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Old Wedding Album Restoration

Old Wedding Album Restoration – The Perfect Anniversary Gift

Old Wedding Album Restoration – The Perfect Anniversary Gift – What a lovely project!

A couple of months back, I was contacted by a client who was looking to have her parents old wedding album restored and recreated. Her parents had gotten married in 1974 and over the years since their precious memories in their wedding album were not standing the test of time. Pages were beginning to become loose from the album, others had already fallen out and the remaining pages were turning yellow.

Old Wedding Album Restoration – The Perfect Anniversary Gift 1

Sadly, my client’s dad passed away and to celebrate him and her parent’s marriage, she wanted to gift her mam the memories from one of the happiest days of their lives and I was thrilled to be asked to take on and be a part of such a task.

My client asked me to re-create her parent’s wedding album so that her mam could view the photos and memories more often. Having a new version would also allow the family to preserve and store away the original to avoid any further damage to it over the years to come. As someone who works daily on wedding photography and albums nowadays, it was a wonderful honour to get to work on something so special from many decades ago and it truly was an interesting project to take on.

It did take some time to accomplish the task and to bring the album to life in a new way but the result made it so worthwhile.

Before I show you some images of the project, here is a quick summary of how I restored the 1970s-wedding album:

  • My first step in restoring and recreating an old wedding album is I must digitize the printed, original wedding album photos. In this particular album, there were 25 photographs for me to work with. This number of photographs in an album was very standard back in the 1970s.
Old Wedding Album Restoration – The Perfect Anniversary Gift 2
Old Wedding Album Restoration – The Perfect Anniversary Gift 3
  • In this instance, many of the photographs were unfortunately destroyed and stained in places so I had to put a lot of work into the digital copies in order to show them in their original glory. To do this, I spent a lot of time editing each photograph in Photoshop to remove signs of damage and to bring back colour etc. where needed.
Old Wedding Album Restoration – The Perfect Anniversary Gift 1
Old Wedding Album Restoration – The Perfect Anniversary Gift 5
  • My next step was to print the photographs I had been working on, and the challenge here was to keep them as authentic as possible to the era and decade in which they were originally taken, the 1970s. My editing played a major part here as I was able to remove signs of damage and add in faded colours where needed but aligning with how the colours would have been originally. This is important with wedding album restoration so that the album still feels like it could have been created many years ago and not in 2021. To compliment the newly edited and printed images, we chose cream pages and prints, an example of which I will show you below.
Old Wedding Album Restoration – The Perfect Anniversary Gift 6
  • The final touch in our restoration of the album was choosing its cover. We chose a timeless, classic cream leather album cover which we complimented with engraved names on the front. We also added a wooden box to keep the album safe for many years to come.
Old Wedding Album Restoration – The Perfect Anniversary Gift 7
Old Wedding Album Restoration – The Perfect Anniversary Gift 8

The final result was truly beautiful and I was thrilled to hear that my client’s mam was overwhelmed and very emotional to receive this gift from her daughter. I was honoured to have been asked to work on such a meaningful, sentimental project.

If restoring an old wedding album is something you would love to do for your own album or perhaps a parent or loved one, I would love to help you.

My wedding album restoration package is only €490 and this includes assessment, editing, printing and a presentation wooden box. In the event where a project may need more pages or additional editing, this price may be subject to change.

As we get older, we begin to truly appreciate the importance of memories and having them to look back on with loved ones is one of life’s greatest gifts. I’d love to discuss restoring your cherished wedding album with you so please do not hesitate to reach out to me today with any questions or queries you may have. Below you will see some additional photos and a video of the wonderful wedding album mentioned above.

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  1. Our 1974 wedding album is sticky and needs to be replaced. Our pictures are in great condition, but are secured in the pages. Is it possible for you to replace the album with our original photos?

  2. Hi
    My 1975 Wedding Album has gone very shabby.
    It has a suede type cover.
    The photos are fine.
    How much would it cost to update it

  3. My wedding album from 1974 is coming apart. The photos are in great condition. Each page is intact; however the pages are not adhering to the binder as you turn each page. Wondering what you recommend.

  4. Hi
    I want to replace my parents wedding album for their 50th wedding anniversary. I would like a few pages at the end for photos from 50 years on.
    Do you do this? ‘

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