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Castle Leslie Wedding Venue Photographer

8 Reasons Castle Leslie is the Perfect Setting for a Romantic Wedding

8 Reasons Castle Leslie is the Perfect Setting for a Romantic Wedding

Castle Leslie Wedding Venue

I’ve often mentioned how important it is to find a wedding venue that matches the romance you share with your partner. As a wedding photographer, I am truly passionate about finding moments in every wedding that truly reflects the unique bond of each couple. Castle Leslie provides so many beautiful settings for these moments, which I will share with you in this article.
Before we begin, here is a little history of the venue.

Still owned by generations of the original family, Castle Leslie Estate in County Monaghan is set in a thousand acres of pristine Irish countryside bejewelled with lakes, woodlands and, of course, the building. Since 1660 when the estate was first developed, it has seen an array of glittering guests and continues to welcome everyone through its grand doors.

I’ve pinpointed 8 great locations at the castle that would make for the most beautiful wedding photographs:

1: The Entrance – Castle Leslie Wedding Venue

The sweeping stone stairs that announce Castle Leslie make for some of the loveliest family photographs and a beautifully textured backdrop for a romantic wedding photoshoot with the happy couple. Some beautiful ideas with the stairs include:

  • The couple shared a kiss with the bride’s veil floating behind her.
  • The bride and groom walk hand in hand up the steps with the bride’s train spread out behind her.
  • A moment from Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding… The groom sits a step higher than the bride while she leans into him.
Castle Leslie Wedding
8 Reasons Castle Leslie is the Perfect Setting for a Romantic Wedding 1
Castle Leslie Wedding Photographer
Castle Leslie Wedding car

2: The Arched Veranda

Along a section of Castle Leslie is a beautiful, roofed veranda with a series of arches held up by pillars. The geometry and symmetry of this castle area are a photographer’s dream. Another wonderful setting for different and fun bridal party photos, this area also lends itself to these romantic wedding photo ideas:

  • A peek-a-boo moment between the couple from behind an arch
  • A photograph with the couple kissing on one side of the image and the arches taking up the other side of the photo.
  • A “Maypole” swing around a pillar with the bride’s veil and dress floating out around her.

3: The Boathouse – Castle Leslie

The Boathouse is an exceptional space at this gorgeous wedding venue. Set at the edge of a crystal clear lake, wooden boats painted a soft blue bob gently beneath an Elizabethan-styled tiled and gabled roof. These are the wedding photograph ideas that immediately spring to mind for couples.

  • On clear days the reflection in the water is unprecedented and makes for a stunning mirror image of the couple walking along the edge of the lake to the boathouse.
  • Stealing a kiss beneath the roofs with the lake and rolling green fields spreading behind the boathouse.
Castle Leslie Wedding dog at wedding

4: The Pier Castle Leslie Wedding Venue

Leading up to the Boathouse at Castle Leslie is a beautiful wooden pier that extends into the lake. The crystal clear water is dotted with lily pads and is so clear it’s possible to see small water creatures beneath the surface. Some of the wonderfully romantic wedding photos for the pier include:

  • A romantic moment where both bride and groom gaze out at the water.
  • A gentle dance with our video drone taking aerial wedding photographs of the happy couple.
  • The bride and groom walk back to the land from the pier with the lake spread behind them.

5: The Observatory

Moving inside Castle Leslie, the Observatory is an opulent space flooded with light from skylights above and broad arched windows. The floor is a delightful checkers board of terracotta and black tiles, all making for a beautiful wedding photography space—some wedding photo ideas.

  • With her bridal party sipping champagne with the bridal gown and veil, the bride hung against the windows.
  • The couple danced together across the checkered floor.

6: The Library

Dressed in rich autumn tones with a backdrop of shelves and shelves of books and decadent couches, the Library is an exciting space for a wedding photograph shoot with a difference. Some ideas:

  • The bride and groom curled up on a couch with a glass of bubbly, chatting to each other.
  • Inspired by the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast, a romantic kiss beside the bookshelf, books abandoned.

7: The Billiards Room

The Billiards Room has wonderful exposed wood ceiling detailing, a roaring fireplace and several masculine elements that make it the perfect setting for wedding photographs of the grooms and groomsmen. The wedding photograph ideas that immediately spring to mind include the following:

  • Gents enjoying a drink before the wedding.
  • The groom and his groomsmen are around the fireplace, talking and laughing together.
  • Some funny photos with the groom and groomsmen on the couch or statement chairs.

8: The Gallery Castle Leslie Wedding Venue

Finally, the Gallery at Castle Leslie is a magnificent dining room with cream and wood arched ceilings, an ornate fireplace and a 20-seater wooden dining table framed by exquisite windows. This room is old-school glamorous at its finest and inspires so many wedding photo ideas. Here are a few:

  • The bride is seated at the dining table with the groom pouring her a glass of champagne.
  • The happy couple shares a kiss beside the fireplace.
  • Whichever style of wedding photographs you’d like for your wedding, Castle Leslie offers so many different photograph locations that you can be sure your wedding album will represent the uniqueness of your relationship.

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