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Top 10 Tips for the Groom and Groomsmen

Top 10 Tips for the Groom and Groomsmen

Top 10 Tips for the Groom and Groomsmen – DKPHOTO

Top 10 Tips for the Groom and Groomsmen

Groom and Groomsman – top 10-groom-tips

I have thought for a long time about writing a post for the Groom and Groomsmen, but I’m not sure if ANY Groomsman it Groom will even read this :) Ha-ha!

But these tips – do and don’ts – will really help your wedding photographer to take good photos.

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Don’t be afraid to show emotions. There is absolutely no shame in crying on your wedding day.

Smiles and tears create epic wedding stories! Your photographer will never show those photos online without your permission as we know that these can be very private moments so don’t be afraid to let your emotions out.

Groom face


Try to avoid using your phone on your wedding if possible. Of course, if you need to plan travel, or you need to contact someone that is ok. But if you are in one location all day enjoy your wedding day without a phone.
You don’t want to spend all day on your phone. There will be no time to relax and enjoy a wedding day if you have your head stuck in your phone.

Be Prepared

If you want getting ready photos be sure that you are ready with your Groomsman or Best Man as your photographer needs to take your photographs quickly in order to and come back to your Bride!

Don’t start taking a shower if your photographer is due to arrive! Be ready before and your Groomsman. It will help your photographer and you will get better photos!

Groom and Groomsmen morning

Loose the clutter

Don’t leave anything in your pockets during whole wedding day! I’m talking about car keys, coins, phones etc. Pockets get very bulky and your photographer can’t edit that in photoshop later. You can hold anything you need in your jacket. It will look much better in your photos. Leave the rest of your bits and pieces in the car or hotel room – You don’t need it!

Open or closed jacket on your wedding date?

I recommend to leave your jacket open all day – the reason is very simple. You should open your jacket when sitting and close it when standing. But men forget to open their jackets when sitting and then your shirt and jacket lifts up and it doesn’t look good at all. In this case better open and have more relaxed look.
If the Groom decides to leave his jacket open, all the groomsmen should open their jackets as well and leave them open all day.

Groom and groomsman

Tux tips

If you are wearing a tuxedo please read these tips from an expert :)

Buttonholes should be worn on the left!

This is easy to remember when you think of one simple rule: Women on the right as they are always right! :) So, men on the left side.

Don’t put the buttonhole into the small hole in your suit. They need to be pinned. Ask your Mum or your sister to help with that or the Best Man :)

groom boutonniere

Eyes on the Prize!

Don’t look at the camera during the ceremony – look at your Bride as often as you can and smile to your Bride during the ceremony. She will smile back! Hold each other’s hands during the ceremony, not the mass booklets :)

The First Kiss.

This should be an easy request for you to carry out. KISS MORE THAN ONCE – This gives me more of a chance in case I miss the first kiss, I have the second kiss to make sure the moment is captured. Take your time and hold tight – It’s your first kiss as a married couple!!!

First kiss Wedding

 With This Ring.

Look into your Bride’s eyes when you exchange rings and vows – Try not to look at the ground or at the Priest! When you are looking at your Wife to be – it always creates nice photos!

Most importantly enjoy your wedding day. That is the most important!

Groom fun

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Enjoy Your planning!


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