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Covid small intimate real wedding planning tips

Covid small intimate real micro wedding planning tips

Covid and small,  intimate REAL micro wedding photos

Planning tips and ideas for micro wedding in Ireland?

Should I postpone my wedding?

Covid small intimate real wedding planning tips

It’s always best to share REAL experiences – so here you go Bridget and Nick get married recently and share some tips.


“… Covid changed our wedding plans dramatically, decreasing our guest list from 150 to 18 – real Micro Wedding! and we also changed to a different venue, somewhere more local to our home with a cute room that didn’t look empty with only 3 tables in it.

Our “church ceremony” was always going to be on a different date to the larger wedding party day, but in the end, the day at the church turned into the most wonderful wedding day we could have asked for!

With only a week to go, our plans to have a very low-key micro church ceremony followed by a lunch turned into a full-blown wedding day with the gown, photographer, make up artists etc! I called the seamstress to ask about having my dress altered in 5 days and thankfully she was able to help.

I also only booked Daniel DKPHOTO for our micro wedding  in with 5 days notice, and he couldn’t have been more accommodating,

I’m so grateful we decided to hire Daniel DKPHOTO as he captured the intimacy of our day perfectly in the wedding photos.

My groom and I got ready together at home on the morning of our wedding, and we decided to not have any bridesmaids or groomsmen since the guest list was so tiny. Sharing our bacon sambos for breakfast and giving each other our gifts was so special and relaxing, we loved the morning of that day. I have been a bridesmaid many times and have always loved spending the wedding morning with the group of girls but I honestly say the experience of sharing every minute of that day, from waking up to going to sleep, with my husband was one of my favourite elements of the day.

Having no bridal party also focussed all of the attention on to us as a couple, making it all the more intimate. We never would have known how special this felt if it weren’t for covid forcing us to have a mini wedding, and we wouldn’t change it for the world. Might I also add, we also saved a small fortune but still had the best day

As one of my best friends who was there said:

Your love and happiness on the day was infectious, it made 20 people feel like 200 people”

small wedding covid
small covid wedding photos

We didn’t have a band, only playlists on a Bluetooth speaker, and as the night wore on, more and more of us stood up in the middle of the room to perform a song or tell a joke, we all got to know each other even better that night!

To any other brides and grooms facing the restrictions on their wedding day, my advice is to ask yourself what is more important, being married to your partner or having the big party?

It is ok to say the party is an important part! If so, continuing to postpone is the right thing to do. If you are like me and feel like you have waited long enough (!!) and actually being married is what you want most, then just go ahead and get married to the one you love, it will be different to the huge weddings we are all used to,


but it will be unique to you and you’ll come out of it on a high, I guarantee.

 ” I couldn’t say enough positive things about DK Photography, from flexibility on how long we wanted to be photographed to guidance on how to pose, and the most stunning photos and wedding album. all of my friends are jealous they didn’t get DKPHOTO at their own micro and no micro covid weddings!”
Bridget and Nick

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