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Choosing wedding videographer

Choosing wedding videographer from recommended list?



Choosing wedding videographer from the photographers recommended list.

I am often asked by my brides and grooms for advice on booking their wedding videographer. In my experience, it’s so important to book your videographer from your photographers recommended videographers list.

I will explain why!

Having worked as a wedding photographer for so many years, I have built fantastic relationships with some of the best videographers in the business – at the moment I have more than 50 different videographers on my recommended list to suits all budgets!

Choosing your wedding videographer it’s not easy this is why I offer a list of recommended videographers list to make it easier for the couple to choose the best videographer to be part of their day, that I know will do an amazing job for them.

Choosing a wedding videographer from the photographers recommended list.

Here are my reasons why:

Your Morning. Your Vision.

I have seen some videographers take over the brides’ morning by staging a dodgy music video! All the shots were posed, staged and directed by the videographer, rather than letting the morning unfold naturally. This was not the bride’s vision for her morning and she was left disappointed. Would you want that?! Documentary Wedding Photographer is working always in the background!

Time Is Precious

Staging footage takes up so much time. As the photographer, I had to do my best to take some strong photographs during this time, but I knew that the time could have been used much better.

Crazy Ideas!

I have also had a situation where the videographer asked the Bride and Bridesmaids to run around the estate and pretend that they were off for a jog before the ceremony. It was a terrible idea! Would you want that?!


I cannot stress enough how important it is for the photographer and videographer to work together as a team. They have to think about one another, so that they are both doing the best work that they can do for you.

Unfortunately, I have had to work with videographers that didn’t give me, or the bride and grooms’ photographs a second thought.

They have stood in front of my camera and I have missed the opportunity to get the photographs that I want to take. When we are trying to capture you in small rooms or at key moments this is so important.

The videographers that I recommend always move and consider what I need to do my job – and I do same for them !!!

They know how to work as a team.

Now Or Never!

Some moments in your day cannot be repeated. Can you imagine having the videographer walking up the aisle in front of you as you walk with your father? How would you feel, if I had to explain to you that I couldn’t capture this amazing moment in a photograph because the videographer was standing in my way?

I always stay at the altar shooting from afar, as I want everyone to see you, your father and your beautiful dress. It’s such a special moment. I have had this moment ruined in the past, as the videographer is standing in my way and there is not enough time to alert him.

Walking out of the church together as a married couple is also such an important moment which cannot be redone. I have had so many weddings where the videographer has taken over the space available to capture the Bride and Groom. He is not considering me and the fact that I need to take a photograph of this special time in your day.

If we are not working together you will be missing very important moments in your photographs which can never be re-captured. Again we need to work as the team as its work both ways !!!


If you choose a videographer and a photographer that have very different styles in how they work, it’s a big risk. You are essentially trying to have two shoots at the same time and this is a recipe for disaster. You might even have to pose for twice the amount of time. When the videographer needs more time with you to get what he needs, then you have less time to enjoy your day with your friends and family.

The videographers I recommend can work seamlessly with me. They have great ideas during the photographs with the Bride and Groom and they are and addition to the shoot. I really enjoy their contribution and they are adding value to your shots.

It’s Your Day!

Ultimately you decide who is going to shoot your video. My recommendations are only to try and help you to get the best photographs and video as possible. I want you to enjoy having your photographs taken and to make it as stress-free as possible.


Ask Your photographer

Ask Your photographer – he/she can help You, or ask Your Videographer – he/she can help as well …

If You will have two people – ( videographer and photographer)  working on Your wedding and they have a similar style – it will help both of them.

But If You will have a “fly on the wall” approach videographer and very traditional photographer or vice versa it can be difficult for both of them.

By choosing a wedding videographer from my own – DKPHOTO –  recommended list I can guarantee you that nothing will stop me to get the best photographs on your wedding day.

My recommended list is created for my clients only and will share that list with my clients only, so best if You can ask Your photographer or videographer who he/she can recommend.

Choosing wedding videographer…

At photos amazing Videographer White and Gold  – he is one of many Videographers I have on my recommended list – ( I have now more than 50 names on my list )

One of the Wedding Videographers I highly recommend is also:

Little Bear Wedding Video

Price wedding photographer

Photos were taken on that wedding :

Kindest regards.



Choosing a wedding videographer from the photographers recommended list.

Do I need a Wedding Videographer?

This comprehensive list of tips and advice will guarantee that you will choose the right wedding photographer  : 

How to choose the perfect wedding photographer for your perfect wedding day

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