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The Future of Wedding Photography

The Future of Wedding Photography

The Future of Wedding Photography

Black and White Wedding Photography?

The Future of Wedding Photography – Black and White Wedding Photography?

Hi all!

Today I was asked a very interesting question – What is the future of wedding photography?

I tried to think about and answer that question myself for some time, looking at the wedding photography market.

Is black and white wedding photography our future?!

I started my photography when we shot everything analogue and ALL photography was black and white. It has all changed so much up until now.

So, what is the future of wedding photography?

What is the future of Black and White Wedding Photography?

There is so much technology at the fingertips of amateur photographs now.

  • You can take photos with the background moving on your smartphone :)
  • You can create 3D photos.
  • You can even record wedding videos in 360 virtual reality.

But trends continually come and go.
I try to keep my editing very simple – I don’t use sepia colours. I don’t use selective colours where the umbrella on the photo is in colour and the rest is black and white.
I don’t use brown tinted colours on photos as all those trends will date.

Black and white photography is, in my opinion, the best and purest wedding photography.

Colours and special effects sometimes do not help the photograph.

In my personal opinion, the future of wedding photography is black and white photography, because it is simple, magical and so special.

You can have movement on photos and a lot of special effects. But less is more and real moments captured in photographs are priceless.

I think less is more and for that reason, black and white are the future as ultimately, they remain timeless! :)

Here are some of my black and white photographs. Look at how the emotions can be shown using no colour and no special effects.


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