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10 Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas (more so for the ladies, so fellas, you’re welcome!)

It can be a tricky task to select a wedding anniversary gift, so we thought that if we used the traditional guide

It can be a tricky task to select a wedding anniversary gift, so we thought that if we used the traditional guide, it might at least shed some light on the subject for us! It is a minefield so hopefully, this might point you towards something the lady in your life might love as much as you! Okay okay, not as much, but you get what we are aiming for!

We found this online – MY WIFE ORDERED AND SHE LOVE IT!


Gua Sha roller


1st Year – Paper

At least we are starting with an easy one! If you did not get a wedding album, your first anniversary is an ideal opportunity to get one. This will be one gift that will keep giving. We have a fantastic range of wedding albums to select from


2nd Year – Cotton

This is a tough one, and suggestions online range from cotton sheets to cotton candles! Etsy have a lovely collection of personalised cotton gifts & I think you would find something here fairly handy. My favourite is your first song lyrics on a vinyl record design on cotton material – check it out to see what I mean!


3rd Year – Leather

Not so tricky, but hard to personalise! What lady doesn’t like a leather bag! There are many sites that we love to get our bags from, but River Island have a lovely selection that won’t break the bank.

4th Year – Linen & Silk

Can’t help but think of Mulberry Silk Pillowcases! Silk Pillowcases are amazing, and this gift would go down a treat. Not too expensive either, which is always a help!

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5th Year – Wood

Another easy one for me! I’m a huge fan of printing your photos – I’d shout it from the rafters! USB’s & phones fail, get lost, you name it – so print, print, print! We have a lovely selection of canvas prints to select from – the prints are stretched over a wooden frame, fitting in nicely here!


6th   Year – Iron

You’d have to choose the obvious for the craic! Argos will sort you out!! And then maybe something a little more romantic! Again, Etsy is a great spot for personalised wedding anniversary gifts. If your lady is a book lover, this iron bookmark is a fab little gift.

7th   Year – Copper

I found this one the hardest to select a gift for, and there are really are some weird & wonderful ideas for this wedding anniversary. Can’t get anymore traditionally romantic than a Claddagh ring, so this little gem is a copper claddagh ring wall art piece.

8th   Year – Bronze

Not the easiest wedding anniversary gift to choose, so after a bit of searching, a lovely Irish Brand, Genesis, jumped out at me! This is a real beauty that represents your first dance, bringing those memories back again!

9th   Year – Pottery

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks of the movie Ghost when I think of pottery!! This is another tricky year to get a wedding anniversary gift for! I played it safe & found a beautiful Irish Handmade Pottery brand called Nicholas Mosse. There is an incredible selection to choose from, and this is just one of many gorgeous options.

10th   Year – Aluminium

Brushed Aluminium prints are a beautiful and unique way to display your photographs.

Remember our mantra…print, print, print! These guys really have the wow factor. Contact us to get more details on these beauties.

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