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Fun and relaxed wedding photography

5 tips Fun and relaxed wedding photography

Fun and relaxed wedding photography

 5 tips fun and relaxed wedding photography by DK PHOTO PHOTOGRAPHY

Fun and relaxed wedding photography

After all, the dust has settled on the announcement of your engagement to your friends and family, comes the Wedding Planning! This is when things can get stressful and overwhelming pretty quick. There are so many decisions to make!!!

One of the most steps in the wedding planning process is choosing is your wedding day photographer. After all, when the day is over, your photographs are all you will have left. I am sure, that you will want to have the most amazing photographs of your wedding day that money can buy. Memories to treasure forever

Here are my top tips for you to find the perfect wedding photographer for your wedding day:


The most important thing from the very start is to relax! Chill!!! You will know really quickly when you see a wedding photographer’s portfolio if you like their style of photography. Trust your gut. You will know when you see wedding photographs that have the WOW factor for you. Relax! You will find the right wedding photographer for you!


Some of the best wedding photographs I have taken over my many years as a professional wedding photographer have been taken at the moment. The Bride and Groom have been completely unaware that I was snapping away in the corner! (Snap happy! That’s always me!!!) They have shared some lovely moments together that I have caught on camera and they look AMAZING! They were not posed or created. They happened naturally and they are MAGIC!


For lots of Brides and Grooms, the thought of posing for hours in front of a camera can feel very overwhelming and stressful. Yes, there can be the mandatory family portraits that you need to capture, but they can be done quickly and after that, you should go straight back to enjoying your day! The more relaxed, chilled and informal you can make your wedding day the better your photographs will turn out.


When the Bride and Groom are chilled, relaxed and enjoying themselves I have no doubt that I will capture fantastic wedding photographs. The camera LOVES to see happy smiling faces having fun. The more fun and relaxed your wedding photography can be, the better!


Lots of Brides and Grooms come to me with ideas they have for some funny and light-hearted photos to be taken. I always enjoy making these ideas happen. They are a great way to show off the Bride and Groom’s personalities’ and fun sides which is fantastic.

Fun photos can be a lovely way to bring the bridal party together to have a laugh. Props and poses can be really enjoyable to perform together. Keep it informal and go with the flow for the best photographs. Don’t take it too seriously and keep the smiles coming!”


I highly recommend letting your wedding day unfold in its own special way. Try not to get caught up with recreating wedding photographs that you saw on Pinterest or Instagram. They can be very time consuming to re-create. Please remember that HOURS could have been spent to get that one perfect image with a team of production people “on set” which is completely unrealistic on a real wedding day. Instagram V’s Reality can be worlds apart so you need to set realistic expectations.

Have fun and enjoy your own day – You can include Your Pet at Your wedding! and create unique photos on your wedding day that your friends and family will want to copy from you! Not the other way around!!!

Fun and relaxed wedding photography

Fun and relaxed wedding photography by DKPHOTO

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