… It’s new. It’s exciting. It’s revolutionary. It’s cutting-edge. It adds a real wow factor to weddings, parties and special events. And it’s highly affordable.
What is it?
Ok, it’s a portable unit that takes great digital pictures. Your guests go inside, one by one or in groups of up to ten. They close the curtains and go mad, especially the women, choosing freely from a huge selection of props, losing all inhibitions, posing and playing up for the camera.

There’s a superb printer, so they can print out the photos within a couple of seconds. And they can also get a real-time video of the whole session. And there’s lots more, just look at all the features listed on the DKPHOTO website … a giant touchscreen, a karaoke option, video messaging, a password-protected online gallery with all the photos, a trained Booth Attendant …
Most important – You will get album at the end with all funny photos and messages from Your guests…

Photobooth in Ireland

Photobooth Ireland by www.dkphoto.ie