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Sunset wedding photos

5 tips wedding sunset photos

5 tips for perfect wedding sunset photos

I LOVE Sunset photos at weddings

The Magic of Golden Hour Photography?

Tips from Wedding Photographer

I LOVE Sunset photos at weddings. I would LOVE to deliver them to each of my wedding clients – if the weather permits for them to be taken :)

Some people are booking me because of my wedding sunset photos! Thank You! :)

The Magic of Golden Hour Photography?

Clonabreany House Wedding

5 tips perfect wedding sunset photos – golden hour photography

As we live in Ireland, we have fantastic opportunities to capture those epic sunsets and to create an amazing sunset wedding photo :)

Here are a few examples and some important tips:

Communication is a key!

You need to tell your wedding photographer on the day that you really want sunset photos. Even if that means taking them during your main wedding meal or during dessert! You need to be very clear as sometimes people prefer to spend time with their friends and family and that’s ok too.

2. Best light!

The best sunset light is available for a very short time only. This is why your wedding photographer will need you outside on time. Do not run off to fix your makeup first etc as you can easily miss the perfect moment!

3. Be prepared

In case you have rain on your wedding day (or even the day before) it’s a great idea to have spare shoes to hand, so you are not going to destroy your expensive wedding day shoes. You are not going to see the replacement shoes in the photos. I promise! Wellies or converse runners are the best choices.

4. Timing is everything

Timing is everything! Sunsets – Golden Hour – at winter weddings is around the time of your drinks reception – I have a separate blog post here on how to get the most from your winter wedding: Also, the light during the whole day from the 15th to the 31st of December is like a sunset all day as sun is very low above ground.

5. Trust 

Sunsets – Golden Hour at summer weddings can be a little bit more complicated. Depending on the time of the year, you can have amazing sunset wedding photos during your meal or the first dance, so be prepared! – Again, tell Your wedding photographer on the day that you are happy to skip dessert to have your sunset wedding photos taken. Remember, your wedding photographer/videographer will not feel comfortable to call you outside for photos during a meal unless you have made this request.

There are a few venues where it is super easy to shoot amazing wedding sunset photos – golden hour photography. Here are just a few that immediately spring to mind:

Ballymagarvey Village
Segrave Barns
Lyrath Estate
– Borris House
– Tankardstown House
– Clonabreany House
– Ballybeg house
– Palmerstown Estate
– Millhouse Slane
– Ballintubert House
– Mount Mouseley Hotel

These places are super easy as you quickly walk outside in a few minutes and your amazing photos are done :)

Enjoy Your wedding planning and remember – communication is key if you want sunset photos. Tell your photographer and videographer that you are ready to go outside – or if not explain that you would prefer to enjoy a day with family and friends.

The wedding day is very busy for Brides and Groom ON THE ACTUAL WEDDING DAY itself. Not many people want to leave guests and family and friends.

There were a few times at weddings for my clients that I was left in a position where I wasn’t sure if the Bride and Groom really wanted to go for more photos in the evening…

For me, the most important thing is that the Bride and Groom can really enjoy a day!
If they don’t want to spend time taking photos that’s ok with me

ENJOY your wedding planning.

Love Daniel!

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5 tips wedding sunset and golden hour photos by Wedding Photographer DK PHOTOGRAPHY

Enjoy Few SAMPLE Wedding Sunset Photos – I love Golden Hour!!!

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