is a real wedding venue gem, with a team that is dedicated, and determined to make your wedding a perfect fit for your personality. If you’re looking to make your big day a unique experience, then Bellinter House is an incredible venue to consider.

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