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Brides and Grooms and their single BIGGEST regret

Brides and Grooms and their single BIGGEST regret

Brides and Grooms and their single BIGGEST regret by:  www.dkphoto Wedding Photographer

Do I really need a Wedding Videographer?
Will I regret not having one?

Hi Brides and Grooms!

Long read again but it’s very important!

One of the most frequent questions that I get asked after my brides and grooms have booked me as their wedding photographer is, “Do we really need a wedding videographer?”

I want to share my opinion on this with you. Again, it’s a long read but will help you make a very important decision. I have found that this is the number 1 regret after a couple’s wedding day.


Your wedding day is going to be one of the best days of your life. I don’t want any of my couples to have any regrets. Have a quick look through the top 10 regrets wedding couples have on their wedding day. Please avoid these problems!

I asked some of the best videographers in Ireland and one of my past brides for their answer to this big question –

Do we need a wedding videographer?

Here is what they had to say. I think it’s great to hear the answer from these different points of view:

  • The wedding photographer’s point of view.
  • The wedding videographer’s point of view.

Photographer’s Point of View

Wedding couples absolutely want a wedding photographer to capture the magical moments on their wedding day. That is never in question! But when it comes to the wedding videographer and as costs of the wedding begin to stack up, wedding couples question if they really need their wedding day filmed? Will we ever watch the video? Is this a cost that we can avoid?

As I’m planning my own wedding day I have thought about these exact questions a lot.

I remember a time when wedding day videos were super boring. It was almost impossible to convince anyone to watch the full two hours, until the very end. It was a snooze-fest!!!

Ok, you can still find a few very old-fashioned videographers but most wedding videographers in the business these days are very creative and produce excellent work.

Brides and Grooms and their single BIGGEST regret 1

Here are my top four reasons for having a wedding videographer:

  • A video is not only moving pictures but it also captures sound. Would you like to hear the speeches from your wedding day in years to come? What about revisiting a special conversation between your beloved parent or grandparent after they have passed away. Photographs will not capture those moments in the same way as video can.
  • Sometimes the wedding videographer can capture moments that the wedding photographer has missed.
  • You will watch your wedding day video after your wedding day and get to relive the moments as they happened. Seeing each scene unfold recreates those memories for you in a way that a photograph simply cannot. If you choose a wedding videographer whose style you like you will get years of enjoyment from your wedding video.
  • Wedding videographers are very nice guys! :)

Two’s Company… Three’s a Crowd
Would a Videographer Get in the Way?

It’s very important to know who you are booking and how they work. Are they good at working with the wedding photographer? Can they seamlessly blend into the background?

Wedding Photographer DKPHOTO

I always recommend having your wedding photographer suggest a wedding videographer that he/she is used to working with.

You can read more about that here:

But to summarise: If you have two people who work in the same way on your wedding day then there will be no problem at all. There will be a smooth flow to the wedding photoshoot and the two professions can complement one another. In fact, a talented videographer can even help your wedding photographer!

What if the Couple are Camera-shy?

The majority of the wedding videographers that I work with are not IN YOUR FACE with the camera and avoid the CHEESE factor that can make people feel uncomfortable.

I know what a torture it can be to have someone constantly asking for big smiles to the camera and to do funny or unnatural poses :)

The wedding videographers that I work with respect your wedding day and they record YOUR WEDDING DAY. They are not interested in creating their own vision of your wedding day.

In fact, if one of my wedding couples confides in me that they are camera shy, I can give them a 100% guarantee that the wedding videographer that I recommend will not be an issue! – ( have more than 50 names to fit all budgets)

In my experience, when the wedding photographer and wedding videographer are working smoothly together, it helps the couple in front of the camera to relax. Remember, we want you to enjoy your photo shoot and to have some fun. Before you know it, you will feel at ease and you might even find yourself striking a pose that Naomi Campbell would envy!

Costly Savings

As hard as it may be, don’t overthink your budget. A Wedding Video will last forever and it will capture your special day in a way that nothing else can – it will be worth every penny in a few years time! Especially, when your children want to watch your wedding day, or when your grandchildren want to see it on your Ruby Wedding Anniversary. For me, these memories and moments are priceless!


The biggest mistake that I see wedding couples making are when they book someone that does not have experience. They have left this booking to the last minute and are desperate to have ANYONE video their wedding day. Wedding videographers that have a strong reputation and trustworthy testimonials from wedding couples are already booked.

A lack of experience can cause a lot of problems during the wedding day for the wedding couple and the wedding photographer. I have outlined these problems in more detail here:

If you book a very good wedding photographer or a wedding photographer whose work and style you love, and then last minute, you decide that you want to book a wedding videographer that is cheap because you have little to no budget left…

STOP !!!

This cheap -( last minute ) booking can be very costly. An inexperienced wedding videographer can cause so many problems. Not only are you risking a poor quality wedding video, but you are also risking having your professional wedding photographer interrupted by an inexperienced videographer.

If your wedding videographer has no real experience and works completely differently to the way in which your professional and LOVED wedding photographer then you will never get 100% from the wedding photographer that you have booked.


The reason is very simple. An inexperienced wedding videographer will jeopardise the work of the wedding photographer.

If your budget is tight for the wedding videographer please contact Your wedding photographer –  He/she can recommend someone who can be trusted to do a good job.

If you don’t use this approach you would be better off spending the money for extra champagne or on your honeymoon!!! :)




Videographer’s Point of View



Keith Malone Wedding Video
Keith from Keith Malone Wedding Films

 writes that it may sound like a cliché, but imagine if someone offered you a chance to watch a professional video of your grandparent’s wedding.

Wow. Imagine that.

Would you be interested? Think about how amazing it would be to relive the sights, the sounds and the excitement of their wedding day. Your blushing grandmother in her wedding dress, your nervous grandfather waiting at the top of the aisle, your proud great-grandparents perhaps making a speech. If you were to place a value on all of this, what would it be?

My children love to watch it.

Many would say that this opportunity is priceless. I agree. As a videographer, perhaps I am biased but I’m confident in saying that I think your children, their children, and their children’s children would really love the opportunity to watch your wedding video. I had a videographer for my wedding too and I’m so glad I did. My children love to watch it.

For a lot of couples, choosing to have a professional videographer is a decision they will have opted for at the early stages of their wedding planning. This is not surprising given that many wedding website surveys in Ireland have shown that NOT having a videographer is by far the single biggest regret. Alas, when couples realise this themselves, it’s simply too late.

Friends and family can sometimes offer to video a wedding. Apart from the fact that they probably won’t enjoy doing this, it’s still a big no-no in my personal opinion. I can also say this professionally because I (and many of my peers) often receive phone calls from newlyweds in this situation asking if we can recover lost footage, repair badly recorded audio and somehow miraculously restore important parts of the day that were never recorded in the first place!

Just like a photo album, the video is one of the few tangible items that will remain once the wedding day is over. Some couples have told me that their wedding video was the best money they spent on the entire wedding! Happy planning and best of luck with whatever your decide

Brides and Grooms and their single BIGGEST regret 2
Edithouse Wedding Films – Emma

Many couples will carefully research and chose a wedding photographer to document their wedding and leave it at that. While a picture can paint a thousand words, a well crafted, engaging film of your day paints the complete story.

A wedding film will capture the emotion and fun of the entire day – the parts you missed, and the smaller details you thought you had forgotten. What’s great is that many videographers will document a short preview film – a ‘best bits of your day’, allowing you to share it online with family, friends and those who couldn’t make it on the day.

Cameras now are so much more compact, and more powerful – pick the right videographer and you will barely know they are there. Choose a videographer who matches your style – are you looking for a documentary (the videographer stays in the background) – cinematic (videographer directs the couple in choreographed scenes) – traditional (a chronological edit of the day) to name but a few. Some videographers will borrow from a few different styles. The key is to find the videographer who is right for you!

The recurring feedback we get from our couples is that choosing to have their wedding filmed was one of the best decisions they made. Being able to look back and hear the voices in vows and speeches, and see the reactions of loved ones is both timeless and priceless.

White&Gold video
George Griffin – White and Gold

Weddings are a series of moments and movements. What we look forward to seeing most on the big day are exactly that; moments and movement, walking down the aisle, first kiss, first dance!

Video is the way to capture that. It brings people closer. When we can hear and see people move on film it brings us as close to a memory as possible.

For me if you showed me a picture of my grandparents on their wedding day I could guess what type of people they were based on how I know them now. But to see how they cut it on a dance floor or exchanged awkward looks at each other in the church would be something more emotional and impacting. To me that would give insight into people I have seen hundreds of photos of over the years but would connect me more to who they were before I even existed.

That’s what makes a great wedding film. Capture those little bursts of moments in a movement to create lasting memories.

Cathal Farrelly – Irish Wedding Video

Your wedding photographs should be something you’ll treasure for many years, but have you thought about the extra special memories that filming your wedding can cherish for the future too?

Every couple deserves to be the stars of the show on their wedding day and a wedding video can really help you remember the unique feeling and atmosphere of your day. But it also represents a special gift to your future selves and family for years to come.

A wedding video opens a window on a time when friends and family come together. Think of the little ones who would love to hear their parents say their vows or see your first dance. Or how you’ll cherish remembering those who will pass through your life and celebrating their part in it.

From a beautiful reading to a heartfelt speech and even those dodgy dance-floor moves, a wedding video can capture things that photos can’t.

Some couples may feel nervous about being filmed or dislike the thought of intrusive and bulky cameras getting in the way.

“I like to take a fly on the wall approach, he says. “It’s relaxed, but professional, with me blending in as much as possible. I don’t really direct couples and their guests, I prefer just to be there, to let things happen and to capture them on film.”

“Cameras are so small these days, and the technology so clever, that lots of brides and grooms say that they barely noticed I was there on the day until they see the results in their special wedding video. Then they can’t believe all the moments they missed.”

“It’s really important to me not to take time out of your day, but to capture every moment as it happens, from the smiles and laughter on your friends’ faces, to the family moments that make it so special. It’s also lovely to be able to preserve the beautiful words of your vows, readings and any speeches from important people in your lives.”

“I work really closely with your wedding photographers so that the images and video complement each other and each couple receives a beautiful, natural set of images and videos. It’s my job to create a film that you and your family will want to watch time and time again, for many years to come.”

Brides and Grooms and their single BIGGEST regret 3
Lukas Jamroz – Diga video

First of all, I would like to point out that I completely understand why people think twice before committing to booking a videographer for their wedding day. Most of us shy away from cameras. People can feel a bit intimidated when it comes to filming. Moreover what you usually have in mind is a crew with a camera set , microphones and lights. But it is not like this anymore. At least not with me. Throughout the years of filming weddings here in Ireland I have gained an extensive amount of experience.

I certainly know how to create a perfectly relaxed atmosphere for you, your family and
friends. I know how to be a discreet observer of your most precious moments unfolding.

I always work in an un-obstructive way. Hence my plan is no to set up a scene even if I am creating a cinematic styled wedding video. Therefore my main task is to be invisible while capturing all moments of your most significant event.

Furthermore wouldn’t you like to sit down with your family, relieve your wedding day. Listen again to your dad’s your partner ‘s speeches. Hear your voice shaking with excitement when you exchange vows with your spouse.

During your wedding day time speeds up. It flies so quickly you may not even notice the reaction of your parents upon seeing you for the first time in your wedding dress. There are so many important precious details that are only available to be encapsulated by a wedding videographer.

Besides, you don’t have to necessarily decide on having a long 2 hrs movie. There is a vast range of options available.

Short movie, high- light clip, summary to name a few. You can even upload your wedding clip and share it with those who couldn’t attend your wedding day. My final word of advice would be go with your heart and choose someone who matches your style.

Make my day production
Make My Day Productions  – Brendan McElwaine

There are many, many reasons to get a wedding video, e.g. seeing loved ones in a relaxed atmosphere, the ability to tell a story, seeing things you hadn’t noticed on the day, etc.

For now, though I am going to concentrate on a lesser appreciated aspect, namely audio. Reliving the day not just through the images but through the sounds.

There’s the obvious speeches and vows but also clapping and cheering when you are pronounced husband and wife, the music, the laughter, the pop of a champagne cork, the rattle of car engines, the cheer when you enter the reception, the list goes on.

All of which will allow you to not just re-watch but also re-live the happiest day of your life :)

My own parents got married in 1967. They are sadly no longer with us. To that end of all the family videos I am lucky enough to possess none is more important than this one from my parent’s wedding day:

Parents Wedding, 1967

vowart wedding video
Nadia & Tom – Vowart

If somehow you ended up here reading this blog post ;) you are probably asking yourself “Do, I need a wedding film?”

No, you don’t!

Well, if all the money you are spending on your dress, venue, the cake, the flowers, other details, etc. if that all is not worthy capturing, we wouldn’t recommend you to have a videographer. 10 years later you will definitely remember all of it so there is no need for a beautiful, unique wedding film.

Yes, we know, you have a wedding photographer, that’s enough for you. You will have wedding pictures to remember your wedding day, right?
But wedding photography can only do so much.

Enough with the irony!

Wedding film will let you relive your wedding, it is an actual memory that can be watched over and over again. Your wedding film will become more and more valuable with time – we promise!

Please book your wedding videographer as far in advance as possible same as a wedding photographer.
It’s something that is important to you, your family, your friends, and your future generations.

Happy wedding planning!!!

Andrew Cummins – Eye Capture Weddings

I’ve doing this job for over six years now and it never ceases to amaze me just how quickly a wedding day goes by. Try as you might to take everything in, it’s such a happy endorphin-charged day that when you wake up the next day (with a sore head) it will all feel like the most amazing dream.

This is why it is so important to book a videographer to document your day for you. Documentary style weddings are such a cool and exciting keepsake from your special day.

The days of sitting everyone down for a long never-ending overview of the day is gone. Fast-moving and entertaining clips are a stunning recap to have of events, and it won’t take all day to watch them back.

From the pool of talent there is, it ensures that whatever style videographer you pick (and there’s a wide variety out there!), you will have a trendy and popular memento to look back on and share with friends and family for years to come.

Brides and Grooms and their single BIGGEST regret 4
Ronan Quinn – Amare Stories

The first reason I always give to couples is a “what if”…………what if you could hear your grandparent’s vows (or even your own parent’s vows) today.
Imagine the feelings it would evoke. The old voice, familiar sounds. Just like an old radio. No pictures needed.
-to not have video nowadays is like our parents no having photos.

Once a couple has decided on video they usually become much more aware of the more modern techniques used for video compared to what they actually visualise.
No more big cameras, the new generation of videographers compliment the photography and often use the exact same cameras and gear so there is no need to feel like it will be obtrusive for guests.

The wedding day is a whirlwind for the couples involved and often they literally cannot remember parts, like the ceremony or the speeches.
Having a great quality video preserves these memories for yourselves, your kids and future generations to come.

You will be left with a document of your speeches and ceremony and a beautifully crafted cinematic version of your wedding.

Lastly, because memories last longer than dreams. And video can preserve those memories.

Brides and Grooms and their single BIGGEST regret 5
Brendan Brophy – Brophy Films 

Close your eyes and imagine the greatest day of your life, one where you had the most fun. Try and picture all the little things that happened, all the people that were there, the jokes that were shared, the location where it happened, the weather, the clothes that were worn or even the emotion of the whole event.

Now imagine having that day surrounded by your close friends and family, imagine having everyone there trying to make that day one of your most memorable, now imagine being able to relieve that day over and over again.

THIS is the main reason why you should have your wedding day filmed.

After every wedding, I record the couple can’t wait to get their wedding footage. Some might question whether they should have one in the first place but the fact is after your wedding, after spending so much money all you have left is your photos and the video.

Once you have decided to book a wedding videographer the key factor you need to look out for is discretion. Filming of a wedding shouldn’t be noticed, it should be a documentary of the day and not take over it, and your day should flow as naturally as possible and let you and your other half spend as much time enjoying time with your family and friends. The greatest compliment I can get from couples is that they didn’t notice me on their wedding day. Discreetly recording weddings means capturing the laughter and emotion throughout the day of you, your partner and your guests while still capturing the key moments that you are aware of and some you miss.

Your wedding videographer is a third eye that helps you relive the greatest day of your life forever.


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