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Boho Vibe Festival Wedding Lyrath Estate DKPHOTO

Boho Vibe Festival Wedding at Lyrath Estate Kilkenny

Love in Full Bloom: A Boho Vibe Festival Wedding at Lyrath Estate

Today, I have the absolute pleasure of sharing with you a love story that bloomed in the lush surroundings of Lyrath Estate and culminated in a breathtaking boho festival wedding.

What can I say? Today, I’m posting a wedding that truly stands out as a wedding of the year—wow! It was very unique; the timeline differed significantly from other weddings.

Can you imagine a wedding where the drinks reception happens before the ceremony? It’s such a unique and heartwarming twist to begin the celebration!

It was a boldly different approach. And trust me, it all worked so well—it was a super relaxed day where you could clearly see people enjoying themselves.

No stress, just pure joy!

Gillian, a former wedding coordinator at Lyrath Estate, graciously entrusted me to capture the magic of her special day, and I couldn’t be more honoured.

First, I must express my heartfelt gratitude to Gillian and Andy for selecting me as their wedding photographer. Additionally, a special thank you to Gillian for the incredible years we’ve spent together at Lyrath Estate, photographing the unions of so many lovely couples—it has always been a privilege and a delight.

I anticipated your wedding would be memorable, but the reality far surpassed my expectations—it was a day etched forever in my heart.

With all my love, Daniel.

Boho Vibe Festival Wedding Lyrath Estate

Gillian and her now-husband, Andy, found love amidst the enchanting ambience of Lyrath Estate, where they both worked. Their connection was instant, and their chemistry was undeniable. As Gillian fondly recalls, “He was my kind of guy!”

I always look forward to returning to Lyrath Estate, not just because it’s conveniently close but also because I adore the venue and its fantastic photo spots.

Engagement story

Their engagement story is as spontaneous and delightful as their love. Eschewing traditional norms, they skipped the formal proposal and dove straight into planning their dream wedding.

However, Andy couldn’t resist a romantic gesture and unofficially proposed during a serene sunset on the picturesque island of Menorca, with champagne toasts punctuating the moment.

lego wedding

Their wedding theme mirrored their vibrant personalities—a festival-style celebration brimming with bohemian charm. Rusts, greens, and pampas grass adorned the venue, creating a whimsical atmosphere.

Coctails Wedding Lyrath Boho
BBQ Lyrath Estate

Wedding Morning…

Working on the wedding morning at Lyrath Estate was an absolute blast! It was a whirlwind of joy and celebration, from the pre-ceremony excitement to the bustling preparations. WoW!

What happens in Lyrath Estate stays in Lyrath Estate—a true haven of unforgettable moments!

Boho Vibe Festival Wedding at Lyrath Estate Kilkenny 4
Wedding morning

Wedding Flowers

Mary from Finesse Weddings worked magic, bringing Gillian’s vision to life with bouquets and centrepieces that surpassed her wildest dreams.

I’ve met Mary at many weddings, and trust me, you’re in safe hands with her. She has a real love for flowers and colours!

Flowers Wedding Lyrath Estate

Wedding Dress – Californian Boho Vibe

Listen to this amazing story!:

I wore a Rue Du Seine “Poppy Stardust” dress. I fell in love with the dress when I saw it in 2018! It’s a New Zealand designer, but the dress has a real Californian Boho vibe to it.

I had to go on the hunt for the dress second-hand as the designer no longer had it in its collection. I eventually found it in Dublin, previously owned by the loveliest girl, Kirsty Bailes.

We immediately bonded, and she came to do my makeup on the wedding day! Liesa O’Keeffe, the fabulous seamstress from Kilkenny, worked her magic on the dress and made the boho sleeves. I absolutely adored this dress.

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Boho wedding dress

Andy is not a suit, man!! He already had everything he wore: jeans, a shirt, a waistcoat, and boots!

True to his laid-back style, Andy opted for jeans, a shirt, waistcoat, and boots—a perfect reflection of his authenticity.

Groom wedding Jeans

Wedding Ceremony – Lyrath Estate

We had our drinks reception first, and then the bell rang at 5 pm to bring everyone out to the walled garden.

The walled garden at Lyrath Estate is an ideal setting for a wedding ceremony. It is conveniently located near the main building where the reception is held and offers privacy and a stunning backdrop for wedding photos!

Boho Vibe Festival Wedding at Lyrath Estate Kilkenny 12

The Ceremony in the walled garden bathed in golden sunlight was a jubilant affair. Guests were treated to a pre-ceremony drinks reception, setting the tone for a joyous celebration.

The lively tunes of the Harlequin Band filled the air, inspiring spontaneous dancing and laughter.

Wedding fun Singing Bride

Lyrath Estate, with its picturesque grounds and impeccable service, provided the perfect backdrop for their love story to unfold. Every moment was infused with magic, from the drinks reception in the Manor House to the rustic pavilion for the surf and turf BBQ.

Ceremony Lyrath Estate Wedding Venue

Tell us about your wedding photographer/videographer:

Daniel from DKPHOTO was our photographer.
I have known Daniel for 8 years, and from the moment I first saw his shots, I knew if I were ever getting married, it would have to be Daniel shooting on the day.

All the stars aligned, and he was available. There is no other photographer with his style, tones, colours, and shots. I love his work. The excitement when we received our photos was at the next level!!

I absolutely love, love, love them all.

Wedding Photographer DKPHOTO

Our videographer was Rene from Wildvibes, the gorgeous, smiley one. Rene is a little pocket rocket, a pure joy to be around and an incredibly talented videographer. She completely got the memo!! She totally knew our vibe and nailed it for the video. The one-minute teaser we got the day after our wedding is still my favourite.

Wedding Entertainment

Entertainment was paramount, with the Harlequin Band delivering an unforgettable performance with guests dancing into the early hours. Niall O’Loughlin’s caricature art added a playful touch to the festivities, while homemade Limoncello provided a personal touch.

As the night came to a close, Gillian’s favourite memory lingered—the sun’s warmth, the music’s melody, and the overwhelming love surrounding them as they exchanged vows.

Surf and turf BBQ – Lyrath Estate

The first time I witnessed a Surf and Turf BBQ at Lyrath Estate was breathtaking. I was completely mesmerized!

Yes, it’s all true.

Just look at the photos below. Every detail, every colour, and the food was nothing short of exceptional.

A BBQ is undoubtedly the perfect choice for a festival-style wedding, primarily because the outdoor festivities foster a relaxed, vibrant, infectious atmosphere.

I’m so eager to photograph more BBQ Boho Festival weddings. Please, let’s make it happen!

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Advice for other couples?

To future couples embarking on their journey, Gillian offers simple yet profound advice: relax, savour every moment, and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Gillian and Andy’s wedding was a testament to love’s enduring magic—a celebration of two souls finding their happily ever after amidst the beauty of Lyrath Estate. Cheers to love, laughter, and a lifetime of bohemian bliss.

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What is your favourite memory from your wedding day?

My favourite part of the day was the ceremony, for sure. The weather, we had such a gorgeous warm sunny evening, the music. the atmosphere and marrying the love of my life with all our family and friends sharing the day with us.

Boho Vibe Festival Wedding at Lyrath Estate Kilkenny 39

Would you like to book a wedding photographer for your wedding day at Lyrath Estate?

Call me now at 087 780 7297 or by email – contact.

Follow Gillian’s journey on Instagram: @longgill75

Venue: Lyrath Estate

Photographer: Daniel – DKPHOTO

Videographer: Rene – Wildvibe Videos

Band: Shane – Harlequin Band

Florist: Mary – Finesse Weddings

Caricature Artist: Niall O’Loughlin

Decor: Wow Weddings

Photobooth: James – Entertain You

Dress Alterations: Liesa O’Keeffe

A Boho Vibe Festival Wedding- See more photos below:

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Being there with a camera in hand is something else. Capturing couples in love against such a backdrop feels like making magic.

I’ve seen countless couples light up in this place, their laughter mingling with the estate’s natural splendour. It’s like Lyrath Estate has a way of bringing people together, wrapping them in its magic for a day that’s all about love and joy.

So, if you’re picturing your big day amidst Ireland’s beauty, Lyrtah Estate should be at the top of your list. Take it from someone who’s seen love come alive in the most beautiful ways there. It’s a place where memories are made and beautifully framed, waiting for you to add your story.

Let’s make those moments last forever, capturing your story at Lyrtah Estate, where every photo tells a tale of love, laughter, and the timeless beauty of that Wedding Venue!

For more information on this fantastic wedding venue, please check their website.

I would love to hear from you about your wedding photography needs. Please get in touch with me here. I look forward to working with you.

Happy wedding planning!


Would you like to book a photographer for your wedding day? Call us now at 087 780 7297 or by email – contact.

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