Perfect Location for Wedding Photographs in Ireland?


Very often people ask me about how to choose the perfect location for their wedding photos. Sometimes my wedding couples have two locations in mind for their wedding day photographs, so how do you decide between the two?

I wanted to write a blog post about this and I hope it will help you!


Your Wedding Your Way!




Wedding photographers are happy to pick a place at your wedding venue to take your photographs but picking a special location should be your job so that you find the right location for you.


Allow me to explain…

I LOVE my job as a documentary, reportage wedding photographer but my perfect locations are outdoors as I enjoy hiking, skiing etc. so I could suggest a lakeside view or a mountain landscape. But you could be a couple that are really drawn to city scape photography or areas that have an industrial feel for your wedding photographs. Or perhaps you have your heart set on the dramatic backdrop of a castle.

To avoid problems, you should pick the location yourself. If you left it to me, I could be suggesting a short drive to a scenic mountain backdrop when we really should be taking your photographs in front of a beautiful castle

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Your Wedding Photographers Portfolio

Of course, if you want to see what locations for wedding photographs your wedding photographer likes, just open his or her website and check out the galleries. From this research, you will have a feel where your wedding photographer feels comfortable taking photos.

If you choose a location that matches your wedding photographer’s style then you are really going to be onto a winner

For example, you may have been dreaming of a wedding photograph where you are standing on a huge staircase where your wedding dress is cascading down the steps beautifully! But your wedding photographer has nothing like this in their portfolio. Instead, they have lots of outdoor wedding photographs with people having fun and smiling in their portfolio.


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It is so important that you book the RIGHT WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER for you so that you get exactly what you want from your day.




The 10 Top Tips to find the Best Location for Your Wedding Photos


Understanding Photography – What does “PHOTOGRAPHY” mean?


The word “photography” was created from the Greek roots φωτός (phōtos), genitive of φῶς (phōs), “light” and γραφή (graphé) “representation by means of lines” or “drawing”,”painting”

 together meaning:  “drawing with light” and/or “painting with light



  • This is why the light is the most important component of any photograph! The second is location!Mount Wolseley Wedding photographer

  • If It’s Not Broke… Don’t Fix It

    If your wedding venue has nice places for your wedding photographs then you should stay in your venue! You picked your venue because you liked it and it was the perfect location for your celebrations. So, if you can use your wedding venue for your wedding photographs then it is the PERFECT location.Perfect Location for Wedding Photographs in Ireland 2

  • Keep Your Wedding Photographer in the Loop

    If there are locations within your wedding venue that you really like for your wedding photographs then TELL YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER! Of course, the locations that you identify may not work for photos – but always be honest and ask before or on your wedding day as wedding photographers are not “mind readers” Open and honest communication is so important.Perfect Location for Wedding Photographs in Ireland 3

  • Your Wedding Day Portraits

    If you have your heart set on having portrait picture as Husband and Wife then it’s very important to pick a location to take these photographs as close to the wedding reception as possible, or on the way to the wedding reception.
    Your wedding day is very short (especially in the winter as at 4pm there is no daylight left ) so it’s really important that we take these important photographs quickly.Plan a Winter Wedding in Ireland

  • Make Life Easy

    Look for places with easy access. Remember on your wedding day it’s not as easy to walk with your wedding dress, veil and high heels. For example – A forest location is perfect IF it is close to the carpark!Baloons photo wedding

  • Find the Light!

    Look for locations where there is interesting light and shadows. Remember we are going to be “painting with light” :) – It’s a really good idea to see the place you have in mind, a few days before your wedding day at the time you are going to be taking the photographs. That will give you a much stronger sense of how it looks at that same time of the day if our Irish weather will be the same…Perfect Location for Wedding Photographs in Ireland 4

  • Variety is the Spice of Life

    Look for places where we can take your wedding photographs with a variety of backgrounds. A perfect example of this would be a forestry landscape that breaks into a lake scene. In this case, you can have some photographs taken in the open space with lake views as well as having some shots in the forest.Lough Rynn wedding

  • Look at Your Backdrop

    It’s important to realise that open spaces are not as good as open spaces that have something going on in the background. The camera loves trees, bushes and shadows, as they create depth in a photograph.Best wedding Venues Dublin

  • Into the Shadows!

    During the summer, when the sunlight can be overpowering, shadows are a lifesaver! They also act as a place where you can hide from the sun. Family photos in direct light is the last location that your wedding photographer should choose, as you will have squinting expressions. Not a good look!Elopement Ireland

  •  Rainy Days

    Rainy days and Ireland go hand in hand. But we are used to the rain and we can manage! Trees offer fantastic cover for the Bride and Groom to take refuge under if it is raining. In fact, some of my most amazing photographs of a couple on their wedding day, were taken when they were waiting together for the rain to pass, completely unaware that I was snapping them. Natural, intimate and beautiful! Perfect Location for Wedding Photographs in Ireland 5Elopement IrelandPerfect Location for Wedding Photographs in Ireland 6Elopement Ireland photographerPerfect Location for Wedding Photographs in Ireland 7Perfect Location for Wedding Photographs in Ireland 8Elopement Irish photographerPerfect Location for Wedding Photographs in Ireland 9Perfect Location for Wedding Photographs in Ireland 10Elopement Irish photographer





I hope that my Top 10 tips will help you to understand how I pick locations. I hope you will not be surprised if I ask you to go to the carpark! But trust me… It will only be because I have found incredibly interesting light…… And remember, as a wedding photographer I am painting with light!   :)

Enjoy Your Planning!  :)




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The Ultimate Guide to find the Perfect Location for Wedding Photographs in Ireland by DK PHOTOGRAPHY


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