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Killashee Hotel Wedding photos

Killashee Hotel Wedding Photos

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue:
Killashee Hotel, the Most Delightful Wedding Venue

We all know the traditional rhyme associated with any wedding, so in this article, I thought I’d show you how the gorgeous Killashee Hotel fits the bill perfectly and is a wedding photographer’s dream venue for traditional wedding photography delights.

1: Something Old- Killashee Hotel Wedding Venue

When I refer to “old” with regard to Killashee Hotel, it’s in the best possible way. Time has added layers of character that make you feel as if this place is familiar – like a warm hug is familiar – and so much bigger than the present time. I particularly like buildings with this feeling because the character comes through in the wedding photos. Here are some of the details that I think make delightful backdrops for wedding photos:

Killashee Hotel Wedding Photos 1

The Architecture

From gorgeous columns with subtle yet intricate geometric patterns inlaid in the plaster to pleasing symmetry, the hotel provides a range of exciting wedding photography backgrounds. A wide variety of architectural “frames” enable exquisite portraits that could easily be used as art in the future couple’s home.

The Stonework

You will have noticed that I have a penchant for ancient stonework. Killashee Hotel stonework is some of my favourites, providing backdrops that tell their own timeless story, some within the building and others with old creepers in the magnificent gardens.

The Gardens – Wedding Photographer’s Dream :)

Enormous and ancient conifers line the formal gardens at Killashee Hotel, creating an aisle of living history that makes for the most fantastic wedding photographs. These are complemented by tasteful plant foliage, fountains, crisp gravel paths and cosy garden nooks and crannies – all a wedding photographer’s dream canvas.

2: Something New

One thing that makes Killashee Hotel such a fabulous wedding venue is the balance and blend the hotel has managed to attain when it comes to modern additions. It takes a true interior design artist to blend technology into such an old building tastefully, but old and new exist in happy harmony at this venue.

Here are a few of the “Something New” aspects of Killashee Hotel Wedding Venue I like:

The New Hotel – Killashee Hotel Wedding Venue

There are two aspects to Killashee Hotel, the “Original House” as it’s fondly referred to, which features intricate details and beautiful architecture, and then the hotel which has been seamlessly blended with rich wooden floors and careful attention to detail.
The “Something New” the venue has to offer includes sumptuous rooms for the couple and guests to enjoy as well as beautifully appointed dining and relaxation spaces. I’ve also taken a look at two areas where “Something New” adds an interesting aspect to wedding photography.

The Chandeliers

This wedding venue has some of the most exquisite chandeliers I’ve seen in any wedding venue, and they add a special lustre to every room. I particularly like how the chandeliers disperse light differently depending on the design. Some create refracted light, others a soft candle-like light. From a photography perspective, this gives each room a different feel.

Killashee Hotel Wedding

Party Favours

The reception at Killashee Hotel promises to be the party of a lifetime, where the venue comes alive with stunning lighting, sound systems and all the exciting ingredients for a reception your guests will remember. This makes for a fantastic contrast in wedding photographs, where classic features of the space, such as the chandeliers and wallpapers, take on a whole new atmosphere with coloured lighting.

3: Something Borrowed

One of the aspects of weddings I truly love is the coming together of family and friends to celebrate the love of the couple getting married. Weddings are events that reunite people who haven’t spent time together in a long time. Weddings create connections so that people who attended the wedding as strangers leave as friends with shared memories. A venue that facilitates extra time together with enough accommodation for all of the guests’ gifts, that wedding with something truly priceless.

Borrowed Time

Borrowing time means an unexpected extension of time considered precious. At this venue, guests can linger before and after the wedding, catching up and enjoying each other’s company, borrowed time has to be one of the greatest gifts this hotel gives to guests and wedding couples alike.

4: Something Blue

From the bluey-grey slate roof of this magnificent venue to tastefully utilised, luxurious navy wallpaper to the pastel turquoise in the ceremony hall, the venue offers a plethora of blue inspiration that makes for exquisite wedding photographs.

This striking colour becomes part of the wedding photography composition, and with the timeless use of the colour, enables unique photographs that are at once striking and classically inspired all at once.
Suppose you’re looking for a wedding venue that provides classic textures, beautiful framing, rich, luxurious backdrops, excellent service, food, and fabulous accommodation for guests. In that case, Killashee Hotel is a sure contender. From a wedding photographer’s perspective, this venue delivers timeless backdrops for heirloom photographs, along with an exciting blend of modern features that add to the classic beauty of this exquisite wedding setting.

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