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Bellingham Castle wedding

Bellingham Castle Wedding

Castle Wedding in Ireland – Bellingham Castle

Bellingham Castle wedding photos

If there is one thing that Ireland has over so many other countries when it comes to finding the perfect wedding venue – It’s CASTLES!!!

Bellingham Castle wedding
Bellingham Castle Wedding 1

Ireland has so many of the most fantastic castle locations for your wedding day in Europe. As an award-winning professional wedding photographer, I have travelled all over Ireland with my wedding day couples. I have seen the fantastic quality castle venues that Ireland has to offer.

Sometimes, a castle is the only wedding venue to capture the dream wedding you have always wanted.

Bellingham Castle’s rich history and architectural grandeur transport you and your guests back in time. This castle offers a unique blend of ancient charm and modern luxury, making it the perfect venue for a wedding that combines tradition with contemporary elegance.

Castle Bellingham Photographer

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Why Choose Bellingham Castle for Your Wedding?

Bellingham Castle Wedding 2

Bellingham Castle wedding

Bellingham Castle is a stunning Irish castle based in Castlebellingham, Co. Louth. Bellingham Castle offers all that you want from an Irish castle wedding venue. On arrival, you will be impressed with the beautiful stone tower and gate lodge – built by Sir Henry Bellingham in 1880 – and a long avenue bordered by tall trees winds its way to the front of this impressive castle.

Bellingham Castle Wedding 3

Exquisite Photography Backdrops – Picture Perfect!

As a professional wedding photographer, I always search for picture-perfect settings to act as the backdrop for your wedding photoshoot. Bellingham Castle has an abundance of stunning locations to choose from. For a wedding photographer, Bellingham Castle is a paradise.

Its stunning gardens, majestic halls, and the serene River Glyde flowing through the estate provide endless opportunities for breathtaking wedding photos.

Whether it’s the castle’s grandeur or the intimate moments shared in its secluded spots, your wedding album will be filled with memories to cherish forever.

Castle Bellingham Drone
Castle Bellingham Bridesmaids
Castle Bellingham Cutting Cake
Castle Bellingham wedding cake cutting

The River Glyde

Bellingham Castle is set above the River Glyde. Some steps lead to the water’s edge and a picturesque weir with footbridges and walkways.

Bellingham Castle Wedding 4

Top Tip!

I always recommend to my Brides and Grooms that they enjoy a walk on the grounds and a glass of champagne together. Years of wedding planning can go into your wedding day, and as every Bride and Groom will tell you, the day flies by far too quickly!!!

I always encourage my wedding couples to relax and enjoy some quiet and romantic time together before they return to entertaining their wedding guests, friends, and family.

These stunning backdrops are perfect for newlywed couples to sneak away to share some private time.

Bellingham Castle Wedding 5

Unique Wedding PhotoShoot Location – Bellingham Castle

I must also mention a millrace diverted from the River Glyde. It forms a long, wooded island with a splendid weeping willow hanging over the weir. It is stunning, unique, and another fantastic opportunity to take some amazing wedding day pictures!

I also always have my eye on nature and greenery. Bellingham Castle has manicured lawns, sculpted gardens, herbaceous borders, cherry blossom trees, and wonderful ivy-clad castle walls. All of these features allow for romantic moments to be captured beautifully.

My Work

I was chosen by a fantastic bride and groom for their wedding day at Bellingham Castle during the summer. Have a look at their sensational wedding day photographs by clicking here:

Top Tip!

I always recommend to my wedding couples that they should ask to see a full wedding album of one bride and groom’s special day. It’s easy to assemble a collage of WOW images from hundreds of weddings. You need to see how many magical moments a professional wedding photographer can capture in one day, as that will ultimately end up being YOUR wedding day! Showing the wedding photographs from one wedding day is a testament to what a fantastic professional photographer can do!


Choosing Bellingham Castle as your wedding venue means stepping into a fairytale. As a professional wedding photographer who has witnessed the magic of weddings across Ireland, I can attest to the unparalleled beauty and romance that Bellingham Castle offers. It’s not just a venue; it’s a destination that promises a wedding day filled with elegance, romance, and memories that will last a lifetime. For those who dream of a castle wedding, Bellingham Castle is not just an option; it’s the epitome of what a dream wedding should be.

Castle Bellingham Night
Castle Bellingham Night

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