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Barberstown Castle Wedding Venue

Barberstown Castle Wedding Venue

Barberstown Castle Wedding Venue

5 Reasons to Have the Wedding Photographer Recommends a Castle Wedding at Barberstown Castle

Barberstown Castle Wedding Venue 1

If you haven’t met me virtually, then a little background will go a long way. I am a passionate photographer and my favourite work is helping the couples who hire me with a one-of-a-kind wedding album that suits their personalities and reflects their unique romance.

As a result, I review wedding venues from a wedding photographer’s perspective to help you gain a perspective through my camera lens so that the venue you choose becomes the perfect backdrop for your big day.

In this article, I’m discussing 5 reasons I recommend Baberstown Castle as the perfect wedding venue for a truly grand wedding.

Before I begin, though, let me paint the scene.

Barberstown Castle has graced this ancient landscape for over 730 years. This 13th Century castle is built from great stone blocks that have stood the test of time as they initially protected English-ruled Dublin from attack by locals. Once the need for defence passed, the castle became a working estate and then, latterly the home of Eric Clapton before becoming a destination hotel.
Having survived invasions, confiscation, rebellion, conflict and plunder, what better place to start your own family history than in a castle that has seen so much history before you?

Reason #1: Barberstown Castle – The Ceremony

The ceremony space at Barberstown Castle has to be one of the most magnificent spaces I have ever seen. With a ceiling and walls built in natural wood and glass, light floods the space while stone and royal carpeting soften it. The Castle grounds are a spectacular backdrop, particularly when seasonal changes in the landscape provide stunning colour.
From a wedding photography perspective, this venue provides exquisite natural lighting, which is a photographer’s greatest asset and which is why this is one of my favourite wedding photography spaces.

Barberstown Castle Ceremony

Reason #2. Barberstown Castle – Food

The importance of the wedding feast cannot be understated, which is why the exquisite attention to every detail at this venue is such a delight. For the foody bride and groom or for couples with an eye for detail, the beautiful plating and elegant attention to detail is a real treat.
From a wedding photography perspective, I particularly like to include pictures of the wedding feast as this is something that can be recreated for anniversaries or special occasions in the future.

Reason #3. The Drinks

The whitewashed stone and wood pub at Barberstown Castle oozes charm and is a delightful space for pre-reception drinks if the weather is dreary. On clear evenings the Castle team set up a beautiful outdoor cocktail bar in their charming cottage-style courtyard.
From a wedding photography perspective, the pre-reception drinks are a great opportunity to catch your guests at their most relaxed and can be a great space for fun guest and family photos.

Reason #4. The Romance

Most little girls dream of marrying a prince at his castle and while the team can’t guarantee the prince, the castle delivers for the night. Some of my favourite features include:
Fireplaces with historic detailing and beautifully aged mantels.
Grand rooms with windows that overlook the magnificent grounds.
Soaring stone turrets make for the picture-perfect castle backdrop.

Reason #5. Barberstown Castle – History

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll know I’m particularly partial to wedding venues with a sense of history and this one doesn’t disappoint. The region in which the castle is set includes incredible heritage sites such as ancient tombs dating back to the Stone Age, Viking settlement ruins, Cathedral and Monasteries. If you plan your wedding date carefully, you could enjoy a local festival as part of your wedding ceremony.

The Castle itself has some fascinating history associated with it. Built by a Norman Knight, the castle has seen its share of action over the years. Seized by Irish rebels in 1641 and the site of famous battles between the Irish and English from 1745 to 1801, Barberstown Castle is rich with history.

From a wedding photographer’s perspective, this history provides a poignant backdrop and is an exciting springboard from which to plan your wedding photo shoot.

If the romance between you and your partner feels larger than life, then this wedding venue is a wonderful backdrop to frame your family’s first historic steps.

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