losing all your wedding photos

Can you imagine losing all your wedding photos

or at least those you haven’t printed out? Yes, it happens now and again.

Only in the last few weeks, several people have got in touch with me because they’d lost their USB with their wedding photos, or it wasn’t working, or they’d lost their digital copies on their computer.

Most people have to suffer the awful loss of precious photos in order to take the precautions needed to ensure it never happens again!

Now I do, of course, keep digital copies of all my wedding photos on my hard drive and also store them on the cloud, but we never know what can happen when it comes to storage.

Google boss says ‘Print out your photos!’


Even Google boss Vint Cerf has warned: Print out your most treasured photos or risk losing them!

He said in February 2015 that, as operating systems and software get updated, documents and photos stored on old tech can become inaccessible. Backing up photos on multiple drives and discs may be fine for the short term, but digital storage eventually suffers from ‘data rot’. And storing in the cloud with Google, Amazon, etc is pricey – and these companies may not be around in the coming decades.

Dr Cerf warned that vast amounts of digital information may soon be lost in a new digital “dark age”, so, to ensure the long-term survival of important photos, it’s essential to print them out physically and keep the prints in a safe place.

That’s why I strongly recommend that people make sure to order a wedding photo album so they have all their best wedding photos printed out.

To suit all comers, I offer several types of albums, at different prices. They’re very affordable, and will cost you less than paying for cloud storage!


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