Sparklers Photos – what You need?

I Love sparklers in photos! I have shown a lot of sparklers beings used in my photos on my website over the last few years

Sparklers Photos on Your Wedding Day!

Sparklers Photos on Your Wedding- by DK PHOTO

I Love sparklers in photos! I have shown a lot of sparklers beings used in my photos on my website over the last few years. So many of my future Brides and Grooms get excited when they see these pictures and really like the idea of using this idea on their wedding day.

I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you my top tips when it comes to using sparklers on your wedding day. There is more to it than meets the eye!

I would love for you get really WOW photos with sparklers so let’s go through the most frequently asked questions about sparklers!


Darkness into Light!

First and foremost, for sparklers to be effective they have to be used in a dark place. If it’s not dark the photo will never look good. For this reason, you must remember this very important rule:

  • SUMMER – time for sunset photos or just evening photos (I love them as well! )



  • WINTER – It gets very dark very quickly which is ideal for sparkler photos. From 5 pm onwards will work fine


Winter Wedding Ireland



Perfect Timing

It’s important to understand that the sparklers can be done only at one stage of your wedding day. I highly recommend just before the first dance as 99% photographers are not staying longer than a few dances and if you are having a summer wedding you need to allow time for the darkness to fall.


What kind of sparklers to buy and how many sparklers?


This is so important – YOU NEED LONG SPARKLERS. I use 18-inch sparklers or longer for photos so that we have time to get some really nice options once they are lit.

If there are a lot of people that you want in the photo, then the longer the sparklers, the more time you have to capture these magic moments!
I think 50cm LONG sparklers for a photo shoot is enough


I think You don’t need more than 20-40 sparklers for group shoot- You don’t need all quests just a few people who love to have some fun! :)


Here is a photo as an example:


Sparklers Photos Wedding



You can find sparklers here:

 Size does matter here  16” or 18” are best !!!



The sparklers will create a WOW moment but I always like to plan the perfect place for that photo. I feel it is most important to make the most of the moment




Ballybeg House weddingBallybeg House weddingBallybeg House weddingBallybeg House wedding



Solo Sparklers!


Sometimes it is a better idea to take the Bride and Groom on their own. I recommend this if I can’t find a good location to have the sparkler shoot with a lot of people – MOST HOTELS are those places as some hotels have a lot of lights outside which ruin the sparkler effect.

Then it is better to get just the Bride and Groom with a few sparklers. It’s much faster and it’s less stress than trying to convince your wedding guests to come outside in the cold when they are enjoying themselves.



Sparklers Wedding Photos:



To Sum Up!

SO, in summary it is most important to buy long sparklers and ask Your wedding photographer if its better to take SOLO photo or photo with some of Your quests.


I hope that these tips will help you to capture that perfect sparkler photo as you start your life together as husband and wife. Enjoy all the planning and I hope to hear from you as you choose your wedding photographer.


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