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20 tips Classic Wedding Car at Your Wedding

20 tips Classic Wedding Car at Your Wedding?

Researching and booking a wedding car is just one of the many tasks you’ll have to complete in the run-up to your wedding day. For your own safety and to ensure you get a quality service, ensure you book a National Transport Authority licensed provider.

20 tips Classic Wedding Car at Your Wedding 1

Wedding Transport Tips

⦁ Ensure that your wedding car provider has a current vehicle-specific Limousine Licence.

⦁ Ensure the driver has a current SPSV driver’s licence.

⦁ Make sure your Wedding Car is licenced to carry the required number of passengers.

⦁ If are paying for an authentic classic/vintage Wedding Car make sure that’s what you get. Cars advertised as ‘Vintage Style’ are fibreglass shells with a modern chassis and engine, cheaper to run and maintain but lacking the history and character of a true vintage/classic Wedding Car.

⦁ Book well in advance particularly if you’re special day is a Friday or Saturday.

⦁ Ensure you have unhurried use of the car and that the provider only books one wedding per car per day.

⦁ Insist on a firm price with no hidden or additional charges. A wedding car company with only your engagement on that day will be able to facilitate delays and itinerary overruns at no additional cost.

⦁ Consider the car’s colour and whether it fits in with your colour scheme.

⦁ Most wedding car companies will provide ivory bonnet ribbons as standard. If you want something to match your colour scheme don’t be afraid to ask.

⦁ If a wedding car provider makes their cars available and encourages you to view them that’s a good sign and you can be sure they are proud of their vehicles.

⦁ Should you prefer an alternative to the celebratory bottle of bubbly ask your wedding car company in advance and they almost certainly will oblige.

⦁ If time allows, in your busy schedule leading up to the wedding, drive the route to the ceremony a day or two beforehand. Advise your transport provider of any potential issues that might cause delays.

⦁ Your wedding car should aim to arrive a good 30 minutes before you plan to depart. Don’t however feel under any pressure to leave just because they’re there. Come out when you’re good and ready.

⦁ Stopping for photos on the way to your venue is a popular option for many couples. If this is something you intend doing please advise in advance so it can be planned into your itinerary and so the driver can familiarise themselves with the location.

⦁ Ensure your guests are aware of the need to leave clear access and a parking space for you to alight, from The Wedding Car, at your ceremony.

⦁ Make sure the mobile phone you have with you is the number you provided to the ceremony address and the reception venue and photographer.

⦁ If you’ve booked a particularly beautiful Classic or Vintage Car it would do no harm to mention to your photographer to make sure he gets some good photos with it as a backdrop. On the day it might be overlooked and the opportunity is gone.

⦁ Regardless of whether you book a modern vehicle or a Classic/Vintage we recommend that you have a plan B. Have a relative or family friend who can pick you up at short notice if the need arises. While we all cherish and maintain our vehicles, a breakdown, while an infrequent occurrence, is always a possibility.

Ask your wedding provider what equipment they carry as you never know what you might be stuck for on the day. See below a list of things we carry:

⦁ Sewing Kit
⦁ Safety Pins
⦁ Scissors
⦁ Lint Roller
⦁ Chilled Water
⦁ Headache Tablets
⦁ Two Tartan Blankets
⦁ Two Large Ivory Umbrellas
⦁ Phone Charging Power Pack
⦁ Android & iPhone cables
⦁ First Aid Kit

When your wedding day eventually arrives, you’ll find your wedding car driver, regardless of what company you’ve booked, will go out of their way to do everything they can to make your day special.

About Classic Wedding Car and Limousine Hire Ltd

We provide Wedding Car services in Wicklow and surrounding counties, including Dublin South and West.
We own two authentic Classic Mk II Jaguars, both in perfect wedding colours. The colours of traditional Old English White and superb Opalescent Golden Sand are complimented by deep red upholstery, polished walnut timbers, beautiful chrome trims and spoke wheels.

If you prefer the comforts of a modern limousine then we can provide you with our contemporary Mercedes-Benz E200 Avantgarde, in Calcite White and black leather upholstery.

We offer a friendly and accommodating service and we won’t be clock watching. We’ll be with you until all our duties are discharged to your satisfaction. Our rates are competitive with no hidden or additional charges.

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