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In recent weeks, I have photographed “First Look” for the bride and groom as Irish couples are asking for these pictures more and more. Seeing each other for the first time, is an incredibly special moment for any wedding day couple.

No doubt the bride has spent months choosing her dress and the details of her wedding day look. The groom is always so nervous and excited to see their beautiful bride! It’s a moment in a couple’s life that they will never forget.

To see the look on their faces when they see each other for the first time is incredible. The camera loves these natural intimate moments between a bride and groom and they can be some of the most special photographs taken on the day.

The thought of walking up the aisle in front of everyone can be incredibly daunting for any bride. Getting to share a few minutes together before the ceremony is very special. It can ease away any nerves that the couple are feeling and it gives them some time to be together in private, before the enormity of the ceremony that lies ahead of them.

As a wedding photographer,” I LOVE the opportunity to capture these real moments and I always make sure that the couple are completely unaware that I am there for them. The tears, smiles and laughter are all part of these precious pictures. I highly recommend that every wedding couple consider them for their day.

Here are a few tips if you are thinking about including “First Look” into your day.




The bride needs to be dressed and ready much earlier than a normal wedding. She needs to allow herself enough time to be in “The First Look location”. Plus, we need to allow at least 20min to take the photographs. I would recommend that the groom arrives to where the bride is getting ready.




Most make-up artists and hairdressers advise the bride to have her hair make up done last, so that her look is as fresh as possible. However, a bride getting ready for the first look needs to have her hair and make-up done first.




There is the worry, that the bride could get wet or dirty before walking up the aisle, if the weather is against her and her location is adventurous. Remember to choose your location wisely! As a wedding photographer, I love




No matter what happens – Enjoy! No one cares if the bride is a little late or if she got a little windswept on her way to the church. It’s about the couple enjoying such a nice moment together, as they begin their wonderful journey to become man and wife.

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Dublin at the Luttrellstown Castle

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