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Guide for the Perfect Wedding Speech

Guide for the Perfect Wedding Speech

So, you have been asked to be a maid of honour or the best man at your friends or family wedding, maybe your son or daughter is getting married and as the day approaches, you must prepare your speech. While it is all fun and games leading up to the wedding, giving a speech in front of hundreds of people can be a nerve-wracking and daunting task. Whether you are the best man, father of the groom, father of the bride or the groom, it can be difficult to know where to start. While writing a speech can be a nightmare sometimes, just remember, wedding guests are positive listeners, they don’t expect much but just a laugh so don’t put yourself under too much pressure.

If you are struggling, then here is our helpful guide to writing the perfect wedding speech.

As with every wedding comes tradition and the traditional running order of speeches would be:

  • Father of the Bride/Groom
  • The Groom
  • The Best Man

Sometimes things change with absent family members or friends but once everything is in place, it should all run smoothly.

Guide wedding speech Groom

Father of the Bride or Groom Speech

The father’s speech is probably one of the most emotional yet anticipated speeches of the entire evening. The main job is to welcome all the guests and thank them for joining you in celebrating your special day. Speak casually about your relationship with your son or daughter and it is also a nice gesture to acknowledge the two families coming together. There can be a lot to cover in a short time so here are some initial pointers for your speech:

  • Be supportive and loving
  • Be confident when speaking
  • Add a little humour in maybe tell a story about your new son or daughter in law
  • Pass your best wishes to the newlywed couple
  • Take a little time to reflect
  • Be sure to tell everyone to enjoy the evening
  • Keep it short and sweet!

The Groom’s Speech

For the groom’s speech, it is important to plan what you are going to say. As for everybody, the groom’s speech is a big deal, and all guests will want to hear what you have to say. You just start by thanking your new mother and father in law, thank your own parents and say something heartfelt so that they feel appreciated. Thank all your guests for coming and giving gifts to celebrate your special day. Thank the wedding venue for an exceptional day. Toast the bridesmaids and groomsman on how fantastic they are looking and thank them for their support throughout the wedding planning. A portion of your speech should be dedicated to your new wife. Be really open in your speech on how beautiful she looks and how happy you are to have a future together. Initial pointers for the groom’s speech:

  • Plan your speech
  • Stay calm
  • It is important to thank everyone
  • Be lighthearted and add a little humour
  • Your main focus should be your wife
  • Keep it short and sweet!

The Best Man’s Speech

The best man’s speech is always an important and integral part of the wedding day. It is also a highlight of the celebration. Introduce yourself by name and how you know the couple. Compliment the bride and the bridesmaids. Thank everyone for coming. It is essentially your job to be funny, so tell a story about the groomsman but keep it clean and don’t go too overboard. A lot of couples may like to read some cards from loved ones and friends who may not have been able to make it to the day. Propose a toast to the happy couple on their wedding day. Initial pointers for the best man speech:

  • Give your best wishes to the newlywed couple
  • Humour and jokes are essential
  • Give a solid and confident speech
  • Tell some memorable stories about the bride and groom
  • Keep it short and sweet!

Tips for writing the perfect speech

Here we have rounded up some helpful tips for writing your speech.

Plan early

Preparing your speech is essential. Write a few notes down when you think of something interesting to say. Split the speech into sections like thanking everyone for coming to celebrate your special day, general thoughts on marriage, your new wife, etc.

Add a little humour but not too much

Everyone loves a bit of humour and a few jokes at a wedding. Whether it is the best man telling an embarrassing story about the groom or the father of the bride, cracking a few jokes everyone will enjoy a good laugh.

Add a few one original one-liners. Balance the humour make it a little sentimental but heartfelt.

Guide for the Perfect Wedding Speech 1

Make it a personal speech

Write your speech as honestly as possible. Be authentic and practice it beforehand so it will come more naturally to you. If you are the groom speaking, give a little detail on how you proposed, guests will appreciate the connection that you have together.

Guide for the Perfect Wedding Speech 2

Guide for the Perfect Wedding Speech 3

Keep your speech short and sweet

Write your speech prior to the wedding and keep it short and concise. You don’t want your guests to get bored and restless if you are speaking for too long. The best speech will be 5-10 minutes maximum. When you see people starting to walk around the ballroom and going to the toilets, then that’s a sure sign the speech is too long.

Thank everyone

Thank everyone. all the guests, wedding reception, family members, and all included in the bridal party.

Write a strong opening and closing speech

Catch people’s attention straight away by writing a strong opening and closing speech. Keep it short and sweet, interesting, and funny. Give your best wishes and propose a toast. Be memorable and brief.

Practice makes perfect

Preparation and practice make perfect! Speak to your guests and make plenty of eye contact. Have your speech written down and rehearse it beforehand. Practice standing in front of a mirror and rehearse until you feel confident and comfortable. Look at yourself in the mirror while speaking as if the guests are watching you.

Raise a toast

Simply end your speech with a toast to the newlywed couple and say thank you. Once you have raised a toast, everyone will then know that you are finished speaking.

A wedding day is not only a memorable day but also a lifetime event so it should be picture perfect. Everyone can do their part and deliver the perfect speeches. Deliver your speech with poise and confidence to leave the bridal party with a memorable and special moment.

But most important –  REMEMBER to keep Your speech SHORT AND SWEET!

People are hungry, people want to dance :)

Guide for the Perfect Wedding Speech 4

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