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Intimate Small Wedding in Ireland

5 reasons to Consider an Intimate Wedding in Ireland

Why should you consider an intimate/micro wedding in Ireland?

So let’s do this! Five reasons to consider an intimate wedding!

Intimate Wedding in Ireland

Introduction – but why?

Thinking of a small, magical wedding? Ireland’s stunning views and friendly folks make it a top pick. While big weddings are great, a small celebration means real connections and true moments. Ireland’s the perfect spot for such a special day.

You can get married!

It’s quite easy to get lost in all the bells and whistles of planning a wedding, and the real reason why the wedding is happening can get parked and sidelined. You have chosen to start the next chapter of your life with your partner; for some, this cannot begin soon enough! An intimate wedding is a current gateway for this.

Imagine saying your vows surrounded by green hills, old castles, or the wild Atlantic. Ireland’s all this, making it a dreamy spot for your big day. Think of the amazing photos with these views, capturing your moments for years.

Intimate Wedding in Ireland

Budget flexibility

An intimate wedding can cost as much as you choose. Some people think a smaller wedding equals a smaller budget for a wedding photographer, but we certainly don’t feel that around here! We agree wholeheartedly with Kristi Richardson, a wedding planner, who says, ‘A wedding is not about spending the least or the most amount of money; it is about spending good money on the elements most important to you and your partner.’

Suppose you were initially planning on a vast number of guests and are now considering less than 30 (a micro wedding is defined as a wedding with less than 30 guests, including the wedding couple). In that case, your budget can adjust to these numbers. You may now be able to look at different venues, photographers & videographers, to name but a few suppliers you may not have been in a position to consider with the higher guest numbers. Having the flexibility and some wriggle room while selecting suppliers is always nice! Remember Kristi’s wise words :)

Unusual venues can now appear on the radar.

Photo from Small intimate wedding in co. Mayo last week 5 reasons to Consider an Intimate Wedding in Ireland 1
Alice and Cathal – Thank You!

5 reasons to Consider an Intimate Wedding in Ireland 2

Smaller numbers certainly bring unique and atypical wedding venues into play. These venues are very intimate, so they will not host any crowd. If you want somewhere that your guests won’t forget in a hurry, this could be a reason that sways you towards an intimate wedding!

Powerscourt Wedding

Ballymagarvey Village

Rathsallagh House

Getting married in Ireland means experiencing the true warmth of its people. You’ll be welcomed like family, whether it’s a small B&B or a grand estate. Expect top-notch service, a warm welcome, and maybe even a traditional dance or a toast with a pint of Guinness.

Wedding Reception Flexibility

Smaller numbers can certainly help non-traditional aspects of wedding receptions happen. Speeches can occur when you want, rather than the strict before or after the meal that certain venues must adhere to. You can have them at the drinks reception, with everyone around you.

At your meal, you would have flexibility in your seating arrangement. With smaller numbers, you would have a great choice on the table layout. You could make that room your own!

More Quality Time With Guests

With fewer guests, you will certainly get more time and opportunity to mingle with all your guests throughout the day and evening. Your guests are there for you & your partner, and it’s a lovely touch (but a luxury for many couples) to get around to them all and have a proper chat and a drink. It would certainly add something special to your guests’ wedding day experience.

A small wedding here means less fuss and more quality time with your loved ones. An Irish wedding is all about personal touches and shared memories, whether just the two of you or a few close friends and family.

Thanks to Ireland’s experienced wedding pros, planning a wedding is simpler. From picking the venue to sorting out guest stays you’ll have all the help you need to make planning stress-free.

An intimate wedding in Ireland mixes natural beauty, friendly vibes, and rich culture, making your day unforgettable. From the wild coasts to quaint towns, Ireland offers a perfect setting for a beautiful start to your marriage.

Intimate Wedding in Ireland

Ready to leap? Let Ireland be the setting for your dream wedding.

So there you have it. There are five reasons to consider a smaller wedding! 

Different strokes for different folks, but it may just be some food for thought for anyone on the fence :)

Happy wedding planning!


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Virginia Park Lodge Wedding

45 PEOPLE IS PERFECT. The universe has given you a chance to have a wedding where you actually know and love every person attending and can spend ample time at their table rather than pegging it like Linford Christy from table to table !!!

No waiting at the bar for a jar. Individual portions of roasties = no anxiety attack about Susan scoffing the lot. Gone is the self-conscious, polite selection of sweets under a watchful eye – Enjoy an individually bagged selection just for you. Not to mention an excuse to avoid hugging the token in-law who bangs of the burger.

11.30 finish? Grand! Start everything 2 hours earlier and hang out in your accommodation talking shite for the remaining few hours, before enjoying your early night with your handsome husband, and arise fresh as the daisy you are for your full Irish the following morning ?.

Borrowed from HIGM Facebook Group – Thank You, Emma!

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