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Gloster House Wedding Same sex marriage

Enchanting Wedding at Gloster House

Celebrating Love and Equality: Síofra and Rosie’s Enchanting Wedding at Gloster House

In the heart of a Georgian country haven, Síofra and Rosie’s love story unfolded in an extraordinary celebration of same-sex marriage at Gloster House.

This historic venue set the stage for a day filled with elegance, joy, and unforgettable moments, perfectly captured by the talented Gloster House wedding photographer. Their special day was a celebration of love and a vibrant showcase of inclusivity and unity, featuring an epic cheese wheel cake that added a unique touch to their reception.

Enchanting Wedding at Gloster House 1
Enchanting Wedding at Gloster House 2

Amidst the serene beauty of Gloster House, the wedding morning sun ushers in a day filled with laughter, anticipation, and the sweet chaos of getting ready. The air is charged with a blend of nerves and joy as everyone buzzes around, adding the final touches to their outfits and makeup.

The rooms of Gloster House – Wedding Venue, with their timeless decor and natural light, serve as the perfect backdrop for these intimate moments.

Gloster House Wedding SHoes
Enchanting Wedding at Gloster House 3
Gloster House Wedding morning
Flowers Wedding Gloster House

Flowers by

Enchanting Wedding at Gloster House 4
Gloster House Flowers
Enchanting Wedding at Gloster House 5

Outside, the estate awakens, with its lush gardens and the distant calls of peacocks adding to the day’s magic. It’s a morning of fun and fond memories in the making, a beautiful start to a day that promises to be unforgettable. As the final hour approaches, excitement builds, and everything comes together in a beautiful symphony of love, friendship, and celebration, setting the stage for a wedding day that will be discussed for years.

At Gloster House, the morning fun is just the beginning of a day that’s as majestic as the setting itself, a perfect start to the journey of a lifetime.

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Wedding at Gloster House Video by:

Enchanting Wedding at Gloster House 6

A Journey of Love and Proposal

Síofra and Rosie’s journey began in the corridors of Mater Hospital in 2019, where a casual acquaintance blossomed into something much deeper. Despite initial uncertainties, their connection grew stronger, leading to heartfelt conversations and shared moments.

Rosie’s heartfelt proposal, complete with a surprise ring and a dickie bow for their dog Tommy on a scenic beach, marked the beginning of their journey towards matrimony.

Wedding Timeline Guide

The Wedding Day: A Blend of Tradition and Personal Touches

On a radiant May morning, the couple prepared for their day amidst their closest friends and family, choosing to keep their bridal attire a surprise until a first look before their ceremony.

Wedding at Gloster House

The choice of Gloster House as their venue was instant and unanimous; they were drawn to its beauty, history, and the warm welcome from the staff, embodying the perfect backdrop for their manor-style wedding dream.

Their ceremony in the White Chapel space was bright and meaningful, with personal touches like a ring-warming ceremony and family candles lighting, adding depth to their vows.

Enchanting Wedding at Gloster House 7
Enchanting Wedding at Gloster House 8
Enchanting Wedding at Gloster House 9
Enchanting Wedding at Gloster House 10
Enchanting Wedding at Gloster House 11
Enchanting Wedding at Gloster House 12

The music, including a special rendition of Mary Lambert’s “She Keeps Me Warm,” enveloped the ceremony in warmth and personal significance.

A Celebration of Love, Laughter, and Inclusivity

The couple’s vision for their wedding day was clear – a celebration that was comfortable, inclusive, and brimming with joy, good food, and music.

The outdoor reception at Gloster House Wedding venue

under the sun mirrored the historic elegance of Gloster House, enhanced by simple yet beautiful décor featuring greenery from the estate’s gardens.

Entertainment was top-notch, with The Canapé Cruisers and The Panoramics setting the stage for a night filled with dancing and laughter, encapsulating the couple’s wish for a day filled with fun and memorable moments.

Reviews Gloster House: One Fab Day

Enchanting Wedding at Gloster House 15
Enchanting Wedding at Gloster House 16
Enchanting Wedding at Gloster House 17
Enchanting Wedding at Gloster House 18

A Touch of Personal Significance

Síofra and Rosie’s attire, featuring geometric lace gowns from Varca and Pronovias, was complemented by meaningful jewellery passed down from their grandmothers, adding a layer of personal heritage and continuity to their day.

Enchanting Wedding at Gloster House 28
Enchanting Wedding at Gloster House 29
Enchanting Wedding at Gloster House 30
Gloster House Dog
Enchanting Wedding at Gloster House 31
Enchanting Wedding at Gloster House 32

The six-layer cheese wheel cake

and a vegetarian-friendly menu catered to their personal tastes, while their first dance to The Cranberries’ “Dreams” celebrated Irish heritage and personal significance.

Gloster House Wedding Cake
Gloster House Wedding cake cutting

Advice for Future Couples

Reflecting on their experience, Síofra and Rosie encourage future couples to communicate openly and focus on what truly matters – celebrating love with those who matter most, advising not to sweat the small stuff but to cherish the joy and love that the day brings.

Gloster House meal

A Honeymoon to Remember

Following their unforgettable celebration, the couple enjoyed a relaxing honeymoon in Greece, unwinding in Athens and Mykonos, basking in the bliss of their new union.

Gloster House First dance
Gloster House First dance
Enchanting Wedding at Gloster House 35

A Heartfelt Thanks

Thank you to Síofra and Rosie for allowing me to be part of their beautiful wedding!


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Drink Reception Music:

Florist – Wildflower Wren
Makeup – Michelle Kinsella
Hairdresser – Glen Cullen

Band: The Panoramics

Ballintubbert Gardens and House

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