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Smoke bombs wedding photos

Smoke Bombs Wedding Photos Guide

Smoke Bombs in your Wedding Photos: What you Need to Know

Should you use smoke bombs at your wedding?

3 Pros, 3 Cons and 3 Tips for using smoke bombs at your wedding.

A delightful trend at weddings these days is to use smoke bombs as part of your wedding photo shoot. Plumes of gorgeous colour can add an ethereal effect or add vibrance and excitement to your photo shoot. I’ve put together 3 pros, 3 cons and 3 tips for having smoke bombs as part of your wedding photograph shoot.

First, the pros! Smoke bombs at your wedding.

smoke bombs wedding

Pros#1: Exquisite Photos

The vibrant and exuberant colour from smoke bombs creates exquisite and unique photos for the most incredible wedding album. Think brilliant pinks, oranges, blues and greens and now imagine these colours swirling around you and your partner.

Pros#2: Your Colour theme:

One of the reasons I love smoke bombs for wedding photographs is the dynamic use of your wedding colours. If your brides maids are dressed in pale pink then a plume of deep pink wafting behind them makes the whole image pop.

Pros#3: Creating a Mood

Some of the best use of smoke bombs is in venues where the architecture lends itself to a particular mood. Some of my favourite uses of smoke bombs include oranges, pinks, reds and yellows as part of a traditional Indian ceremony. Moody blues and greens slipping between trees with a medieval castle rising in the background make for an out-of-this-world colour experience.

Smoke Bombs Wedding Photos Guide 1

Now for the Cons…smoke bombs at your wedding.

Cons#1: Your wedding dress.

Smoke bombs can and do leave stains on wedding dresses! As a result, if you are wanting to us smoke bombs, I’d suggest having a different white outfit for the shoot, ensuring the smoke bombs are far enough away from you or being prepared for stains on your white dress. Wind also plays a big role see tips below…

Cons#2: Fire Hazard

Smoke bombs do present a fire hazard which is why the photo shoot must be very carefully planned to ensure your safety.

Cons #3: Health Issues

If you or your partner are prone to asthma smoke bombs can trigger an attack if you are surrounded by the smoke. If planned carefully, however, this doesn’t need to be a problem.

Smoke Bombs Wedding Photos Guide 2

Now for the tips on smoke bombs at your wedding

Tip #1: Smoke Bombs and Wind

If there is any wind on your wedding day, then I’d recommend ditching the smoke bombs. Having coloured smoke blowing on to your guests and ruining their clothes and your wedding outfits, isn’t going to make for a very happy day.

Tip #2: Planning

Planning exactly where you will do your smoke bomb shoot is critical to ensuring that the shoot goes off without a hitch. Our team will work with you and the wedding venue to plan the perfect spot for your smoke bomb wedding shoot.
In terms of the smoke bombs themselves, I do not provide or recommend a provider for them. It is best to purchase a few and try them out before the wedding to check their quality.

Smoke bombs Etsy

Tip #3: Flexibility

If the weather doesn’t play along, you may not get your smoke bomb shoot on your wedding day, BUT, that doesn’t mean we can’t plan a shoot on another day after the wedding with just you and your partner.

Finally, if asked whether I’d recommend smoke bombs as part of your wedding day photoshoot, I’d say a resounding yes!

It is important to note though, that while I do have insurance I don’t specifically take responsibility for buying, sourcing or using the smoke bombs.

Wedding photographs from a smoke bomb shoot are just too special to miss and I think they make for a unique and exquisite addition to your wedding album.

Smoke Bombs Wedding Photos Guide 3

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