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Photography Disclaimer

Photography Disclaimer

All photographs and content on this website remain the property of DKPHOTO Wedding Photographer. Images may not be downloaded, copied, reproduced retouched, changed, cropped or use anyway without prior written consent from DKPHOTO Wedding Photographer.

Print purchases entitle the purchaser to the ownership of the image but not to the copyrights of the image which still remain with DKPHOTO Wedding Photography even after purchase.

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More pieces of information about Copyrights:

Below quote from

Who owns copyright ? The creator of the work is usually the first owner of copyright. When a work is commissioned or created in the course of employment, then the commissioner or employer may own the copyright, depending on the terms of the contract. A common misconception is that the owner of an artwork automatically owns the copyright in the work.  Copyright remains with the artist even when the physical artwork is sold. The only way to transfer copyright ownership is in writing.The estate of the artist will control copyright for 70 years after the artists’ death, unless other arrangements were made during the artists’ lifetime. It is possible to have joint copyright owners when works are created in collaboration and the contributions are not distinct.

Below is a quote from the IPPA (Irish Professional Photographers Association) relating to Copyright which also backs up the legal implications.

Under the new COPYRIGHT AND RELATED RIGHTS ACT 2000 the owner of the Copyright of a Photograph is THE PHOTOGRAPHER. It is illegal to Copy, Scan, Reproduce or Store in any medium a Photograph without the permission, in writing, of the Photographer. The Irish Professional Photographers Association and it’s members request that you observe this law and wish members’ clients to know that they intend to pursue, through the courts, if necessary, any person or company who are in breach of this law. In the Copyright Act of 1963, the owner of the copyright of a photograph was the commissioner of the work. This new law, which came into effect on 1st January 2001, states that the owner of the copyright of a photograph is the Photographer.

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