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3 reasons to hire a “Magic MC”

3 reasons to hire a “Magic MC”

Wedding Magician and MC – Jamie Skelton

“What’s a Magic MC?” I can hear you thinking. (I can hear your thoughts because not only am I a Magician and MC, but I’m also a Mentalist!).

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jamie Skelton, and I am a multi-award-winning wedding magician and MC. I provide mind-boggling entertainment and a top-notch MC service to weddings all across Ireland, blending together magic, comedy, mind-reading, and hosting duties!

Wedding Entertainment Magician and MC Jamie Skelton0014

With over 16 years of experience, 4 top industry awards under my proverbial hat & countless 5-star reviews, I like to think I have a pretty good idea of how to make your special day that little bit more magical!

You may not think your upcoming wedding needs a Magic MC, but here are my top three reasons why you should consider enlisting one!

3 reasons to hire a “Magic MC” 1
“What’s a Magic MC?” I can hear you thinking. (I can hear your thoughts because not only am I a Magician and MC, but I’m also a Mentalist!).

1. Breaking the ice:

Getting both tribes to mingle, chat, and have the “craic” can often be a difficult task. There is only so much conversation to be had about the wedding ceremony, the travel to the venue, and the weather…

That’s where I come in! As your Magic MC, I seamlessly integrate with the crowd, providing astonishing entertainment, generating laughter, applause & even screams around the room.

Not only does this help break the ice between your guests and really give them something to talk about when I’m gone, but it also creates an electric atmosphere in the room.

This is also the ideal way to keep your guests entertained, engaged & energised whilst you’re off getting your photos done with Wedding Photographer Daniel!

Wedding Magic

2. Adding energy to your entrance:

Not only do I entertain your guests, but I also act as a traditional toastmaster, making all of the announcements throughout the day! Again, I hear you thinking, “doesn’t the wedding venue do this?”.
They do, and some do it very well. But how many times have you been to a wedding where the microphone/PA system is dodgy, the barman is operating the entrance music and plays the wrong song, or the introduction lacks energy because the staff member doing it is not comfortable on the mic?

By hiring me as your Magic MC, I supply my own top-of-the-range microphone & PA equipment, ensuring crystal-clear sound quality.

I add an unmatched level of showmanship & professionalism when making your introductions. I warm up the crowd, get them on their feet with napkins flying in circles above their heads, ready to welcome you to the room with a massive round of applause & your song of choice pumping through the speaker!

3 reasons to hire a “Magic MC” 6

Trust me, this is the part you need to get right, and it can set the tone for the rest of the evening. By having a trusted, reliable, and professional MC perform your introductions, you can be guaranteed that your wedding will be taken to the next level.

3. Making the dreaded after-dinner lull disappear

After the meal, the energy and momentum that has built up during the day can quickly dissipate. This is known as the dreaded after-dinner lull, that stodgy time between the meal ending & the band or DJ kicking off. Guests are often full, slightly sleepy and even worse, bored!

This is the crucial time when you need something to shake the dust off and keep the party energy going into the evening & night! Luckily for you, filling that lull is my speciality.

Kicking off with an interactive comedy magic show for the entire room before your speeches helps to wake the crowd up and gain their attention. This show features audience participation, amazing mentalism & comedic magic, guaranteed to reignite the energy in the room.

Wedding Entertainment Magician and MC Jamie Skelton0014
Wedding Magician MC Jamie Skelton

After the speeches, I can then be found wandering around the room, performing a mini-close-up show at each table!

Wedding Entertainment Magician and MC Jamie Skelton0014
3 reasons to hire a “Magic MC” 7

By the time your band or DJ kicks off, the crowd will be well warmed up & ready to dance the night away!
In conclusion, booking a Magic MC ensures that your guests will have an amazing time and talk about your wedding for years to come.

You’re also taking a lot of stress out of the planning process!

I work alongside your venue & planner to ensure your special day runs smoothly and without a hitch! So, if you’re in need of a form of entertainment that your guests will never forget, think of me, and I’ll call you! ;)


Call me now at 087 780 7297 or by email – contact.

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