Best Holiday Camera tips from wedding photographer

Best Holiday Camera TIPS

The Best Holiday Camera?

Some tips from a Professional Wedding Photographer


Hi All!!!

I ‘ve received so many questions asking for my advice on what camera to buy and how to get the best results using a camera on holidays etc.
I own the best cameras and lenses that you can buy as it’s my profession – but guess what – I never take them with me on holidays!


There are a few reasons and I will try to explain them as best as I can.



If you buy an amateur line DSLR, that doesn’t automatically mean that you will get better photos than using your small compact camera or Your phone this days!

I know that you might think that I’m crazy but that’s true!
These days small mirrorless cameras have such good sensors. The image quality is the same as what you will be from big amateur-line DSLRs.
Even some small cameras share the same sensors as big DSLRs.

Of course, if photography is your hobby you might want to invest in a DSLR camera and it’s no problem at all with that – I did same many years ago :) – but it’s heavy and you need a bag with lenses.

A zoom lens will never blur the background to the same extent as a prime lens – but prime lenses are very expensive.

Do You need BIG HEAVY DSLR and two bags with lenses on Your Holidays?

I honestly don’t think so.




First of all, I have a very clever trick to save you money:


Invest in the most expensive lens that you can afford – but use that lens on the cheaper camera. The results are better with a better lens, not from the better camera.


For example, if you are thinking about investing in the Canon 4000D with the zoom lens, you should absolutely consider the less expensive Canon 1000D or 2000D and then spend that saving made on the camera on a prime lens or two.



For family photos and holiday snaps, I use a very small and light camera FUJI X100T. It has a prime lens 35mm f2.0. There is no zoom on it – only one very small f2.0 lens


Best Holiday Camera tips from wedding photographer


In my opinion, it’s the perfect camera for your holiday photographs. It’s light and fast. I like using it in manual mode and it’s easy, stress-free and fun to use on holidays!


Best Holiday Camera tips from wedding photographer

Best Holiday Camera tips from wedding photographer



Have a look at the photographs below. I’ve a short slideshow put together and all of these photographs were taken with that small camera! No cropping afterwards.

All these photos were cropped on the camera. Wait until you see the quality!




Rome 2017 from Dkphoto on Vimeo.







I hope that this information will help you to understand the benefits of using a small camera. Of course, the Fuji X100T is not the perfect camera for everyone. But I just wanted to let everyone know that there is no need to carry two camera bags with lenses and spend huge money on a family camera.

I have seen so many people on the beach with big DSLs and when friends ask me what camera to buy I never recommend big and heavy DSLRs, so I wanted to share this info with you.

For anyone interested in finding out more info on the Fuji X100 have a look at it here:


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Happy snapping!



My Top 5 Best Compact Cameras For Your Holiday 2019 :


  • Fuji x100F

  • PowerShot G1 X Mark III

  • Canon PowerShot G5 X

  • Leica Q

  • Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Camera with 35mm or 24 prime lens

Of course, You can check Olympus or Pentax  or other cameras but an idea is same :)


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