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Destination Wedding Ireland

Destination Wedding Ireland – Picture Perfect!


Ireland is the Perfect Wedding Destination

Working as an award-winning wedding photographer in Ireland for the last number of years, I have come to realise how special Ireland is as a destination, for a bride and groom’s wedding day. Destination weddings in Ireland have never been as popular. Irish wedding day couples are choosing to stay in Ireland for their wedding day and international couples are choosing Ireland for their destination wedding.

Destination Ireland!

I’m not surprised! Ireland is steeped in a rich history and has a wonderful culture that is so unique. In every single county of Ireland there is an amazing location to visit. From luxurious castles and manor houses to rustic barnyards and vintage tea rooms, Ireland has some of the most stunning venues in the world, to bring magic and the WOW factor to every wedding couples wedding day.

Stunning Scenery

Ireland has become such a popular destination as the stunning scenery and views that Ireland has to offer around every corner makes for the most spectacular wedding day photographs. Your wedding day photographer will be very happy with so many beautiful locations to choose from! Every wedding day couple wants to have their wedding day captured forever and when you choose Ireland as your wedding day location you are guaranteed that your wedding day will have a picture-perfect backdrop.

Picture Perfect

I am very passionate about making sure that your wedding day photographs are everything that you have dreamed about. Choosing the perfect destination and location for your wedding day is a huge part of that process. Let’s get it right!

From my many years of experience as a wedding photographer in Ireland and as someone who has visited a huge amount of venues throughout Ireland, I have put together the ultimate guide to finding the perfect location in Ireland for your wedding day.

The Cliffs of Moher – Destination Wedding Location

First up, take a look at this sensational engagement photoshoot that I worked on along the windswept Cliffs of Moher in Co. Clare.

Destination Wedding Ireland

Castle Dargan

I absolutely love to hear that one of my brides and grooms have chosen an Irish castle for their wedding day. There is something incredibly magical about an Irish castle. It feels like there is a piece of Irish history around every corner and there is no shortage of locations to capture the romantic moments of a bride and groom as they enjoy their first moments of married life. Click here for a recent wedding day that took place in Castle Dargan in Co. Sligo:

Lough Rynn Castle

Lough Rynn Castle is another one of my favourite castles in Ireland. It is a stunning location in Co. Leitrim, with beautiful grounds and it is well worth your consideration for the perfect destination wedding in Ireland. Click here to have a look at the wedding day pictures I captured at this beautiful location in Ireland:

Ballybeg House

For a more vintage feel to your wedding day in Ireland I have the perfect location for your consideration. Ballybeg House in County Wicklow is a magical country home away from home. At this location they have an intimate chapel to exchange your wedding day vows. The rustic shebeen is a favourite of mine as the rugged brick backdrop makes for fabulous wedding day photographs.

For the wedding day reception, they have a Victorian Marquee. The interior of the marquee has a distinct Victorian style, complete with lace curtains, draped ceilings, chandeliers and a beautiful wooden which all work together to create a very special WOW factor!

Click here to see this wedding destination in Ireland in all its glory!

The Millhouse Slane

For a bride that has been dreaming of a rustic barn house wedding day, The Millhouse Slane is another perfect destination wedding in Ireland. You will exchange your wedding day vows in a beautiful old fashioned rustic barn house. I have seen this decorated with fairy lights and wild Irish flowers and it is a very special location for your wedding day. A walk across the courtyard brings you into the old manor house and they have an extended marquee out the back for your wedding day festivities to roll on to the very early hours of the morning. Click here to see this beautiful Irish destination on one of my wedding couples special days:

The Bayview Hotel at Ballycotton

I couldn’t finish this post without giving The Bayview Hotel at Ballycotton in East Cork a mention. It is yet another perfect place for a destination wedding in Ireland. Set along the rugged coastline, this hotel has some of the most remarkable views that Ireland has to offer. If you are dreaming about your wedding day pictures set against the seashore then this destination will impress you. The quaint picturesque harbour plays host to the villages fishing boats and as they bob on the water at sunset, the view is simply stunning.

Have a look at this Irish wedding destination in more detail:

For more ideas and inspiration on choosing the perfect wedding day destination in Ireland See those photos:

My International Brides

If you have always dreamed of coming to Ireland for your wedding day then I am here to help you in any way I can. I have extensive knowledge of the types of venues that are here in Ireland to suit the vision you have for your day.

You may want to sip champagne in the most luxurious castle on the emerald isle or you may want to have a pint of Guinness in a rustic traditional Irish pub. You may want to exchange your wedding day vows at an ancient ruin, a magnificent cathedral or a quaint barnyard. Destination Ireland has it all!

In Ireland we can take your wedding day photographs against a patchwork quilt of green rolling hills, walking through a beautiful forest or a manicured landscaped garden. Ireland really does have a sensational amount of options. From mountains and seascapes to breathtaking country grounds and gardens, to rugged boglands and ancient ruins there really is something to suit every bride and groom here in Ireland.

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Please contact me as I would love to help you find the perfect destination wedding in Ireland and to make sure that your wedding day photographs are something that you will treasure forever

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Destination Wedding Ireland

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