Covid19 Coronavirus and your wedding planning


We’re going to get through this together!


Covid19 Coronavirus and your wedding planning 1


A message to all my wonderful customers in these uncertain times as All of my Saturdays are already booked up for May to August 2021!

These are a few tips that I think might help you all in the reorganisation of your big day.

  • When looking at a new date, look at all days of the week, not just Saturday. All of my Saturdays and most Fridays are already booked up for May to August 2021! If you want a specific supplier or venue then look at other days – I hope that will help!


  • Midweek dates are still available – more chance that ALL Your suppliers will have those dates available.


  • I know from my Clients that a lot of Priests agreed to Sundays Weddings! – that’s good news!


  • All days are special when it’s your wedding day 💒


  • When reorganising your date ask your supplier if they can move your deposit also. Due to the volume of cancellations of weddings at the moment suppliers are really struggling to return deposits. If you change your date with your supplier ask them to transfer the deposit to a new date.


  • If you have a new date in mind contact all your suppliers immediately. These are unprecedented times so if all currently cancelled weddings are rescheduled then it’s going to be very busy for all venues and suppliers. So don’t delay! Contact them all sooner rather than later.


  • I am here to support all of my customers. All of your deposits are transferable. But please contact me ASAP to ensure my availability. Much love to you all at this time.


  • #staysafe #stayathome #washyourhands


Thank You, Claire, for Your help with those tips!


I have your back, regarding changes of dates.
If I’m available for Your new date – deposits are completely transferable to your new date- same prices, same conditions 😍 without any extra fees etc



Also a few tips from Weddings online team!



Some tips for our Brides & Grooms from Weddings Online Team: 


1. Don’t postpone until you have to. Keep in touch with your wedding co-ordinator. Remember that if we can get through this pandemic like the Chinese seem to have done, Summer weddings are still a strong possibility.

2. Ask your venue co-ordinator when you have to make the postponement decision by

3. Remember – you have worked hard to get together your dream wedding supplier team. If you do have to postpone, choose the earliest and best new wedding date for you and your supplier team

4. Consider a midweek wedding date or a Sunday – this gives you the best possible flexibility and gives more chance that all of your suppliers will be free. #midweekweddings

5. Winter Weddings have been extremely popular over the past number of years and provide for some of the best photo opportunities too #winterweddings





A small tip for people looking for new date- to be sure You have all Your deposits from all suppliers transferred to new dates I think safer is to look at Thursdays, Tuesdays or Sundays – as Your new wedding date as they are not as busy as Saturdays or Fridays.

Also, look at months not as busy as July or August.

November, January, February?




Sundays Not allowed currently in SOME Counties but hopefully, this may change in future if the bishops allows 🤞 – as the situation is changing every day – best ask Your Parish.


Also, what can help?

ask all your suppliers to send You all available dates let say for September and then ask your venue – big chance some date will be free for all suppliers and venue

It’s just a small tip – I hope saving money tip as I’m afraid most supplier with such a big amount of cancellations won’t be able to return Your deposits.


Update 21 March 2020

Be sure Your date is booked – check with Your supplier!

With such a HUGE amount of weddings moved to new dates please contact Your suppliers in a few weeks time and
just ask them if they changed dates in the diary to avoid double bookings…
I hope that tip will help us all!

Stay safe!


P.S   Also if You have already Your wedding photos why not to use that time pick photos for Your printed album…?


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