Why I should book a Wedding Planner?


Because planning a wedding can be stressful, fun, challenging, exciting, adventurous and frustrating. All of the emotions and feels.

Believe me, I know. I am a Wedding Planner.

Annie Byrne
Wedding Planner
Aislinn Events

Sometimes describing what I do by saying ‘I’m a living stress sponge’. Wedding Planners absorb stress and get it done, filtering out the challenges and frustration for our couples so what is left is the fun and excitement.

Also, wedding planning is a huge time commitment. Sourcing and booking vendors, managing them, reading contracts of what they will and won’t do, answering all of the questions they have – and you may not even know the answers to their questions!

You’ve likely never done this before!


It’s a lot to fit into a normal busy life. However, this is our full-time job so certainly a Wedding Planner will save you time and allow you to enjoy your engagement and each other during this very special time.

All of that and trying to remember all of the details you need to organize, keeping track of, making sure your vendor team are informed and deal with your mother or mother in law {yes, I did just say that}. It’s a lot!

In fact, your day will run more smoothly because your planner will do up a detailed wedding day timeline for you, your bridal party and all of your vendors so everyone knows their jobs and where to be when on the wedding day.


Troubleshooting anything that may come up

A Wedding Planner will be there for you on your wedding day, troubleshooting anything that may come up {there is always something}, need immediate attention and thinking on their feet to fix it quickly.

Even the simple things like checking your teeth for lipstick, keeping powder on hand, handing out tissues, and after your bridesmaids are on the way down the aisle, fluffing your dress and laying your train perfectly before you walk towards your partner.

Imagine waking up on your wedding day knowing all that you have to do is enjoy yourself. You have nothing to do except be pampered, enjoy your guests and your new husband knowing everything is done, all questions are directed to someone else, everything is in place, ready for you and you are guided through your day to relish every moment.


Some couples get confused because they have a Coordinator at their venue.

These coordinators are a good resource when it comes to your venue and all of the details that go along with that but they don’t work for you. Their first priority is the venue and only what goes with that portion of your wedding details.

They won’t help you create the vision of your wedding day, or source décor items where a Wedding Planner will work with you to develop your vision, style and create a cohesive look and feel through every part of your day.



That sounds great, doesn’t it?? But I know what you are thinking.

What about my budget?

This is always a big concern with couples and may deter them from hiring a Wedding Planner.

The thing is, a Wedding Planner will know the best suppliers in your budget so you get the best that you can afford. Not only that, we will also be able to show you all of hacks and tricks that will really save you money without looking like you have skimped on anything.

Personally I make sure that that I fit my fees into a couple’s budget as opposed to them having a budget and then having to come up with more money to pay me.
It’s all a lot to think about for anyone getting married but if you are planning a destination wedding, all the more!

You need someone on the ground, working for you, on your side, there when you can’t be.

With a Wedding Planner, you are not alone. You have support, experience, knowledge and continued constant advice from someone who has done this all before, probably a hundred times before actually.

Annie Byrne
Wedding Planner
Aislinn Events

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Why I should book a Wedding Planner?