Covid19 Coronavirus and your wedding planning 1

Covid19 Coronavirus and your wedding planning

Covid19 Coronavirus and your wedding planning

We’re going to get through this together!

Thank You for understanding!

Updated 7 May 2020

A message to all my wonderful customers in these uncertain times as All of my Saturdays and most Fridays are already booked up from April to September 2021!

We suppose to start our wedding season in April…. at the moment we are unemployed on COVID -19 payments with no weddings since December until – …no one knows…- we hope August!

Due to the volume of cancellations of weddings at the moment most suppliers can’t return deposits/part-payments  I’m afraid – Even if we would LOVE to   :(

This is why please please please – before You will change Your wedding date please ask ALL Your suppliers for any FREE dates available and then contact Your Venue and make a final decision.

I have your back, regarding changes of dates.
If I’m available for Your new date – deposits are completely transferable to your new date- same prices, same conditions 😍 without any extra fees etc



We are on the same boat – thank You for understanding! 



This is why I write a few tips below to help you all in the reorganisation of your big day.:


  • Contact Your Wedding insurance – they should cover the costs – if any deposit is lost.


  • When looking at a new date, look at all days of the week, not just Saturday or Friday. All of my Saturdays and most Fridays are already booked up from April to September 2021!  If you want a specific supplier or venue then look at other days – I hope that will help!


  • Do not contact the supplier with just one date available from Venue – try to contact supplier and Venue and pick  4- 5 dates. It gives You better start …


  • Midweek dates are still available – more chance that ALL Your suppliers will have those dates available.


  • I know from my Clients that a lot of Priests agreed to Sundays Weddings! – that’s good news!


  • All days are special when it’s your wedding day 💒 – in a few years time no one will remember – it’s Thursday, Friday or Sunday :) 


  • Also – suppliers can’t hold two dates for You for long – as there is a lot of people moving dates now…


  • I am here to support all of my customers. All of your deposits are transferable. But please contact me ASAP to ensure my availability. Much love to you all at this time.


  • #staysafe #stayathome #washyourhands


Please look out for each other and be kind.


Legal advice below from Consumer Right Page if anyone needs:




I have to cancel my wedding on foot of Government advice as a result of COVID-19. Am I entitled to a refund of the deposit we paid?

Under contract law, deposits are generally non-refundable. However, in the first instance, you should check the terms and conditions of the contract you agreed with the venue to see what it states in relation to deposits, and in what circumstances (if any) it may be refundable. This will also apply to deposits paid to other suppliers for the event/wedding, for example; music, florists, delivery services etc.

If the deposit is non-refundable, you should discuss other options with the venue to see if they can accommodate an alternative arrangement, for example; an alternative date. Given the exceptional circumstances, it’s likely that most venues and suppliers are dealing with several other couples who have been affected by the COVID-19 situation and will try to accommodate you. If rearrangements are made and deposits or payments are discussed over the phone, be sure to follow up with an e-mail asking the business to confirm the new arrangement in writing.

If you have wedding insurance, it may be possible to make a claim on the policy, for example for lost deposits or other costs incurred as a result of having to cancel your original date.

However, this will depend on the terms and conditions of your policy and when the policy was purchased. Remember to contact your insurer as soon as possible to discuss your options.

Also some tips – Flights Covid-19:



Also a few tips from Weddings online team!


Some tips for our Brides & Grooms from Weddings Online Team: 


1. Don’t postpone until you have to. Keep in touch with your wedding co-ordinator. Remember that if we can get through this pandemic like the Chinese seem to have done, Summer weddings are still a strong possibility.

2. Ask your venue co-ordinator when you have to make the postponement decision by

3. Remember – you have worked hard to get together your dream wedding supplier team. If you do have to postpone, choose the earliest and best new wedding date for you and your supplier team

4. Consider a midweek wedding date or a Sunday – this gives you the best possible flexibility and gives more chance that all of your suppliers will be free. #midweekweddings

5. Winter Weddings have been extremely popular over the past number of years and provide for some of the best photo opportunities too #winterweddings

10 Top Tips to help Plan a Winter Wedding in Ireland





A small tip for people looking for new date- to be sure You have all Your deposits from all suppliers transferred to new dates I think safer is to look at Thursdays, Tuesdays or Sundays – as Your new wedding date as they are not as busy as Saturdays or Fridays.

Also, look at months not as busy as July or August.

November, January, February?


Also, what can help?

ask all your suppliers to send You all available dates let say for September and then ask your venue – big chance some date will be free for all suppliers and venue


Stay safe!



The other perspective- anonymous post on HIGH Facebook group: 



Dear bridal couples, my heart goes out to you all. These are extremely uncertain and unfortunate times for you and your wedding plans. As a Supplier, I personally wish I could give advice, how to proceed, whether or not to wait it out, try a more intimate alternative. The truth is, I just don’t know. We have not been given the answers.

Wedding suppliers are in the most difficult and challenging times that we’ve ever faced.

We haven’t been given any actual guidelines and little to no assistance or advice from government bodies. We have been left at a complete loss, just like you.

We as suppliers, are people too. Fellow humans also struggling through pandemic.

We may have our own health issues, family members whom are cocconning or frightened to step outside their door. Financial issues beyond our control and worries about how and when we are going to manage the next bill which is coming through the door.

This is nobodies fault. No one is to blame and we are in this together.

Not every supplier can do what other suppliers can. Some suppliers are booked so far in advance or are/were so well sought after we cannot give the exact answers you want to hear.

We need to be fair and considerate in our next moves and just because another supplier jumps, doesn’t mean we can too.

Our reputations are our bread and butter. When we give answers our customers don’t like, whether be it out of our control, or the dates simply aren’t there to start with. It should not mean that our reputation suddenly should become a punching bag.

Frustrations and emotions are high. There is a lot of ill-advised information circulating on the internet.

But please don’t forget, we as suppliers feel the strains too.
We are distraught too.
We have worries just like you, just on different terms.

We have to take abusive, offensive and rude emails on the chin.
We have to apologize and try to smooth out the supplier/customer relationship.

We cry too.

As a supplier, I ask you, please think before you type.
Please think before you criticize.
Please think as a fellow human, working with another through a devastating, blameless crisis affecting us all.

Sincerely yours,

A Supplier”


Thank You, Claire, for Your help with those tips!

20 Wedding Games for your Reception

20 Wedding Games for your Reception

The most loved bride and groom are the ones who are always thinking of how to make their wedding day the most fun. After all, nobody likes a boring wedding. So, you are looking to make your wedding reception a festive and fun affair, one that your guests will never forget. In addition to the flowing drinks, a killer wedding playlist, and a delicious feast, there is nothing quite like getting the party started with wedding reception games. They are a fantastic way of breaking the ice and keeping your guests entertained all night long. Just remember, not to overdo it as it is still a wedding and the main focus is you. Keep your guests entertained and having lots of fun with one of these super exciting games listed below.


Wedding Games for your weddin Reception

Wedding Lawn Games 

Take advantage of a gorgeous outdoor venue and the beautiful weather by kicking off your wedding with these wedding lawn games. Set up your games on the grass for both groups or couples. When choosing your games select ones that are suitable for your wedding theme and colours.

  • Giant Connect Four 

Take things up a notch with a giant outdoor connect four. This game is perfect for both kids and adults alike. Take your guests back to their childhood with this great fun and competitive game. To add an extra touch, you could paint the counter pieces in two of your wedding colours and let the connecting fun begin.

  • Ring Toss 

A vintage-inspired and classic garden game. Ring toss will bring your guest's competitive side out. Make the game super easy by yourself with painted glass bottles and your rings out of lengths of rope and away you go.

  • Giant Jenga 

A giant version of Jenga would definitely take your wedding to the next level. It is a must-have outdoor game that everyone will enjoy.

Giant Jenga Wedding receptionWhy not add cute notes or dares to the bricks? Make sure your photographer takes surprise photographs of the guest’s reactions when the tower falls. Create some great memories.

  • Giant Checkers 

A classic, simple, and fun game that is sure to draw your guest’s attention. Incorporate your wedding theme by painting all of the counters your wedding colours.

Wedding Table Games 

Once your guests are sitting down for the dinner reception, there can be a lot of downtime before everyone is called to the buffet table or before the food is served. Avoid any awkward moments, encourage your guests to mingle, and have plenty of fun by providing wedding table games.

  • I Spy 

I Spy is one of the most popular table wedding games. It is a win-win for the newlyweds and the guests. The activity of this game involves the guests using their own personal cameras, to seek and find pictures of different moments from your special day. Here are some of the pictures that you could take:

  • A funny face
  • A group selfie
  • A tasty treat
  • A picture of the bride in her dress
  • A kiss
  • A sparkling drink

You could also share the photos you took on social media.

  • Couples Crossword 

Test your guest’s knowledge about the newlyweds and create a crossword puzzle based on information about the bride and groom. The person or couple with the most correct answers is the winner.

  • Bride and Groom Trivia 

Create trivia questions for guests to answer about the bride and groom. One lucky guest at each table will get to win a prize. Have a party member or even the DJ read the answers. Whoever answers the most questions correctly wins the prize.

  • Board Games 

Why not add some popular board games to each table for your guests to play? Some crowd-pleasing games would include a deck of cards, dominos, game of life, and many more.

Big Group Wedding Games

Bring all of your guests together from each table and get everyone interacting with a group game.

Wedding Bingo

Get your guests interacting with each other with a great game of wedding bingo. In this version, your guests don’t sit and mark off a card as numbers are called. This game involves creating cards with unique clues to describe your guests. Some ideas could include:

  • Tattoos
  • Birth months
  • Odd talents
  • Instruments they play
  • Sports fan

Your guests must take their cards around to other guests and find someone in the room who can claim “that's me” with the clue provided, and make this official once the answer is correct by writing their initials on the card.

Wedding Shoe Game 

The wedding shoe game is another great way of getting to know your bride and groom that bit better. Your bride and groom will be seated in chairs back to back. Their shoes must be removed, the groom holds one of the bride's shoes and one of his own and the bride holds one of the groom's shoes and one of her own. Before the game begins, get your guests more involved by having them place questions in a box about the bride and groom. The DJ or a member of the wedding party could read out the questions aloud to the entire reception. These questions could include the following:

  • Who is the better dancer?
  • Who has more clothing?
  • Who is a better singer?

Stand Up, Sit Down 

Get your guests up on their feet with a great trivia game that will instruct them to sit or stand up in response to questions about the bride or groom.

Wedding Games for Kids 

Keep your little ones entertained with activities and games just for them.

  • Couples Colouring Book 

Colouring can keep kids entertained for hours, and best of all it is mess-free! Place a colouring book with great pictures inside, some crayons, colouring pencils, and even some stickers to help them personalise their own colouring book.

  • Cake Pinata 

Who doesn’t love a pinata game? Keep the pinata to your wedding theme with a giant cake or even the bride and groom's initials. Fill the pinata full of candy. Even the adults can get involved with this one!

  •  Bubbles 

Rent a giant bubble blower for a pretty effect that kids will just love.



Photos from wedding at : Millhouse Slane

Would You like to know more about Wedding Games?

Fun and relaxed wedding photography

5 tips Fun and relaxed wedding photography

Fun and relaxed wedding photography

 5 tips fun and relaxed wedding photography by DK PHOTO PHOTOGRAPHY


Fun and relaxed wedding photography


After all, the dust has settled on the announcement of your engagement to your friends and family, comes the Wedding Planning! This is when things can get stressful and overwhelming pretty quick. There are so many decisions to make!!!

One of the most steps in the wedding planning process is choosing is your wedding day photographer. After all, when the day is over, your photographs are all you will have left. I am sure, that you will want to have the most amazing photographs of your wedding day that money can buy. Memories to treasure forever

Here are my top tips for you to find the perfect wedding photographer for your wedding day.

  1. RELAX

    The most important thing from the very start is to relax! Chill!!! You will know really quickly when you see a wedding photographer’s portfolio if you like their style of photography. Trust your gut. You will know when you see wedding photographs that have the WOW factor for you. Relax! You will find the right wedding photographer for you!


    Some of the best wedding photographs I have taken over my many years as a professional wedding photographer have been taken at the moment. The Bride and Groom have been completely unaware that I was snapping away in the corner! (Snap happy! That’s always me!!!) They have shared some lovely moments together that I have caught on camera and they look AMAZING! They were not posed or created. They happened naturally and they are MAGIC!


    For lots of Brides and Grooms, the thought of posing for hours in front of a camera can feel very overwhelming and stressful. Yes, there can be the mandatory family portraits that you need to capture, but they can be done quickly and after that, you should go straight back to enjoying your day! The more relaxed, chilled and informal you can make your wedding day the better your photographs will turn out.


    When the Bride and Groom are chilled, relaxed and enjoying themselves I have no doubt that I will capture fantastic wedding photographs. The camera LOVES to see happy smiling faces having fun. The more fun and relaxed your wedding photography can be, the better!

  5. Fun Photos!

    Lots of Brides and Grooms come to me with ideas they have for some funny and light-hearted photos to be taken. I always enjoy making these ideas happen. They are a great way to show off the Bride and Groom’s personalities’ and fun sides which is fantastic.

Fun photos can be a lovely way to bring the bridal party together to have a laugh. Props and poses can be really enjoyable to perform together. Keep it informal and go with the flow for the best photographs. Don’t take it too seriously and keep the smiles coming!”



I highly recommend letting your wedding day unfold in its own special way. Try not to get caught up with recreating wedding photographs that you saw on Pinterest or Instagram. They can be very time consuming to re-create. Please remember that HOURS could have been spent to get that one perfect image with a team of production people “on set” which is completely unrealistic on a real wedding day. Instagram V’s Reality can be worlds apart so you need to set realistic expectations.

Have fun and enjoy your own day - You can include Your Pet at Your wedding! and create unique photos on your wedding day that your friends and family will want to copy from you! Not the other way around!!!


Fun and relaxed wedding photography

Fun and relaxed wedding photography by DKPHOTO

How to Plan stress free wedding?

Black and White Wedding Photography


The Future of Wedding Photography

The Future of Wedding Photography

The Future of Wedding Photography

Black and White Wedding Photography?


The Future of Wedding Photography - Black and White Wedding Photography?


Hi all!


Today I was asked a very interesting question - What is the future of wedding photography?

I tried to think about and answer that question myself for some time, looking at the wedding photography market.

Is black and white wedding photography our future?!


I started my photography when we shot everything analogue and ALL photography was black and white. It has all changed so much up until now.


So, what is the future of wedding photography?

What is the future of Black and White Wedding Photography?


There is so much technology at the fingertips of amateur photographs now.

  • You can take photos with the background moving on your smartphone :)
  • You can create 3D photos.
  • You can even record wedding videos in 360 virtual reality.

But trends continually come and go.
I try to keep my editing very simple – I don’t use sepia colours. I don’t use selective colours where the umbrella on the photo is in colour and the rest is black and white.
I don’t use brown tinted colours on photos as all those trends will date.




Black and white photography is, in my opinion, the best and purest wedding photography.


Colours and special effects sometimes do not help the photograph.

In my personal opinion, the future of wedding photography is black and white photography, because it is simple, magical and so special.

You can have movement on photos and a lot of special effects. But less is more and real moments captured in photographs are priceless.

I think less is more and for that reason, black and white are the future as ultimately, they remain timeless! :)


Here are some of my black and white photographs. Look at how the emotions can be shown using no colour and no special effects.

How to Plan stress free wedding?


Fun Relaxed Wedding Photography


Avoiding Disappointment with your Wedding Photographs

12 tips Avoiding Disappointment with your Wedding Photographs

12 tips Avoiding Disappointment with your Wedding Photographs by DKPHOTO

12 tips Avoiding Disappointment with your Wedding Photographs


It is really important to me that my brides and grooms are delighted with their wedding day photographs. I really want to help my wedding couples to avoid disappointment. No professional wedding photographer wants to hear that their brides and grooms are devastated by missing photos with just your big sister or Mum on your wedding day?


I have lots of tips and tricks for you to make sure that you are not disappointed with your wedding photos.

I have put together a short guide for you. I am sure that it will help you a lot!



I am writing this as a Groom. It is now 4 months after my own wedding - (I am very happy with our wedding day photographs as I know all the tips below! And I have the experience of being a professional wedding photographer with thousands of weddings under my belt at this stage. I have a wealth of experience.


1. Communication is Key



Avoiding Disappointment with your Wedding Photographs


First and foremost, it is really important to understand that professional wedding photographers are not mind-readers!

We cannot assume what a Bride and Groom want on their wedding day. Every couple has different family relationships and has different requirements about what they want to see in their wedding photographs.

You need to be honest with your wedding photographer. Communicate what photographs are really important to you and start an open dialogue about what you are hoping for from your wedding photographs.

It’s equally important that your wedding photographer is open and honest with you. Some ideas are fantastic but maybe not realistic on your wedding day as an image on Pinterest that you LOVE might take hours to create in reality and would need a team of people behind the scenes to make happen!

No one would want to be disappointed with wedding photos, not the Bride and Groom and certainly not the wedding photographer - Believe me!


2. You Get What You Pay For!


Very interesting post :

Ask ANY unhappy Bride if she had her way over again, would she pay a bit more to book a better wedding photographer or videographer. Someone with more experience and with better skills in creating WOW photographs? 100% people will want that.

Do not book your wedding photographer or videographer based on your budget alone. Your wedding photographs will stay with you FOREVER. You can save money in lots of areas during your wedding day planning that will allow for a bigger spend on your photographer or videographer. Once your day is over the photographs and video last a lifetime.


3. Read The Contract!!!


I cannot stress this more highly. It is a clear and concise document that breaks down all the details of your wedding day. What time is the wedding photographer starting on your wedding day? Are you getting your first dance covered? Are you getting all of your wedding photographs or do you have to choose your favourites? Be crystal clear on what you are getting.


4. Proof in the Portfolio


Be sure to see a LOT of photos from the wedding photographer that you are interested in booking. Make sure that you are looking at a full album of wedding photographs and that you LOVE their style.

Sue and Tom from Dkphoto on Vimeo.


5. Trust and Belief in Your Wedding Photographer


If you can't trust your wedding photographer - book someone else! It’s as simple as that. It’s a bad booking if you spend your wedding day worrying about your photographs and reminding your photographer about what to get.


6. Family Frustration!


As seen on so many Facebook groups one of the BIGGEST PROBLEMS when it comes to your wedding photography is when it’s time for the family photos. It is so easy to waste time and energy trying to round up members of the family that are missing.

Be sure that you have a list of family photos that you want on your wedding day and that you have help on hand from your Bridesmaids to round everyone up and communicate clearly where the family photos are being taken.


7. Lists of Family Photos!


Photographers will try to follow the photos from the list You will send them before the wedding - ( FAMILY PHOTOS LIST !) . - You can include Your dog at a wedding too! Lists like these are really helpful but sometimes it is not possible to follow that list down to the letter. Brides and Grooms can work with the photographer to make sure that they get through the list smoothly.

We can't control everything and be everywhere but we will do our best!

One of our vendors told me that she gave such "a detailed plan of the day" to everyone – The hotel, DJ, photographer, videographer etc. and she spent her wedding day on checking if everything is going right with that list. So, everyone was happy because the day was well organised...Everyone except the Bride!!!

Her memories are as if she was working at someone else’s wedding. Not enjoying her own day! I was so sad to hear that for her.

It is not a big deal to miss a few family photos. It is great to instead, have lovely memories from the day.



8. Be clear on your list - ( FAMILY PHOTOS LIST !)

( brides and grooms are devastated by missing photos? )



If you want a photograph with JUST you and your Mum AND you and your Dad, you need to clearly communicate that. Normally, we would take the photos of the Bride and Groom with both their parents and think that we are done. That photograph will then be missing without the photographer even realising that it is missing. We need to avoid that!

I always send a questionnaire with the family photos list to be sure that I have all your requested photos taken on your wedding day.

More about Family photos:


9. Collaborations


If your wedding photographer has a list of wedding videographers that he/she can recommend to you it’s a great idea to book someone from that list. When photographers and videographers are used to working together there can be a seamless workflow on your wedding day that is worth its weight in gold.


10. Timings


Be sure that your morning schedule allows for you to relax and that there is no need to rush. A happy and relaxed morning creates a lot of lovely photo opportunities for your wedding photographer.

How to Plan stress free wedding?



11. Morning Photos


Be sure that your morning location for photos is clean and tidy as everything in the background is going to be in your photographs.

Remember your wedding photographer will be taking lots of photographs of you getting ready so keep this space as clean as possible as the backgrounds will be in your photos!

If you are getting ready at the hotel room – keep all the bags in the bathroom. It will keep them out of Your photos and wedding video.

If you would love to have a full-length photo with the back of your dress shown off in all its detail, be sure to tell your photographer during that morning photo shoot. Any ideas you have are welcome! Don’t be afraid he or she will be super happy to do it for you!



12. Nothing Left Unsaid


If you have any requests about your wedding photos or for example you don’t like the background for your family photos don’t be afraid to talk to your wedding photographer. Ask if you are not sure.


Communication is key :)


This is why I have so many blog posts on my Bride Guide blog. I want everyone to enjoy their wedding day and to be happy with their wedding photos. For more blog posts click here:





Now for the last few but very important words!


Before my own wedding, I didn't send my photographer ANY lists of photos. I accepted and trusted my wedding photographer and I'm very happy with my wedding photographs.

Avoiding Disappointment with your Wedding Photographs


I didn’t get some wedding photographs that I probably wanted to. for example, I missed out on a photograph with sparklers in the evening but we forgot!

It's fine as I ENJOYED the day and that is the main thing.


I didn't chase anyone to get a photograph. I really enjoyed the day and the wedding unfolded as it was meant to. I didn’t force anything. I was relaxed and happy and that was the most important thing for me.




And You can see my happy face below :)




Just think about this and enjoy your day! :)



  • Do not spend your wedding day chasing photographs you have seen on Pinterest.
  • Do not spend the day trying to set up photographs.
  • Do not stress about your lists of photographs.

I hope you enjoy your wedding day preparations and that this will be of help to you.

Happy planning!
Love Daniel x

Best Holiday Camera tips from wedding photographer

Best Holiday Camera TIPS

The Best Holiday Camera?

Some tips from a Professional Wedding Photographer


Hi All!!!

I 've received so many questions asking for my advice on what camera to buy and how to get the best results using a camera on holidays etc.
I own the best cameras and lenses that you can buy as it's my profession - but guess what - I never take them with me on holidays!


There are a few reasons and I will try to explain them as best as I can.



If you buy an amateur line DSLR, that doesn’t automatically mean that you will get better photos than using your small compact camera or Your phone this days!

I know that you might think that I’m crazy but that's true!
These days small mirrorless cameras have such good sensors. The image quality is the same as what you will be from big amateur-line DSLRs.
Even some small cameras share the same sensors as big DSLRs.

Of course, if photography is your hobby you might want to invest in a DSLR camera and it's no problem at all with that - I did same many years ago :) - but it’s heavy and you need a bag with lenses.

A zoom lens will never blur the background to the same extent as a prime lens - but prime lenses are very expensive.

Do You need BIG HEAVY DSLR and two bags with lenses on Your Holidays?

I honestly don’t think so.




First of all, I have a very clever trick to save you money:


Invest in the most expensive lens that you can afford - but use that lens on the cheaper camera. The results are better with a better lens, not from the better camera.


For example, if you are thinking about investing in the Canon 4000D with the zoom lens, you should absolutely consider the less expensive Canon 1000D or 2000D and then spend that saving made on the camera on a prime lens or two.



For family photos and holiday snaps, I use a very small and light camera FUJI X100T. It has a prime lens 35mm f2.0. There is no zoom on it - only one very small f2.0 lens


Best Holiday Camera tips from wedding photographer


In my opinion, it’s the perfect camera for your holiday photographs. It’s light and fast. I like using it in manual mode and it’s easy, stress-free and fun to use on holidays!


Best Holiday Camera tips from wedding photographer

Best Holiday Camera tips from wedding photographer



Have a look at the photographs below. I’ve a short slideshow put together and all of these photographs were taken with that small camera! No cropping afterwards.

All these photos were cropped on the camera. Wait until you see the quality!




Rome 2017 from Dkphoto on Vimeo.







I hope that this information will help you to understand the benefits of using a small camera. Of course, the Fuji X100T is not the perfect camera for everyone. But I just wanted to let everyone know that there is no need to carry two camera bags with lenses and spend huge money on a family camera.

I have seen so many people on the beach with big DSLs and when friends ask me what camera to buy I never recommend big and heavy DSLRs, so I wanted to share this info with you.

For anyone interested in finding out more info on the Fuji X100 have a look at it here:


How to plan stress free wedding?

How to choose wedding photographer?

Killashee House Wedding

Happy snapping!



My Top 5 Best Compact Cameras For Your Holiday 2019 :


  • Fuji x100F

  • PowerShot G1 X Mark III

  • Canon PowerShot G5 X

  • Leica Q

  • Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Camera with 35mm or 24 prime lens

Of course, You can check Olympus or Pentax  or other cameras but an idea is same :)


Best Holiday Camera by DKPHOTO

How to choose right wedding photographer?

Average price for wedding photographer


Segrave Barns Dunany Wedding

Segrave Barns Dunany. Barn Wedding Ireland

Segrave Barns Dunany. It is one of the best new wedding venues in Ireland

The Quest for an Alternative Wedding Venue

Your Wedding Your Way!

Segrave Barns Dunany Wedding




So many of Brides and Grooms have said to me how important it was for them to feel like their wedding day was different and unique to them. That they wanted something different. That they wanted their wedding guests to be excited by their venue and their approach to their wedding day.

Finding an alternative wedding venue is no easy task! You may want to have a rave barn wedding in Ireland but where can you find a barn that merges a relaxed barn vibe with an elegant twist?!


  • Dreaming of a Barn Wedding in Ireland?

Well I have just come back from an AMAZING barn style wedding in Ireland and in my opinion, it is one of the best new wedding venues that Ireland has to offer, if you are looking for an informal feeling on your wedding day without loosing out on style and simple elegance.

It’s called Seagrave Barns and it is located in Dunany, Co. Louth. It’s just an amazing alternative wedding venue.

From the moment I saw the beautiful barn set beside the seashore, I knew that I had to let my future Brides and Grooms know about this fantastic alternative venue.

You can have an intimate ceremony in the neighbouring woodlands, your wedding reception in the beautiful barn, and your evening wedding day photographs with fairy lights. It’s picture perfect and a hidden gem for wedding day couples looking for a wedding venue that has the WOW factor but is a little bit different!

When you step into Segrave Barns it will far exceed your expectations. A beautiful chandelier twinkles soft lighting across the room and they have skilfully hung bunting and drapery to give the space a festive feeling.

Wildflower centrepieces set onto discs of cut timber creates a beautiful rustic feeling and the fairy lights and tea lights that flickers across the room really gives the space a sense of romance.


  • Seeing the Segrave Barns

fill up with friends and family as the wedding day celebrations take off makes this space incredibly special and a real contender for any wedding day couples who really want something new and exciting.

To top it off as the perfect Barn Wedding destination…. There are donkeys living on the site!!! For anyone that is an animal lover these incredible animals really add that extra special moment to your wedding day venue.

Back to the romance now and the Segrave Barn is set close to a lovely beach for your private wedding day photographs to be taken. I love how quiet and private this location is. It’s very special and it’s lovely for me as a wedding photographer to see my Bride and Groom enjoy some special moments together on their wedding day. On this stunning beach it’s so easy for them to enjoy the celebrations of becoming husband and wife and forgetting that I am there to capture these magic moments.


  • The Ash Tree Barn right

beside the Segrave Barns offers the perfect location for the Bridal Party to get ready for the big day the night before or to entertain your wedding day guests as the party continues into the second day.

The mature garden has a built in BBQ in the shed which makes for the perfect party location on day and the brickwork of the building itself is stunning to look at as part of the Barn Wedding Theme.


If you want to find out more about this exciting new alternative wedding venue in Ireland just click on the link below:

Enjoy our wedding day planning!


If You are planning Your wedding those links can help planning Your perfect wedding  a loooot  :) :


How to plan stress free wedding?

How to choose a right wedding photographer?

Lyrath Estate - Amazing Wedding photos!


Seagrave Barn Wedding


Stress free wedding

How to Plan stress free wedding?



How to Plan stress-free wedding? Tips from Wedding Photographer



Everyone is dreaming about their perfect, stress-free wedding day. Everyone wants to have a superb day, amazing wedding photos and most importantly - GREAT MEMORIES!

I will share with you a few tips, as after working on hundreds of weddings, I have seen it all :)



First and foremost – Let me underline that this is my private opinion, based on my experience and everyone can have a different opinion.





  • Hire A Professional

Everyone who works at weddings knows that the bride and groom can have a perfect plan, but too many people can get involved. Plans are fantastic but you need to be very flexible and relaxed if something does not go according to the plan.

Experienced wedding photographers have always got an emergency plan A B and C in the back of their mind :)

Having an experienced professional alongside you, who knows how the timeline of a wedding day works is very important.

How to choose right wedding photographer?



So, the million-dollar question…. How do You plan a stress-free wedding????????

How to Plan a stress-free wedding?



Firstly, I recommend that you book a wedding photographer with experience who specialises in wedding photography - not sport, fashion, studio photographer or a trusted friend. A professional wedding photographer.


There is no magic - A good wedding photographer will cost money, but remember you are not just paying for the photographs. I will discuss this in more detail later.


  • Morning preparations:

Prepare yourself the day before. Get your overnight bags packed and have a check list to ensure that you have everything that you need, right down to the last hair grip! Ask your bridesmaids to lend a hand. Two and three heads are better than one when it comes down to the little details.

If you are staying at the family home in the morning have a list of what you need to bring with you ready to go. Anything that can be packed into the cars the night before should already be attended to so you only need to worry about your overnight bag and what you need throughout your wedding day.

Your bridesmaids are there to help. Have them take charge of your handbag/makeup bag for the day of. I always recommend a small emergency wedding day bag packed with a sewing kit, mints, tissues, hairgrips, plasters, nail file and safety pins. Anything that you might need if something were to go wrong, last minute!

If you need to travel to a different location on your wedding day have everything that can be packed in advance, ready to go the night before.


  • Makeup, Hairdresser location

Plan where you will have your makeup and hair done on the morning of your wedding. The best place to set up is where you have the most natural light! The bigger the windows around you the better! If possible switch off all lights and use only natural light from the windows. That will ensure that you have the best skin tone for the day ahead.




Remember your wedding photographer will be taking lots of photographs of you getting ready so keep this space as clean as possible as the backgrounds will be in your photos!

If you are getting ready at the hotel room - keep all the bags in the bathroom. It will keep them out of Your photos and wedding video.



I have often heard the make-up artists wanting to leave the bride until last so that her make up is the freshest. Please don’t agree to do this. It’s best to have your makeup and hair done before one or two of the Bridesmaids - if there are more than 2 or 3 Bridesmaids. 


TRUST ME - You don't want all Your morning photos without any makeup....




I asked a few suppliers that I have worked alongside for some tips as well:



Ann Marie Doherty Makeup:

I never leave the bride until last unless I’m way ahead of schedule. If I have five for makeup for example I like to take the bride in the middle. Perhaps third. Nobody really feels comfortable answering a door to the florist/videographer/photographer without makeup on especially the bride!!

If you wait until last it stresses the bride out too much as people are pulling her away out of the makeup chair to check flowers that are arriving or other bits and pieces and she’s actually needing her time to not feel rushed, stressed or distracted!

So, when the hair is set she’s free for me then for makeup then usually Hair is perfected or styled. I find this is by far the best for my brides and I usually chat to them at the trial stage as to how the morning works.



Notes from Hairdresser Denise Bray:

Try at least 2 styles at your trial. I don’t recommend that the Bride goes last for hair or make up as you will need that time at the end for photos, flowers arriving, neighbours arriving etc

When you’re planning your morning time wise always factor in bridesmaids’ dresses i.e. wrap
take a good while to get right.

Your hairstylist will check everyone over before they leave and do any necessary touch ups

Your hairstylist should clip the veil in securely after your dressed and show the bridesmaids how to take it out.
And lastly- enjoy your morning, it’s so much fun getting pampered


You will feel less stressed as you are ready to go and there is no panic setting in that you are running out of time. Plus, if you wanted to make any changes to your look you have lots of time to do so.

On top of all of that, you will feel a lot happier to have more photographs taken after you have had your hair and make-up done. This allows the photographer more time to take some special moments of you enjoying the morning with your friends and family :)



  • Bridesmaids - You are not alone. :)

Be sure that the Bridesmaids help you with the small things. Everyone will need something from you so be sure to have the Bridesmaids help out. That will take a lot of stress away from you and that’s why they are there with you on the morning.

Be sure that the Bridesmaids are close to you until you finish all of your photos with them and with family! Your Bridesmaids need to be around to help you with everything – Fixing your veil, fixing your makeup, helping to organize the family photos as the photographer will not know your family!

Arranging the family photos can be a minefield so I have gone into more detail on this here:

Family photos on wedding day



  • The Dress!

If your ceremony is at 1pm and the Church is 5minutes from your home - be sure that the photographer and videographer can leave your house around 30 minutes before the Mass is scheduled to start. In this case at 12.25pm

In this timeline I would love to see the Bride in her dress at around 12pm to give us a full 30min to take some beautiful photographs of the first moments the Bride has in her wedding dress with her friends, parents and family.

I recommend that the Bridesmaids get dressed just before you so that they are ready to help you. If things run a little late then, you can have one or two Bridesmaids in dresses or your Mum to help you with your dress.

Be sure that your Bridesmaids are by your side to help you with everything on the day!

If it’s a city centre wedding - Dublin, Galway or Cork - leave even more time for the videographer and photographer to reach the Church as you don’t want your videographer and photographer to be late arriving due to traffic or parking etc.


  • Family first!!!

First and most important read that blog post about family photos - Family photos on wedding day

If you would like to have a photograph of your Dad seeing you for the first time in your dress, be sure to ask him to be dressed at around 12pm as well. This will ensure that you have this photograph captured before photographer leaves for the Church.

If you would like a photograph of all of your family seeing you in your dress, then they all need to be ready at 12pm.


And now for the moments that can cause MAJOR Stress!!!


Top tip - Less is More on Your Wedding Day



The reason is very simple: people are running up and down trying to pack cars.

"Where are my keys?"
“Where is my bag?"
“I can’t find my phone!” etc. etc.

In the middle of all of this hustle and bustle, it is NOT a good idea to take family photos. They never look good as everyone is a little bit anxious and wound up to get out the door on time.

Plus, you will want to have your veil and wedding dress looking fresh and picture perfect when you are walking into the Church.

You don't want to have grass stains, mud, dog poo (!!!) or any wet stains getting anywhere near your dress before the wedding ceremony!

I have seen this a few times. The dress has gotten wet or dirty before the Mass because you wanted to take the photos outside the house before Mass to save time later in the day – It’s not worth it. Please try to avoid that stress!


  • We Are Family!

IF photos at the house are a MUST - MUST - MUST - be prepared well before with all the family present and ready to go!

After a few hundred weddings at this stage, I can promise you that the same thing happens over and over again. We lose 10minutes as someone is missing!

Losing those precious minutes puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on the Bride. I strongly recommend returning to the house after the ceremony if having this location in your wedding photographs is very important to you.



Top Tip:
Take your family photos once. After the mass or ceremony, not before- it will save You a lot of time and You can relax and enjoy Your wedding day !


  • Going to the Chapel!!!

The reason for having the photographer and videographer arriving to the Church so early is very simple. You want to allow time for them to take photos of your guests arriving and with the groom greeting guests.

The videographer can get set up to the sound system and there will be time to say hello and chat with your Priest.

This time is very important for us and again, it can have an impact on your photos. You don’t want to have your wedding photographer or videographer arriving late  to the Church because of traffic or because they hadn’t time to find a parking place!


Be in your wedding dress at around 30 minutes before the wedding ceremony and then add in your travel time.

Then you will have allowed time to get photos of you putting on your dress, Dad sees You for the first time and also allowing time for your videographer and photographer to arrive to the Church.



  • And Relax….

A relaxed Bride with a real smile is picture perfect.
Be as relaxed with your photographer as possible.
I know it's a stressful day but it’s also a very very happy day with so much to smile about!!!

Smile during the ceremony and enjoy each moment as it comes. You can cry! Happy tears are a photographer’s dream as they create beautifully intimate photos!



Try not to stress about the small things - They really don’t matter.


You need to be sure and stress free that you have picked the best wedding photographer and videographer for you. Getting this important part of the day right, will have a BIG impact on your wedding day experience.



  • Good Stress Vs. Bad Stress

So-called "good stress," or what psychologists refer to as "eustress," is the type of stress we feel when we feel excited. Our pulse quickens, our hormones change, but there is no threat or fear. We feel this type of stress when we ride a roller coaster, go for a promotion, or go on a first date. There are many triggers for this good stress, and it keeps us feeling alive and excited about life! This is the only type of stress that I want for you on your wedding day. You can read more on this topic here:



  • Honesty is the Best Policy

BE HONEST with your wedding photographer.

Do not send him or her a list of 300 photos that you found on Pinterest. Check your wedding photographer’s portfolio as he or she will bring their talent to your wedding. Trying to recreate something from Pinterest is a recipe for disaster and disappointment.

Be sure that you love your photographer’s photos and that you trust in your photographer’s talent. If you can’t trust your wedding photographer then you should book someone else.

Having said that, make sure that you tell the photographer what is important for your wedding day photographs.

I have gone through this process in great detail here:


List of photographs for Your wedding photographer?



  • Here Comes the Bride!


Top Tip:
Walk slowly, walk slowly, walk slowly!!!



Walking Bride

Take a moment to see you guests and smile as you take it all in. Chat with your Dad or look at your Groom - but do not look at the camera during the Ceremony. It’s your photographer’s job to find you. You don’t need to find your wedding photographer!

The ceremony is between you and your future husband or wife. Enjoy the ceremony and be happy together at this very special time. Look at your Groom. Look at your Bride. Hold hands in the Church. Forget about holding the mass booklet!

The most beautiful photograph’s that I have captured during the wedding ceremony are always the private and meaningful moments between a couple. They cannot be posed for. They are the natural interactions and loving moments between the Bride and Groom and they are just magic!


  • The Bride’s Squad!

Remind your Bridesmaids that they need to keep as much distance from each other as possible! One at the time, coming up the aisle is best!!! That will give your photographer a chance to take a photo of each of the Bridesmaids in turn.

Wait for the aisle to be completely clear for your moment to walk up the aisle. This allows the wedding photographer to get the best photographs possible of this very special moment.


Planning Stress free wedding

  • Ban the Mass Booklet!

Top Tip:
Please if at all possible, do not use your booklet during the Mass. I have so many reasons for asking this:


- You will not have spare hands to hold.
- You will not look at your guests reading
- You will not look at each other!
- Possibly, all of your photos in the church will be you looking into a booklet

If you have any prayers to read - read a prayer and put down the booklet - Hold hands with your new Wife/Husband :)

Rustic wedding Ireland


  • Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Every Bride and Groom will tell you that their Wedding Day is too short! Everything happens so quickly and the day flies by in a whirlwind of emotion and excitement!

This is why it is so important to have the planning in place and why I recommend one location for your wedding photographs!

It’s better to go to one place that gives you lots of options than to try and include two or more locations. You are losing time travelling to each location and getting set up there.

If you would like romantic moments captured of the two of you - I always prefer to be with the Bride and Groom without the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen. When you are by yourself and having time together to talk about the ceremony and how your mornings went before the ceremony, those moments together are more intimate and natural and the photographs are far better.


Wedding photographer tips

To achieve this, it’s better to take your photos with the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen first and then send them away to the hotel to get your guests ready for your arrival. You will have some time to relax then to capture these lovely moments in your photographs.


TOP TIP:  One location for your wedding photos is always the best option!


In my next blog post I will write about how to choose the best location for your photos! :)


In the end, it’s YOUR DAY and YOUR DECISION. These are only a few tips from my experience as a wedding photographer and from the wedding suppliers that I have worked with :)


Wedding location Ireland





How to choose right wedding photographer?


AND LASTLY – Remember that all of this timing and planning can be done by your real-life professional wedding photographer on your wedding day - if he or she knows what they are doing!

Then you will feel in safe hands and you will have a stress-free day.

That is why I explained at the beginning - You are not only paying for photographs when you book someone to take your wedding photos. You are also paying for the experience, and you have to be happy and relaxed knowing that your photographer will help you to enjoy your wedding day.


Top Tip - When you are planning your wedding ceremony, have it as early as possible (especially in the Winter when the sun sets so early)

4 pm - there is no daylight!



Having an earlier ceremony ensures that you have enough time after the ceremony for the photographs and so that you can enjoy the drinks reception with your family and friends.



  • The Budget!

The most important questions to answer when you are planning your wedding budget:



How much would you pay for amazing memories?




Would you risk giving control of your wedding day to someone who has very little experience but who is four or five hundred euros cheaper???

500 euros is a very small saving to make when you look at the grand scheme of the budget when you want to have your best day ever!

Plus the photographs and the videos will be all that you have left after your day is over. Cut the budget in areas where people may not even notice. Table favours. A candy table. A chocolate fountain! Are those things really necessary?

I’m writing this as I’m planning my own wedding on 1 June 2019 and I’m on the same side as you.

I’m the Groom to be and my future Bride and I are looking for suppliers and getting quotes and thinking about the budget, but we are spending more on what we feel are the most important things to treasure our wedding day memories forever.


  • Costly Savings

Before the wedding, people think about the Budget. I completely understand that the costs mount up and it can become so overwhelming. You look for places to cut the costs absolutely everywhere.

But wouldn’t you be devastated if after your wedding day you realised that the photographer that was cheaper didn’t do a good job?


TOP TIP: After the wedding, it’s too late to fix this problem. People are willing to pay a lot more to fix this problem but it’s impossible to recreate the moments you shared on your wedding day.
You can’t change your memories and you can’t fake your photos.

Save some money in other places but book someone that you know you can trust.


Choosing a photographer is not only about choosing someone who will take your wedding day photographs. It's also about finding the right person to share the most important day of your life with.

Choosing the right person will add to your wedding day experience, It's not just about the photos.

How much would you pay for amazing memories?


I hope my tips will help you and most importantly - ENJOY YOUR WEDDING PLANNING!!!

Wedding photographer Ireland

You can see more tips on my Bride Guide Wedding Blog :

Bride Guide wedding Blog