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Kilshane House Wedding Venue

7 Elements that make Kilshane House one of the Grandest Wedding Venues

So, it’s your BIG day, and you’re looking for a venue that is as momentous as the occasion, a wedding venue that provides a feeling of grandeur, luxury, and old-world opulence. I’ve shot wedding photographs at dozens of venues around Ireland, including castles and estates. Kilshane House – Wedding Venue, however, has to be one of the grandest venues and here are seven reasons why.

Kilshane House is one of the Grandest Wedding Venues

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1: The Scale – Kilshane House Wedding Venue

With its half-mile-long driveway, 320 acres of private parklands, a river, lake, forests, farmlands, a formal walled garden and dozens of buildings, the sheer scale of Kilshane House is quite breathtaking.
For the grandest of wedding photographs, I’d suggest making use of the space available throughout the property. Here are some wedding photograph ideas that spring to mind:
The bride and groom walk along the driveway with the road stretching before them.
The happy couple overlooking kissing at the start of Kilshane House driveway with the estate unfolding behind them.

2: The Observatory – Kilshane House Wedding Venue

One of the most unique aspects of Kilshane House has to be the exquisite conservatory. A masterpiece in glass, this gorgeous space makes for some of the most sumptuous wedding photographs available. Regardless of the weather, your ceremony in the Kilshane House Observatory will be one of a kind. I particularly like the architecture of the observatory, framed with dark green steel, and highlighted by sweeping curves of white, this beautifully crafted conservatory, built in 1860, truly is an architectural marvel. Here are some wedding photograph ideas for this space:
The ceremony in winter with snow, hopefully, drifting past (or for that matter, rain, shine or wind- regardless of the weather the glass adds a magical quality to the light.)
The happy couple saying their vows at twilight with fairy lights twinkling and reflecting off the Observatory glass.

3: The Lake – Kilshane House Wedding Venue

Many wedding venues in Ireland have a lake or loch on the property. What makes Kilshane House’s Lake unique is the intricately designed pergola flanked by two silver bridges on either side. The smooth glass water of the lake reflects bridal colours beautifully and is made picture-perfect with a rowing boat that bobs peacefully alongside the pergola. Some wedding photograph ideas for this part of Kilshane House include:
Photographs of the couple’s vows in the pergola, capturing the bridal whites reflected in the lake.
A kiss on the bridge with the ancient oaks and softly lapping water framing the happy couple.

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4: The Animals – Kilshane House Wedding Venue

This is probably one of the few articles I’ve written where the animals at the wedding venue are featured, but I have to say that the Kilshane House animals add charm and a sense of grandeur to the venue. From horses – a magnificent white horse included, to an aviary of birds in the conservatory to Matilda – the wolfhound – and her two doggy friends, to a handful of swans; the animals at Kilshane House add a truly beautiful aspect to any wedding photographs. Here are some of my favourite ideas
“Tea for two” in the Victorian gardens with Matilda, the wolfhound, in attendance.
If the bridal couple are so inclined, photos on horseback are simply spectacular.
A stolen kiss beside the lake with the resident swans drifting by.

5: The Landscape – Kilshane House Wedding Venue

The seasonal landscape at Kilshane House is unbeatable. Whether your wedding is in spring, with dozens of spring buds and flowers gracing the trees, in the full glory of summer with its hazy light and gorgeous deep greens, in autumn surrounded by golds or in winter when snow turns Kilshane House into a winter wonderland, Kilshane House never disappoints. Here are a few of my favourite landscape ideas:
A forest shoot (particularly in autumn with thousands of autumn leaves).
An aerial photograph of the bride and groom in the formal Victorian garden.
A winter shoot beside the glass smooth lake with a perfect reflection in the water. Highly recommended if there is snow.

6: The Décor – Kilshane House Wedding Venue

Almost every room at Kilshane House holds a décor surprise. The tastefully colour-themed rooms suit almost any pallet. There is the blue room with soft shades of periwinkle, the green room in which sage and forest green are tastefully woven through the décor, the opulent gold room, the yellow room, the pink room… I’m sure you get the picture.
There are beautiful murals, a painted ceiling which reminded me a little of the Sistine Chapel (although it isn’t nearly as ornate and perfectly proportioned to the size of the room) and a black and white checked entrance to the Orangery. Some wedding photograph ideas include:
Images of the bride walking down the sweeping staircase with her veil and train trailing behind her.
The happy couple playing together on the grand piano

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7: The History

Finally, the aspect of Kilshane House which is hardest to replicate is the history that oozes from almost every brick. It’s the tiny details that make this venue so grand, the lovingly restored flooring, the, columns that frame the entrance, the architectural details that are so indicative of the house’s origins. All of these aspects along with the timeless grounds, contribute to the old-world charm of Kilshane House. Here are some ideas of how to capture the history of this venue in your wedding photographs.
A kiss with the grand arched windows as the backdrop
Using the Stonehouse walls as a backdrop for the bridal party photographs.
Kilshane House is not only a historic venue, but also an opportunity to celebrate Irish heritage restored to its very best as you and your partner start the journey in making your own family history.

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