Have Your Dog At Wedding

How to include Animals and Dog At Wedding?

Have a Paw-some Wedding Day!


So many of my Brides and Grooms have asked me for my advice when it comes to their four-legged
friend on their wedding day. There are lots of ways to have your beloved dog take paw-t in your
wedding ceremony and they came to make for some truly fantastic wedding photographs!


First look with Dogs?


First look dogs

Dogs at weddings



Save the Date, and buy a suit for Your Pet  :)

Lots of my Brides and Grooms have an engagement photoshoot included in their wedding
photography package. Having natural photographs -( Documentary, reportage Wedding Photography ) taken together as a newly engaged couple can be
so romantic and it also gives the couple a chance to get used to having their photograph taken in
the advance of their big day.

Why not bring your dog with you and have him or her pose with your save the date information?!
They make for a really sweet save the date card for your wedding guests and it’s a lovely way to
include your proud pooch!

The Dapper Dog at Your wedding

If you really want to have your dog in attendance on the day of your wedding, then I highly
recommend that you go ALL OUT! The wedding party will be putting on all the glad rags. The
groomsmen will be suited and booted and the bridesmaids will be dolled up and ready for action. So
why not include your dog in the style department. Is there anything more handsome than a doggie
tux or sweeter than a doggie tutu? Adorable!!!

Also, colours + that might help  Wedding colours dresses


Pets included wedding

Puppy Love at the wedding

It can be very overwhelming for any Bride and Groom as the excitement and emotions of the day
can take over. Pets are well known for reducing anxiety so they could be the paw-fect companion to
spend a few moments with before you make your way to the church.


Dog Wedding day

DOG The Best Man’s Friend!

If your dog is attending the wedding, he/she will obviously need to be handled and managed. That
means that you will need to include another person in your wedding. It’s a huge honour to be asked
by the Bride and Groom to take part in the wedding so this is a lovely job to give to a family member
or a close friend. Not only will you get to have your dog there for you on the day, but you’ll also
make someone’s day by inviting them to be part of the wedding party! The Best Man’s friend minder
allows for a junior groomsman to take part in the celebrations!


Bride Groom and Dogs

The Ring Barker

I have seen lots of dogs tasked with delivering the rings to the Bride and Groom during their wedding
ceremony. Again, this can be a fantastic photo opportunity and a real crowd-pleaser provided that
your pampered pooch is able to perform with a crowd and is easy to direct. (The last thing you need
is your dog running off mid-ceremony with the rings in his pocket!)

We Are Family

As all of your family group together for the family portrait pictures, it can be a lovely idea to pose
with your pooch as part of these portrait photographs. After all, your dog is a member of your

immediate family and dogs can make for some of the most adorable photographs for the Bride and Groom.


As much as I love and encourage dogs at weddings the only issue I have is for the Bride and her
beautiful WHITE dress. Make sure that if your dog is attending your wedding that he/she has had a
grooming the day beforehand and has been kept clean in the 24hours. As much as you love your
pooch, you will not be impressed if, after a cuddle on your wedding day morning, you are left with
two affectionate paw prints on the front of your dress!!!


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Have Your Dog -Cat, Animals At Your Wedding!


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Include Your Pet in Your Wedding





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