Perfect Wedding Venue close to Dublin Palmerstown Estate

Perfect Wedding Venue close to Dublin?

Looking for a Picture-Perfect Wedding Venue close to Dublin?

Palmerstown House Estate

Are You looking for the perfect romantic wedding venue close to Dublin?




Perfect Wedding Venue close to Dublin?


I have had the pleasure of photographing a number of my wedding day couples in the Palmerstown House Estate, Johnstown, Co Kildare. I had to mention it on my blog as it is such a special location. It is the perfect wedding location for any wedding couple that wants to have a wedding in Dublin, but who also want the WOW factor of a country manor. It's also every wedding photographer in Dublin dream to work there!

A short 30min drive away from the capital city gives brides and grooms the keys to host their wedding day in this stunning historical house. It is located on a huge site and it is surrounded by beautiful gardens and walkways. There is something truly magical about this beautiful building.

The bridal suite is absolutely fabulous. It is the height of luxury with its four-poster bed, draped windows and comfortable suite of furniture. Any bride getting ready here on the morning of her wedding day will have a smile on her face and a smile for the camera.



The Palmerstown House Estate - Perfect Wedding Venue close to Dublin?


is a photographer’s dream for the external wedding shoot. The building itself makes for an impressive backdrop in any picture. Around every corner there are pretty steps, arches and pillars to work with. Plus, the walkways through the garden and woodlands make for wonderfully romantic moments for the newlyweds.


Perfect Wedding Venue close to Dublin? Palmerstown EstateThe Manor House and the Golf Lodge are at the disposal of the wedding couple and they both offer exciting locations to host your guests for prosecco, canapes and the wedding day celebrations. I have seen both locations set up and the Palmerstown House Hotel pull out all the stops to ensure that you and your guests are getting the 5-star treatment.


Perfect Wedding Venue close to Dublin? The Manor House


is the perfect location for any wedding couple that wants to experience an elegant wedding day celebration that is steeped in history. The décor of all the rooms in the manor is luxurious and opulent. That WOW factor flows into the wedding celebrations as the beautiful chairs, table decorations and centrepieces all work together to create a dinner party that Lady Mary in Downtown Abbey would be proud of!

The Golf Lodge boasts a wonderful view across the 18-hole golf course on the site. I have seen this used for larger wedding parties of 200 as the High Chapparel Suite at the Golf Lodge can cater for larger groups.


One of the most WOW locations


in the Manor is the staircase that leads into the main hall of the wedding reception. It is lit by a magnificent chandelier and it transports you back to the era off the 1800’s. It’s this sense of old-world romance and elegance that makes The Palmerstown House Hotel a very special wedding location.

Staircase Palmerstown Estate

To find out more about this exciting location log onto:


Cloghjordan Wedding Venue

Perfect Wedding Venue close to Dublin? by Wedding Photographer DKPHOTO

Here are some sample photographs from the weddings that I have photographed at The Palmerstown House Hotel over the last few years:

Rustic Barn Wedding - Lisnavagh House

Dreaming of a Rustic Barn Wedding? - Lisnavagh House

Dreaming of a Rustic Barn Wedding?

The idea of having a barn wedding has gotten so popular in recent years. I love the idea of a barn wedding. I have photographed wedding couples in Lisnavagh House in Co.Carlow where the couples had this theme in mind. It is a home from home and it marries (pardon the pun ) rustic charm with old school elegance in a stylish way.

There is a real sense that you are walking into a scene from a Jane Austen movie when you arrive into Lisnavagh House.

Lisnavagh House wedding


It is a grand 19th century Tudor Gothic house surrounded by beautiful grounds.


The honeymoon suite is very exciting. The four-poster bed, ornate dressing table and mirrors have allowed me to capture stunning photographs of the bride getting ready on the morning of her wedding.

I know that the details of the dress, shoes and accessories are also very important to capture. The honeymoon suite is bright and luxurious and it is a wonderful backdrop to take these important photographs.

They have two options for the ceremony. The Yew Walk is an outdoor option. It is a huge walkway lined with big yew trees that create an incredible archway over the wedding guests and couple. It’s a spectacular view!

The Brick Barn is the indoor option. The perfect location to create a rustic barn wedding. It is a short stroll from the main house and I have seen it decorated in a variety of themes to suit the wedding couples vision of their wedding day. It’s beautiful.

Rustic Barn Wedding - Lisnavagh House Rustic Barn Wedding - Lisnavagh House

The interior of the house is spectacular. Dripping in opulence and antique furniture there are so many locations to choose from, for my bride and grooms. Around every corner is another option for me and it allows me to get very creative with my photography.

The library in particular is one of my favourite rooms to wedding photograph. The colourful leather-bound books cover the oak panelled shelving. The elegant furniture and art adorning the walls, creates a very romantic setting. I have created beautiful wedding day photographs of brides and grooms in this room. It’s very special.


On top of that there are chaise lounges, open fires, huge panelled window frames and even a baby grand piano to choose from! A photographer’s Disney Land!
The Garden Wing is a stunning setting for the meal and entertainment. It can ooze sophistication and elegance or be transformed into a rustic country theme. That is up to you.

At night time Lisnavagh House does no disappoint. They set up fires on the grounds and they have pretty lighting scattered throughout the grounds to capture the final moments of your wedding day.


If you want to find out more about this special location in Carlow just click here:

Here is a sample of the photography that I can capture at Lisnavagh House:

Lisnavagh House Wedding

Dreaming of a Rustic Barn Wedding - Lisnavagh House by DKPHOTO

This comprehensive list of tips and advice will guarantee that you will choose the right wedding photographer  : 

How to choose the perfect wedding photographer for your perfect wedding day

Colour palette for Bridesmaid Dresses

Choosing the colour palette for your Bridesmaid Dresses

Here Come the Girls!


Choosing the colour palette for your Bridesmaid Dresses –  ( wedding colours )



In the last few months I have had a number of my brides asking me if I have any advice when it comes to choosing their bridesmaid dresses and wedding colours? Is there a colour in particular that photographs really well? Are there any colours to avoid? Have I seen any bridesmaid dress disasters?



Here are a few tips and tricks from my time photographing the Bridal Parties for my couples;


  • What time of year are you getting married? It’s always a good idea to keep this in mind. What flowers are in season? They are most likely going to be in the bridal bouquets. What wedding colours do you think of when you think about the four seasons of the year?  I think of reds, golds, emerald greens and royal blues in the Winter. Pastel palettes look fantastic in the Spring as do yellows. The bright colours of pinks and purples in the sunshine of the Summer can look fantastic. The Autumn is a time for auburns, oranges, reds and dark greens. It works well to consider the time of year.


  • Keeping your bridesmaids warm can also be an issue on the day. Especially if you are having a winter wedding and want to do some outdoor wedding photographs. I have seen beautiful faux fur bolero’s, cropped jackets or wraps used to compliment their Bridesmaid Dresses and they can look very stylish in the wedding photographs.Winter Colour palette for Bridesmaid Dresses
  • When deciding on the length of the Bridesmaid Dresses, again think of the time of year and the look and feel of your wedding. If you are having a Christmas wedding day, long dresses can look very festive. Whereas on a warm summers day short dresses can look more appropriate.


  • Remember, it’s the bridesmaids job to look after you on your wedding day. They will need to keep your train lifted from getting dirty, your veil looking flawless and to fix the little details for you. When choosing their Bridesmaid Dresses, it’s a really good idea to make sure that the Bridesmaid Dress is comfortable and easy for them to move around it. They will need to bend down throughout the day to fix your wedding dress. A fabulous Bridesmaid Dresses, that is not very practical, is not going to be of much use to as the Bride on the day.


  • How do you make one Bridesmaid Dress suit everyone? I have seen a lot more Brides choosing one colour, but having the dresses in different styles. This allows each of your bridesmaids to choose a style that flatters her figures and it keeps everyone happy.


  • If you like the idea of having your Bridesmaids in different colours I recommend that they are all in the same colour palette. So, perhaps all in purple but in different shades so that they are still identifiable as your Bridesmaids.


  • I always advise that the bride chooses a colour that’s in keeping with the theme of her wedding. If there is a colour running through the flowers, invites and decorations it looks lovely to have the bridesmaids in this same colour.


  • But the most important thing of all is for all your bridesmaids to feel happy and confident in their dresses and for them to enjoy their very special role in your wedding day.

    Choosing the colour palette for your Bridesmaid Dresses by DKPHOTO Wedding photography



Wedding Colors In Action




You can see more: Wedding Planning Blog
And sample slideshow :


Bridesmaid dress colour palette by


You can check more advices on Onefabday Blog :

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How to choose the perfect wedding photographer for your perfect wedding day

Brides and Grooms and their single BIGGEST regret

Brides and Grooms and their single BIGGEST regret

Brides and Grooms and their single BIGGEST regret by:  www.dkphoto Wedding Photographer

Do I really need a Wedding Videographer?
Will I regret not to having one?





Hi Brides!

Long read again but its very important! -( enjoy sample wedding videos below !)

One of the most frequent questions that I get asked after my brides and grooms have booked me as their wedding photographer is  “Do we really need a wedding videographer?”

I want to share my opinion on this with you. Again, it’s a long read but it will help you to make a very important decision. I have found that this is the number 1 regret after a couple’s wedding day.




Your wedding day is going to be one of the best days of your life. I don’t want any of my couples to have any regrets. Have a quick look through the top 10 regrets wedding couples have on their wedding day. Please avoid these problems!

I asked some of the best videographers in Ireland and one of my past brides for their answer on this big question – Do we really need a wedding videographer?

Here is what they had to say. I think it’s great to hear the answer from these different points of view:

  • The wedding photographer’s point of view.
  • The wedding videographer’s point of view.


Photographer’s Point of View


Wedding couples absolutely want a wedding photographer to capture the magical moments on their wedding day. That is never in question! But when it comes to the wedding videographer and as costs of the wedding begin to stack up, wedding couples question if they really need their wedding day filmed? Will we ever watch the video? Is this a cost that we can avoid?

As I’m planning my own wedding day I have thought about these exact questions a lot.

I remember a time when wedding day videos were super boring. It was almost impossible to convince anyone to watch the full two hours, until the very end. It was a snooze-fest!!!

Ok, you can still find a few very old-fashioned videographers but most wedding videographers in the business these days are very creative and produce excellent work.

Here are my top four reasons for having a wedding videographer:


  • A video is not only moving pictures but it also captures sound. Would you like to hear the speeches from your wedding day in years to come? What about revisiting a special conversation between your beloved parent or grandparent after they have passed away. Photographs will not capture those moments in the same way as video can.
  • Sometimes the wedding videographer can capture moments that the wedding photographer has missed.
  • You will watch your wedding day video after your wedding day and get to relive the moments as they happened. Seeing each scene unfold recreates those memories for you in a way that a photograph simply cannot. If you choose a wedding videographer whose style you like you will get years of enjoyment from your wedding video.
  • Wedding videographers are very nice guys! :)


Two’s Company… Three’s a Crowd
Would a Videographer Get in the Way?


It’s very important to know who you are booking and how they work. Are they good at working with the wedding photographer? Can they seamlessly blend into the background?

I always recommend having your wedding photographer suggest a wedding videographer that he/she is used to working with.

You can read more about that here:
How to choose Wedding Videographer


But to summarise: If you have two people who work in the same way on your wedding day then there will be no problem at all. There will be a smooth flow to the wedding photo shoot and the two professions can compliment one another. In fact, a talented videographer can even help your wedding photographer!


What if the Couple are Camera-shy?


The majority of the wedding videographers that I work with are not IN YOUR FACE with the camera and avoid the CHEESE factor that can make people feel uncomfortable.

I know what a torture it can be to have someone constantly asking for big smiles to the camera and to do funny or unnatural poses :)

The wedding videographers that I work with respect your wedding day and they record YOUR WEDDING DAY. They are not interested in creating their own vision of your wedding day.

In fact, if one of my wedding couples confides in me that they are camera shy, I can give them a 100% guarantee that the wedding videographer that I recommend will not be an issue! – ( have more than 50 names to fit all budgets)

In my experience, when the wedding photographer and wedding videographer are working smoothly together, it helps the couple in front of the camera to relax. Remember, we want you to enjoy your photo shoot and to have some fun. Before you know it, you will feel at ease and you might even find yourself striking a pose that Naomi Campbell would envy!


Costly Savings


As hard as it may be, don’t overthink your budget. A Wedding Video will last forever and it will capture your special day in a way that nothing else can – it will be worth every penny in a few years time! Especially, when your children want to watch your wedding day, or when your grandchildren want to see it on your Ruby Wedding Anniversary. For me, these memories and moments are priceless!




The biggest mistake that I see wedding couples making are when they book someone that does not have experience. They have left this booking to the last minute and are desperate to have ANYONE video their wedding day. Wedding videographers that have a strong reputation and trustworthy testimonials from wedding couples are already booked.

A lack of experience can cause a lot of problems during the wedding day for the wedding couple and the wedding photographer. I have outlined these problems in more detail here:

How to choose Wedding Videographer


If you book a very good wedding photographer or a wedding photographer whose work and style you love, and then last minute, you decide that you want to book a wedding videographer that is cheap because you have little to no budget left…



STOP !!!


This cheap -( last minute ) booking can be very costly. An inexperienced wedding videographer can cause so many problems. Not only are you risking a poor quality wedding video, but you are also risking having your professional wedding photographer interrupted by an inexperienced videographer.

If your wedding videographer has no real experience and works completely differently to the way in which your professional and LOVED wedding photographer then you will never get 100% from the wedding photographer that you have booked.


The reason is very simple. An inexperienced wedding videographer will jeopardise the work of the wedding photographer.

If your budget is tight for the wedding videographer please contact Your wedding photographer –  He/she can recommend someone who can be trusted to do a good job.

If you don’t use this approach you would be better off spending the money for extra champagne or on your honeymoon!!! :)



Wedding Photographer DKPHOTO
Keith Malone Wedding Video

Keith from Keith Malone Wedding Films writes that it may sound like a cliché, but imagine if someone offered you a chance to watch a professional video of your grandparent’s wedding.

Wow. Imagine that.

Would you be interested? Think about how amazing it would be to relive the sights, the sounds and the excitement of their wedding day. Your blushing grandmother in her wedding dress, your nervous grandfather waiting at the top of the aisle, your proud great-grandparents perhaps making a speech. If you were to place a value on all of this, what would it be?


My children love to watch it.

Many would say that this opportunity is priceless. I agree. As a videographer, perhaps I am biased but I’m confident in saying that I think your children, their children, and their children’s children would really love the opportunity to watch your wedding video. I had a videographer for my wedding too and I’m so glad I did. My children love to watch it.


For a lot of couples, choosing to have a professional videographer is a decision they will have opted for at the early stages of their wedding planning. This is not surprising given that many wedding website surveys in Ireland have shown that NOT having a videographer is by far the single biggest regret. Alas, when couples realise this themselves, it’s simply too late.


Friends and family can sometimes offer to video a wedding. Apart from the fact that they probably won’t enjoy doing this, it’s still a big no-no in my personal opinion. I can also say this professionally because I (and many of my peers) often receive phone calls from newlyweds in this situation asking if we can recover lost footage, repair badly recorded audio and somehow miraculously restore important parts of the day that were never recorded in the first place!


Just like a photo album, the video is one of the few tangible items that will remain once the wedding day is over. Some couples have told me that their wedding video was the best money they spent on the entire wedding! Happy planning and best of luck with whatever your decide.


Keith Malone Wedding Films

Many couples will carefully research and chose a wedding photographer to document their wedding and leave it at that. While a picture can paint a thousand words, a well crafted, engaging film of your day paints the complete story.

A wedding film will capture the emotion and fun of the entire day – the parts you missed, and the smaller details you thought you had forgotten. What’s great is that many videographers will document a short preview film – a ‘best bits of your day’, allowing you to share it online with family, friends and those who couldn’t make it on the day.

Cameras now are so much more compact, and more powerful – pick the right videographer and you will barely know they are there. Choose a videographer who matches your style – are you looking for a documentary (the videographer stays in the background) – cinematic (videographer directs the couple in choreographed scenes) – traditional (a chronological edit of the day) to name but a few. Some videographers will borrow from a few different styles. The key is to find the videographer who is right for you!

The recurring feedback we get from our couples is that choosing to have their wedding filmed was one of the best decisions they made. Being able to look back and hear the voices in vows and speeches, and see the reactions of loved ones is both timeless and priceless.


Emma Walkin – Edithouse Video


Why you should book a wedding videographer

Did your parents get a wedding video? If not, then don’t you wish they had? It might not seem so important now, but your kids might be wishing the same thing in 20 or 30 years.

However, boring edits are a thing of the past. There was a time you would sit down to watch a wedding video and your friends would wake you up four hours later. Most wedding films now last 20 – 30 minutes, which makes for a fast-paced, exciting video that you will want to watch again and again and share with friends and family.

Wedding videos are now delivered online, which means you can access your film anywhere, anytime.

Your wedding day will go fast – very fast. Every time I deliver a video to a couple they tell me how much they forgot or missed and how surprised they were to see things they didn’t even know took place. You put all this work into your wedding day and a video lets you relive the experience for the rest of your lives.

“My family is shy and we don’t want a camera stuck in our face.” Couples sometimes think this, but an experienced videographer knows how to make people feel comfortable. It’s part of the job to pick up on different personalities and know how to make them feel comfortable.

We don’t get in your face. When some people think of a wedding video they think of a guy in a suit with a massive camera blasting a light in everyone’s face. The fact is, that day is gone (nearly). Now most of us use cameras that are small and amazing in low light which makes us blend into the background.


Niall Megahey  – Complete Wedding Films

White&Gold video

Weddings are a series of moments and movements. What we look forward to seeing most on the big day are exactly that; moments and movement, walking down the aisle, first kiss, first dance!

Video is the way to capture that. It brings people closer. When we can hear and see people move on film it brings us as close to a memory as possible.

For me if you showed me a picture of my grandparents on their wedding day I could guess what type of people they were based on how I know them now. But to see how they cut it on a dance floor or exchanged awkward looks at each other in the church would be something more emotional and impacting. To me that would give insight into people I have seen hundreds of photos of over the years but would connect me more to who they were before I even existed.

That’s what makes a great wedding film. Capture those little bursts of moments in movement to create lasting memories.


George Griffin –

Cathal Farrelly video

Your wedding photographs should be something you’ll treasure for many years, but have you thought about the extra special memories that filming your wedding can cherish for the future too?

Every couple deserves to be the stars of the show on their wedding day and a wedding video can really help you remember the unique feeling and atmosphere of your day. But it also represents a special gift to your future selves and family for years to come.

A wedding video opens a window on a time when friends and family come together. Think of the little ones who would love to hear their parents say their vows or see your first dance. Or how you’ll cherish remembering those who will pass through your life and celebrating their part in it.

From a beautiful reading to a heartfelt speech and even those dodgy dance-floor moves, a wedding video can capture things that photos can’t.

Some couples may feel nervous about being filmed or dislike the thought of intrusive and bulky cameras getting in the way.

“I like to take a fly on the wall approach, he says. “It’s relaxed, but professional, with me blending in as much as possible. I don’t really direct couples and their guests, I prefer just to be there, to let things happen and to capture them on film.”

“Cameras are so small these days, and the technology so clever, that lots of brides and grooms say that they barely noticed I was there on the day until they see the results in their special wedding video. Then they can’t believe all the moments they missed.”

“It’s really important to me not to take time out of your day, but to capture every moment as it happens, from the smiles and laughter on your friends’ faces, to the family moments that make it so special. It’s also lovely to be able to preserve the beautiful words of your vows, readings and any speeches from important people in your lives.”

“I work really closely with your wedding photographers, so that the images and video complement each other and each couple receives a beautiful, natural set of images and videos. It’s my job to create a film that you and your family will want to watch time and time again, for many years to come.”

Cathal Farrelly –

Make my day production

There are many, many reasons to get a wedding video, e.g. seeing loved ones in a relaxed atmosphere, the ability to tell a story, seeing things you hadn’t noticed on the day, etc.

For now, though I am going to concentrate on a lesser appreciated aspect, namely audio. Reliving the day not just through the images but through the sounds.

There’s the obvious speeches and vows but also clapping and cheering when you are pronounced husband and wife, the music, the laughter, the pop of a champagne cork, the rattle of car engines, the cheer when you enter the reception, the list goes on.

All of which will allow you to not just re-watch but also re-live the happiest day of your life :)

My own parents got married in 1967. They are sadly no longer with us. To that end of all the family videos I am lucky enough to possess none is more important than this one from my parents wedding day:

Parents Wedding, 1967

Parents Wedding, 1967 from Make My Day Productions on Vimeo.



Make My Day Productions  – Brendan McElwaine

vowart wedding video

If somehow you ended up here reading this blog post ;) you are probably asking yourself “Do, I need a wedding film?”

No, you don’t!

Well, if all the money you are spending on your dress, venue, the cake, the flowers, other details, etc. if that all is not worthy capturing, we wouldn’t recommend you to have a videographer. 10 years later you will definitely remember all of it so there is no need for a beautiful, unique wedding film.

Yes, we know, you have a wedding photographer, that’s enough for you. You will have wedding pictures to remember your wedding day, right?
But wedding photography can only do so much.

Enough with the irony!

Wedding film will let you relive your wedding, it is an actual memory that can be watched over and over again. Your wedding film will become more and more valuable with time – we promise!

Please book your wedding videographer as far in advance as possible same as a wedding photographer.
It’s something that is important to you, your family, your friends, and your future generations.

Happy wedding planning!!!

With love,
Nadia & Tom –


I’ve doing this job for over six years now and it never ceases to amaze me just how quickly a wedding day goes by. Try as you might to take everything in, it’s such a happy endorphin-charged day that when you wake up the next day (with a sore head) it will all feel like the most amazing dream.

This is why it is so important to book a videographer to document your day for you. Documentary style weddings are such a cool and exciting keepsake from your special day.

The days of sitting everyone down for a long never-ending overview of the day is gone. Fast moving and entertaining clips are a stunning recap to have of events, and it won’t take all day to watch them back.

From the pool of talent there is, it ensures that whatever style videographer you pick (and there’s a wide variety out there!), you will have a trendy and popular memento to look back on and share with friends and family for years to come.


Andrew Cummins – Eye Capture Weddings

The first reason I always give to couples is a “what if”…………what if you could hear your grandparent’s vows (or even your own parent’s vows) today.
Imagine the feelings it would evoke. The old voice, familiar sounds. Just like an old radio. No pictures needed.
-to not have video nowadays is like our parents no having photos.

Once a couple has decided on video they usually become much more aware of the more modern techniques used for video compared to what they actually visualise.
No more big cameras, the new generation of videographers compliment the photography and often use the exact same cameras and gear so there is no need to feel like it will be obtrusive for guests.

The wedding day is a whirlwind for the couples involved and often they literally cannot remember parts, like the ceremony or the speeches.
Having a great quality video preserves these memories for yourselves, your kids and future generations to come.

You will be left with a document of your speeches and ceremony and a beautifully crafted cinematic version of your wedding.

Lastly, because memories last longer than dreams. And video can preserve those memories.


Ronan Quinn – Ronan Quinn Video

Close your eyes and imagine the greatest day of your life, one where you had the most fun. Try and picture all the little things that happened, all the people that were there, the jokes that were shared, the location where it happened, the weather, the clothes that were worn or even the emotion of the whole event.

Now imagine having that day surrounded by your close friends and family, imagine having everyone there trying to make that day one of your most memorable, now imagine being able to relieve that day over and over again.


THIS is the main reason why you should have your wedding day filmed.

After every wedding, I record the couple can’t wait to get their wedding footage. Some might question whether they should have one in the first place but the fact is after your wedding, after spending so much money all you have left is your photos and the video.

Once you have decided to book a wedding videographer the key factor you need to look out for is discretion. Filming of a wedding shouldn’t be noticed, it should be a documentary of the day and not take over it, and your day should flow as naturally as possible and let you and your other half spend as much time enjoying time with your family and friends. The greatest compliment I can get from couples is that they didn’t notice me on their wedding day. Discreetly recording weddings means capturing the laughter and emotion throughout the day of you, your partner and your guests while still capturing the key moments that you are aware of and some you miss.

Your wedding videographer is a third eye that helps you relive the greatest day of your life forever.

Brendan Brophy – Brophy Films 

Wedding Videographer baloons

On photo Robin :

Brides and Grooms and their single BIGGEST regret by DKPHOTO





This comprehensive list of tips and advice will guarantee that you will choose the right wedding photographer  : 

How to choose the perfect wedding photographer for your perfect wedding day




How to choose right wedding photographer- DKPHOTO

How to choose the right wedding photographer

How to choose the right wedding photographer for your perfect wedding day?  by DKPHOTO – Wedding Photographer


Your Picture-Perfect Wedding Day



It’s a long read, but it will save you a lot of stress and disappointment.

This comprehensive list of tips and advice will guarantee that you will choose the right wedding photographer for you and that your wedding day photographs will bring you great joy and excitement for years to come.


Choosing a photographer is not only about choosing someone who will take your wedding day photographs.

How much would you pay for amazing memories?


Welcome to my website! Thank you for clicking through. I might be the first website that you have visited. I could be the 100th! From talking to all my brides and grooms over the years, I know that it can feel very confusing and overwhelming to find the perfect wedding photographer for your wedding day.


There are so many wedding photographers to choose from. They each have a different vision of how to capture your wedding day. They have different styles, editing approaches, quality of delivery and of course different people with different personalities!


How on earth do you pick the most perfect, talented, creative and amazing wedding photographer that understands your needs and can deliver what you want?!

Wow! The pressure!!!



Well, I am here to help you how to choose the right wedding photographer for your perfect wedding day



I have sat down with my family, my friends and most importantly my past brides and grooms to compile the GO TO BRIDE GUIDE to help you to make the right decision.




  • First Things First!

You’ve just gotten engaged! Congratulations!!! Now that the diamond is glittering happily on your wedding finger and you’ve enjoyed all the celebrations with your friends and family… It’s time to start the wedding planning!
Here, I want to share with you my tips and tricks for brides and grooms who feel that their wedding photographs are one of the most important parts of their wedding day.
For me, as a passionate wedding photographer in Ireland, choosing your wedding photographer is almost as important as choosing the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with. I said almost! :) 


  • I’m the Groom – 01 June 2019!

I’m planning my own wedding day at the moment – ( 01 June 2019 )  I’m on the same side as you! I am happy to share my experience and advice on how to pick the wedding photographer that’s right for you and how I picked my own wedding photographer for my wedding.



  • A Moment in Time

Your wedding day photographs will last a lifetime. They are the wedding photographs that you will show your children and your grandchildren. They will stand the test of time. I believe that they have to capture the magic and special moments of your wedding day. I want all my brides and grooms to have their wedding day moments to treasure forever.




  • Prevention Is Better Than Cure

I have had so many couples coming to me after their wedding day, very disappointed with the wedding photographer that they choose. They then come to me and want me to try to re-shoot the wedding ceremony or to set up a shoot for the bride to wear her wedding dress again, to capture the romance of the day.

I feel so sorry for them as it’s so difficult to recreate the excitement and WOW moments of your wedding day.

I am very passionate about giving my wedding day couples the best advice, to help them to choose the right wedding photographer for them.




DKPHOTO Wedding photographer – Top Tips


Please note that my tips are based on my experience as a wedding photographer and are my own opinion. These tips are how I picked our wedding day photographer and how I recommend helping you to choose the right wedding photographer for your wedding day. It’s my private opinion.



  • The Proof is in the Portfolio

It’s easy to fill a website with a few good photos that a wedding photographer was lucky to take in the last few years. Look at your own phone or camera. For every 100 photographs you take, you might be happy with ONE for Instagram.

You need to look for someone whose work is constant. Someone who is talented enough to create a number of WOW moments throughout the entire wedding day. Not someone who has put together 30 beautiful wedding photographs from thousands of weddings.

Look for examples of the wedding photographers work across the entire day of a bride and grooms wedding day. By doing this, you will see the quality of the reportage wedding photography that the wedding photographer is capable of capturing.

Are there any types of wedding photographs that you really want to have? For example, have you always dreamed of having your wedding dress swooping down a beautiful staircase? Then, make sure that you look for samples in the portfolio, of wedding photographs taken of the bride standing on a staircase. How well did the wedding photographer capture this moment? Would you be happy with that image if it was you?

Remember, wedding photographers show images in their portfolio what they like shooting. It’s great if the wedding images you really want line up with what you are seeing in the wedding photographer’s portfolio. You can be confident that you and the wedding photographer are on the same page. That’s very important!


Please click here to see my WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER PORTFOLIO

Imagine if you were the bride and groom receiving these images to represent your wedding day. Would you be happy with your album? Are you excited by the images?




Are you thinking – Wow! That could be us!

How to choose the right wedding photographer



  • Don’t Be Afraid to ASK

Please don’t be shy about asking a wedding photographer to send you on the FULL WEDDING SET from a wedding day shoot. If a wedding photographer refuses this request it’s a very worrying sign.


 You can see full wedding slideshow here:

Áine & Steve from Dkphoto on Vimeo.




Photographers that are proud of their work are very happy to showcase that work on their blog or in their gallery on their website. If their work is not on display, for me, that’s a RED ALERT!


  • Costly Savings

The costs involved in booking your wedding photographer for your wedding day can feel very expensive. I know! I have just paid the deposit for our wedding day photographer and yes… It’s a big spend out of your wedding day budget. But, when you look at the cost in relation to the overall costs of the wedding it makes sense.

If you are spending thousands of euros on your wedding day, I don’t think it’s a good idea to try to save €200 euros by booking a cheaper wedding photographer. Making a saving now, but being disappointed with the wedding photographs later, is a very costly saving to make.


  • Is Two Wedding Photographers Better Than One?

I get asked this question a lot. Yes, it’s a big spend so if you are getting two wedding photographers for the price of one, it’s easy to think that you are getting great value for money! I don’t believe this to be the case.
When I was looking for the wedding photographer for our wedding day I wanted someone that works on their own. There are a few wedding photographers that work in a team of two, whose work I really like, but I didn’t book them. I don’t like the idea of having two wedding photographers at my own wedding day.
I have outlined all my reasons why in detail here:




  • Shooting Style

This is one of the most important parts of choosing the right wedding photographer for you. What style of wedding photographs do you want to see after your wedding day?

  • Traditional wedding photography – Do you like posed and staged shots. If so, you need to book someone who specialises in that style.
  • Reportage wedding photography  – This style is more about capturing moments when the people in the wedding photograph weren’t even aware that they were being photographed. This style documents the day as it happens. Nothing is really staged or posed. It’s a relaxed style and doesn’t require hours of “Say cheese!”  This style is often teamed with the traditional style, just for the family photographs.

Here are some top tips when it comes to lining up your families for the photographs:




Borris House and Step House Hotel Wedding

  • Quirky wedding photography – There are a few different variations of those styles outlined above, if the bride and groom want to have a bit more fun on their wedding day. I have often created quirky shoots with brides and grooms that want some of their images to be more playful.



  • DKPHOTO – Reportage Photography

I describe myself as a reportage wedding photographer. I have a very relaxed style. Have a look at my website for samples of my work where you will see candid wedding photographs were taken at lovely moments throughout my couples wedding day:


You will notice lots of full-day shoots in the gallery and my  WEDDING BLOG



At the end of the day , ou must choose the style that’s right for you. Remember, you can just talk to your wedding photographer to tailor the day to what you want. I always take some traditional family photographs that are set up, as well my reportage style. I have no problem doing that.


  • Editing Style

It’s very important to see if you like the wedding photographers editing style.

I have seen wedding photography that has become very dark and almost muddy in style. Perhaps they are going for a moody look?

Pinterest is great to see all the latest trends and I see a lot of wedding photos in other wedding photographer’s portfolios. Some wedding photographers have a brown, blue or a green look to their wedding photographs. Some other samples I have seen have real colours with very little editing.

I have even seen wedding photographs where the wedding photographer has used black and white photos but has gone for a blue and green tint.  An interesting approach!

There are cases where the wedding photographs are shot very bright photos some others take a dark approach.
Choose the style that you like the most and the style that you would like to have printed on your wall in your sitting room.
I always recommend that brides and grooms go for classical and timeless editing styles so that the wedding photographs stand the test of time. That’s my personal recommendation.


  • Reviews and Testimonials

It’s incredibly important to make sure that the wedding photographer that you are thinking of booking has a section on his or her website dedicated to testimonials. This is where you can hear from other real brides and grooms who have worked with that wedding photographer. But be warned, it’s very easy to post glowing reviews on your own website!
Look for reviews on websites where you can see real verified reviews like Google reviews or Weddings Online reviews from real brides. Reviews are the best way to get a sense from another bride about what the wedding photographer was like to work with on their day.
You can see my testimonials here:





Testimonials wedding photgrapher

TESTIMONIAL DKPHOTO from Dkphoto on Vimeo.

  • Do Your Own Research

Please don’t take shortcuts and place your trust fully in recommendations on Facebook Pages and Groups like HIGM Ireland or friends.

I know it’s a little controversial to say that, but everyone’s taste and personality is very different. What one couple thinks is amazing may not be right for you.
You need to do your own research to find the right wedding photographer for you.

Asking for recommendations may seem like a great idea as you want to narrow down the search. However, getting 100 recommendations will make your research even more difficult and you will start to feel overwhelmed. I really don’t want that for you.

I highly recommend that you use Google Searches and highly reputable websites like OneFabDay and Weddings Online to find reputable wedding photographers. Then you can start to review their work as I have outlined above.

Please be warned. If a wedding photographer doesn’t exist in the first 5-10 pages on a Google Search when you have used popular search phrases like – “Wedding photographer Ireland” or something similar, this should trigger alarm bells. I would not recommend a wedding photographer that is not well ranked on Google.


  • Image Delivery

Looking at how your wedding photographs will be delivered after your wedding day is another area that deserves consideration. How impressed are you with the quality of the wedding photographer’s gallery? How usable is the gallery?

I take great pride in the gallery’s that I supply my wedding day couples. I offer the option of downloading, sharing and printing the wedding photographs. My couples can also access the gallery on their mobile phone. It’s very important to me that my wedding day couples are able to share their album with family and friends and that the gallery of images looks clean, professional and very impressive.
You can review my sample gallery here:


  • USB Drives

You also need to check if you will receive a USB drive? What is the quality of the drive? Be careful not to accept cheap plastic USB drives that have a very short shelf life. I always ensure that the USB drives that we offer
I use real bamboo tree boxes and real bamboo tree USB drives. They are high quality and they will last for decades to come, they look amazing! I believe that it is a really important how people present their work. I want to offer my couples the very best.


How to choose right wedding photographer


  • The Wedding Album

You must ask your potential wedding photographer about the wedding album quality he or she is offering. How impressive is the wedding album? Will you be happy with it for years to come?
I have been in the wedding photography business for years. In that time, I have tested so many different wedding album companies with different prices. It took me a number of years to get the balance right between getting the quality that I want and to have the prices affordable for my couples.
After so much research and testing, we are now incredibly happy with the wedding albums that we offer. We are so confident with our supplier that we can offer 2 years warranty on every wedding albums that we create.

Our prices are very competitive and offer our wedding day couples great value for money. We have supplier prices for our albums. This is why our wedding albums are never part of our standard package. Our couples are welcome to add the wedding album to their standard package.

Click here for more information on the wedding albums we offer:




  • Picture Pressure!

I never, ever, force or pressure people to buy wedding albums from us. I know that there are so many costs involved in a couples wedding that they often need to time to save for the wedding album. We completely understand that.

You can order your wedding album in different places or you can put the wedding album on hold until you are ready to come back to us.

Many couples print wedding photos themselves. I am very proud of the fact that all of my couples receive all of their wedding day photos in their full size from me. Not all wedding photographers offer their couples all of their wedding day photographs in full size. But. I know how important it is to give wedding couples all of their images in full size, as every image is so important.

Again, I remind people of costly savings. If you choose a cheap photo album it will not stand the test of time. Would you like to show your daughter your wedding photos and wedding album? 

Of course!

That is why wedding albums have become the most popular in recent years. Choose the wedding album that is right for you. I am here for all my couples to discuss their options and to give them advice.


  • Digital Disasters

Be very careful with the digital copies of your wedding album. I have very often had couples coming back to me, very upset that they have lost their UBS drive or that a laptop was wiped which held all their wedding photographs.

Please protect and back up your digital copies – pages like DROPBOX can help  Click here for more information:


Imagine losing Your wedding photos


  • Price Points – How much is too much?

These days you can have a huge range of wedding photographers who are charging anything from €200 – €4000. How can you tell if you are booking a cowboy or getting robbed with astronomical prices?
There are a few words of advice from one of my past Brides:


“Weigh up the costs and the quality of the work. If one wedding photographer is more expensive, but his or her work has the WOW factor, then I would advise that you revisit the budget. Do you really need the sweets trolley?! For me, having amazing wedding photographs after our wedding day was far more important than having favours on the tables or confetti and all those little extras add up.”


You can review that full article here:






I don’t think it’s a good idea to book a cheaper wedding photographer when you consider how much money you spend organizing your perfect wedding day as a whole. It’s a once in a lifetime decision and day.

Of course, you will have set a budget that you will want to stick to. But, if a wedding photographer’s work has the WOW factor that you have been searching for, I highly recommend that you revisit your budget. I know from experience, that it is money well spent to have the perfect wedding photographer. Costs can be cut in other areas of your day!

Don’t spend money on the additional flowers in the church. Does anyone ever really notice that you’ve put flowers on every window? Or perhaps you can save on the decorations you choose for the table settings.


  • Avoid Disappointment

Too often I have met with couples who are disappointed with their wedding photographs as they chose the wrong wedding photographer. They expected the wedding photographs to be fantastic but the reality was far from perfect. They have regretted not paying a little more for a wedding photographer that is more reputable, had stronger reviews and testimonials and whose work they were excited about.

I’ve gotten so many emails in the last few years from people saying that they have received their wedding day photographs and are very upset. They come to me when it is too late! Of course, I want to help and I offer them a price to re-shoot some of their wedding day pictures. But I always think, it would have cost a lot less to have chosen the right wedding photographer in the beginning.


  • Dressing for the Occasion

I know you might think I am a little crazy here … but, have you ever asked a wedding photographer about how they will look on your wedding day?
All of your guests have pulled out all the stops to look fantastic for your Black-Tie wedding day and your wedding photographer is sticking out, like a sore thumb, in jeans and a t-shirt.

I once saw a videographer wearing a bright pink t-shirt at a Black-Tie wedding! He was very distracting and it looked very unprofessional!

I think it is so important to look smart and professional on your wedding day. I blend into the backdrop when I need to. When I am directing you, your family and friends, for the group shots and we need to move through the setups quickly. I feel that by dressing smartly I can command a little authority and get the job done quickly, so that you can enjoy your day.

You can see how I look at weddings on my wedding selfies with my clients. Check out my bow tie collection! I love them  :)





  • “I have a friend who could take the pictures!”

I don’t have to look very far to find an example for you, where this approach to a professional service, went terribly wrong.
My wife’s sister never received her wedding day video. A friend of the family offered to video her wedding day as a wedding gift. As the costs were mounting up on her wedding day she thought – “Great! That’s one less expense!” After the big day, he had no experience in dealing with that volume of footage. He didn’t know how to save and store the files properly. Ultimately, he lost all the files and her wedding day footage was lost forever.

She was absolutely devastated
As a professional wedding photographer, I go through a lot of processes on and after your wedding day to protect and process your images.

On your wedding day, my cameras make two copies IN CAMERA of each photograph. Therefore, if there is ever an error with a memory card, which can happen, I ALWAYS have a copy.

After the wedding, I go back to my office. First, I do a copy of your wedding day photographs on two of our online clouds. That means that I have 2 copies of your wedding day on the camera and 2 copies stored in the cloud. That makes 110% sure that your wedding day images are protected and kept safe.

I pay for each copy through our online cloud service provider as it is a service that I have to have in place to do my job professionally. An amateur wedding photographer would not have a set up of this scale in place.

Can you imagine getting a call from your friend while you’re away on your honeymoon to say that there has been a problem?  Your wedding photographs have been lost forever. It gives me chills to even think about it! Nobody wants that!


  • Trusting in a Wedding Photographers Experience

I feel very passionately about this area in my tips and advice so please allow me to make one more point here!
Would you like to have your open-heart surgery done by a medical student who is still learning the ropes?
It’s same with wedding photographers. Ok! Maybe no one will DIE if you choose an inexperienced wedding photographer… but your images may need CPR very quickly!
Remember, you can judge a wedding photographer’s reputation by the number of reviews and testimonials they have, the wedding photographs in their portfolio or posts on Facebook. Are there tell-tale signs that this wedding photographer just started a business and is still honing their craft?


  • Do you want to be a Guinea Pig?

Ok! We all learn new things every day, but do you think your wedding day is the best time and place for a wedding photographer to learn how to shoot the wedding? Any mistakes that he or she makes will cost you a precious wedding day moment. Personally, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with that. My wedding day is too important to me!

But, perhaps you are much more relaxed about the wedding photography on your wedding day. You might want to pay less and don’t expect the most professional service that you can possibly have. That’s completely fine. Everyone has a different opinion.


  • Does a wedding photographer really need to have insurance?

The short answer here is YES!

I have a insurance with

Many hotels insist that your wedding photographer is insured. It is also impossible to gain access to some of Ireland’s best wedding day locations, if you do not have the correct insurance in place.
Taking wedding photographs in Fota Ireland, Altamont Gardens, Phoenix Park, and St Steven Green Park are just a handful of examples. You need permission to photograph and the necessary insurance to gain access.


  • Ask your other suppliers for opinion

You can ask suppliers what they think about the wedding photographers that you have shortlisted. Sometimes, that can be a help. Here is a blog post from make-up artist Danielle Mahon about wedding photographers:


Choosing the Correct Wedding Photographer


I always recommend to ask your wedding photographer for his or her recommendation for the videographer. This is a very important point for me as I know how vital it is to have a wedding photographer and videographer that work well together. I have a blog post put together here:


How to choose Videographer


  • Skype call?

If, after all, your research and reading you still have doubts, we can meet personally or Skype. It’s a great idea to see, hear and/or meet me before you make your decision. It can be really helpful to get to know each other so that you can put your trust in me. I have found that a Skype call is very helpful. I can answer all your questions and we can discuss what your vision is for your wedding day.


  • Photographers are not mind readers :)

I always remind my wedding couples that I am not a mind reader. I want to bring your wedding day photography to life and stay true to you and your day. If you have any questions just ask your wedding photographer. Don’t be afraid to be honest about what you want. Photographers are not mind readers

To make sure that we are both singing from the same hymn sheet, I always send a wedding questionnaire a few weeks before the wedding to each of my couples. That has all the questions I need to get familiar with your needs. I also include tips to make life easy for you.

If You have any questions here are a few answers on my wedding planning blog:




I hope you have enjoyed my tops and that my experience and passion for wedding photography will help you to plan your wedding day. Best of luck at this exciting time! I look forward to hearing from you to discuss your wedding if you are excited by my work, impressed by my many recommendations and feel that you can trust in my experience and creativity.

Thank you!


How to choose the right wedding photographer for your perfect wedding day

Irish Wedding Venues Ballymagarvey Village

Irish Wedding Venues | Ballymagarvey Village

Irish Wedding Venues | Ballymagarvey Village


DKPHOTO – Irish Wedding Venues
Through the eyes of a wedding photographer


My life as a wedding photographer brings me all around Ireland and I get to visit and photograph some of the best wedding venues that Ireland has to offer.
I thought that it would be helpful for my future brides and grooms to see the wedding venues of Ireland through the eyes of a professional award-winning photographer.

So, I’m starting this month with a very special venue in Co. Meath.

Ballymagarvey Village
A picture perfect Irish Wedding Venue

Ballymagarvey Village  is definitely one of the venues that I have really enjoyed photographing over the years. It is a beautiful private estate located in Boyne Valley, Co. Meath. There are so many locations on this property to take wedding photographs of the bride and groom that I have always been spoilt for choice – A wonderful compliant!

Set within acres of beautiful unspoilt countryside, there are walkways, bridges, gardens and fountains for a bride and groom to steal a picture-perfect kiss.

The stonework of the main house and the guest accommodation looks really impressive and has allowed me to create wonderful texture in my wedding photographs. I love creating a rustic feel when locations allow me to do so.

I couldn’t believe that the estate also offers a waterside setting with a pretty little lake and viewing point. A spectacular setting at any point in the day but I have often chosen this location at sun set. It has a WOW factor.

Ballymagarvey Village offers a wonderful dining space and I have seen it brought to life with different themes depending on your taste – From greenery, flowers and fairy lights to luxurious drapery, chandeliers and candelabras. The space is very versatile.

The front gate has an enormous oak tree with hanging chandeliers that light up at night and create a beautiful setting for night time pictures and another magic moment. This setting has been a firm favourite of my couples.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year for an Irish wedding photographer, but Ballymagarvey Village has an added WOW factor as they pull out all the stops with their Christmas decorations. In addition, their intimate lighting settings looks fantastic, cosy and romantic.

The staff at Ballymagarvey Village are excellent and I have always found the wedding co-ordinator wonderful to deal with.

You can visit their website for more information –

Click the link below to view some of the wedding photographs that I have captured for wedding day couples at this unique location.


This comprehensive list of tips and advice will guarantee that you will choose the right wedding photographer  : 

How to choose the perfect wedding photographer for your perfect wedding day


You can also see some wedding photos from Real wedding :

Perfect Venue close to Dublin?

Ructic Barn Wedding Venue


And few more tips from Your wedding photographer:

Bridesmaids dresses colours



Irish Wedding Venues | Ballymagarvey Village by DKPHOTO

Family photos on wedding day

Family photos on your wedding day

Family Matters...

Family photos on wedding day
How to do it fast and efficient




Family photos are very important for me as I'm a family man myself and I'm very close with my family.

My style of wedding photography is not a traditional style. I go with the flow of the day and I capture the moments as they happen on your day. With family photographs, you have to have them organised.

Here are my top tips on the best way to take your family photos on your wedding.


The family line up!

Firstly, photographing the family photos is one of the only moments when everything is out of my control. I don't know who is who and I don't know the bride and groom’s family tree.

If you ask me – “Now the McDonald family for photos please!” I can't help organise people as I don't know who the McDonald family is!

This is why we need the bridesmaids and groomsmen to help out. They need to gather everyone that’s needed in the wedding photographs together so that they are there and ready to be called upon.

It's very very important to explain to the people who will be helping us on the day - ( Bridesmaids, Groomsman ?) that it’s one of the most important moments on your wedding day. They need to be organised and have everyone lined up.


Finding the Family!

If family photos take a lot of time and if you are left waiting for 10 minutes for someone to find the flower girl or your brother then you will have less time to enjoy the day. I want to get through the family portraits quickly so that you have time to spend with family and friends, many of whom have travelled far and wide to see you.

I strongly recommend that the bridesmaids and groomsmen are close by and on hand to round everyone up, until the family photos are done. After they can enjoy a well-deserved Heineken or prosecco!


Family photos - Photo List

It’s also a great idea to have a list of family photos so that we know who we need and that no one is forgotten.

Now, you can have 67 different configurations and photos with every uncle and aunty but be warned, you will spend all your free time looking at the camera!

You will lose time enjoying the day, and you will never have time to speak with those people.

I highly recommend getting the balance right between the time we spend taking family photos and the time you have enjoying the drinks reception.

Be selective about the photographs that you need.



Recommended Photo List

After so many years of shooting weddings, I have a recommended list for the family photos. I send that list with a questionnaire and tips to all my brides a few weeks before the wedding - ( please use only as a guide – edit to Your needs ):

  • Bride & Groom - Bride Parents
  • Bride & Groom - Bride Parents plus Brothers and Sisters
  • Bride & Groom - Bride Parents plus Brothers and Sisters plus kids and Partners
  • Bride & Groom - Bride Grandparents


  • Bride & Groom - Groom Parents
  • Bride & Groom - Groom Parents plus Brothers and Sisters
  • Bride & Groom - Groom Parents plus Brothers and Sisters plus kids and Partners
  • Bride & Groom – Groom Grandparents


  • Bride + Bridesmaids
  • Groom+ Groomsmen
  • Bride & Groom + Bridal party (flower girls page boys)

I never recommend photos from a balcony in Church as is impossible to see people faces in the photo. There are only a few Venues in Ireland where we can take a good photo with all Your wedding quests.

We can add 100 different configurations to that, but that list covers all essential photos. And remember, the more photographs that you add, the less time for you to spend with your family and friends during the drinks reception.


Smooth Shooting!

So, we have our list and we have the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen well briefed and helping line everyone. We need to start shooting.

  • I always recommend that we go by the list.
  • Taking one photo after another according to the list makes sure that we tick the boxes as we go.
  • Do not go from the middle of the list or in another order as you can easily miss some photos.
  • Follow the list and stick to the list!

When we finish taking photos from the list and there are some people standing close to you or you see people that you want photos with, just ask them to jump in!

It’s no problem to take few more photos if there are people close to you. But I highly recommend that you finish the photos from the list first. After that, you are covered with the photographs that are the most important and anything after that is a bonus.


Photos with Friends

I always recommend to take your photographs with your friends after the meal and before the first dance. There is always an hour brake between the end of the meal and the first dance so there is plenty of time here. Friends have already had a few drinks and they are very relaxed and happier to stand in front of the camera. These photos can also be very funny!

Of course, if during the drinks reception you have friends close by and they are taking photos themselves and organizing photos themselves, I will capture that also.




Photo with friends wedding


Location for family photos!

If you ask me to take the family photos in the garden of the hotel, outside the church, in front of the Castle, I will try to explain what, in my opinion, will work the best.

Firstly, the weather. We need to look at the sky all the time! The weather will bring is indoors very quickly if we are not lucky.

The simplest, fastest and most efficient way to take family photos is at the church door after the mass. Everyone that you need is there! You have not lost anyone to the bathroom or the bar!

I never take family photos before you walk down the aisle in the church. I think the best thing to do is to gather the family back into the church after you have greeted the guests at the door of the Church as they leave or just ask the family to stay outside the church - if it's not raining :).

This is when the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen need to ask people who are on the list to stay at church -( inside or outside ) and wait for the family photos!

If it's cold, your family can shake hands with you and come back into the church and wait inside the church for the photos.

If it's raining photos can be done inside the church - I never recommend to leave the church with at least photos with Parents.



Family Photos at church



Photos at the Venue

Why not to take family photos in the gardens of the hotel or on the staircase of your venue?

In real life, it's very very difficult to organise people for family photos in the venue.
People are checking in, walking around the venue and someone can easily be missing from the family photos. Or there is a big delay trying to find someone that is missing!

Of course, these points are only tips from me from my experience photographing two to three weddings a week.


Family Photos Only Once?

I always recommend that we take the family photographs once - after ceremony. Sometimes the bride likes the idea of taking some family photographs before she leaves for the church in family home . In my experience, this is not a good idea. Everyone is running up and down the stairs and in and out of rooms, getting ready. There’s a last-minute button to be sewn on, Dad’s boutonniere to deal with, or ribbons to be attended to on the car! It can be difficult to gather everyone together and to have their focus on photographs, when the last minute details are at the forefront of their minds.
Besides, I will be taking photographs of everyone getting ready naturally. These none posed photographs can be far more special and family photos after ceremony when will have time. Catching the bride’s father seeing her in her dress for the first time is always a huge moment. Having her mother tying a bracelet can be a very precious moment too.



Photos with the Groom

I also recommend to the bride that I leave her a half an hour before she is due at the church. That allows me time to take photographs of the guests arriving, as well as setting up some photographs with the groom and his groomsmen. I have often captured some lovely moments of the groom with his groomsmen in the bar beside the church having a shot of whiskey to steady the nerves!
Breaking up the day into these moments allows me to capture a huge variety of images. I recommend the time spent that way rather than having posed pictures taken in two locations.



It’s Your Day – Your Decision


At the end of the day, YOU decide how long the family photo list is and where we are going to take them.

But my photo style is based on candid un-posed photos, and if the family photos take too much time, you will get less creative wedding photography in the reportage style that you want as You booked me to photograph Your wedding.

Enjoy Your planning!




Family photos on wedding day by DKPHOTO





Family photos on wedding day by DKPHOTO

This comprehensive list of tips and advice will guarantee that you will choose the right wedding photographer  : 

How to choose the perfect wedding photographer for your perfect wedding day

Wedding planning advice

Wedding planning advice from One of My Brides

Wedding planning advice

Words of Advice from One of My Brides



Olive and Rory Esler got married on Dec 29th 2013 and they had a beautiful wedding day in Markree Castle in Ballisodare, Co Sligo.
As one of my brides, I asked Olive to share some of her wedding planning advice for you. I hope you find some of her tips and tricks of benefit.


Let the Planning Begin!

Wedding planning can become incredibly overwhelming, very quickly. All of a sudden you are hit with 100 questions that you may never have really thought about! When? Where? Colour schemes? Invites? What flowers? Wedding Photographer or two wedding photographers?  How many bridesmaids? Videographer? Do I need a Photobooth? ? Flower girls? Unplugged Wedding? THE WEDDING DRESS???!!!

Wedding planning advice


You’re Getting Married – Remain Calm!

My advice – Take a breath. Open a bottle of champagne and ENJOY the excitement of taking it one step at a time. You don’t need to decide everything at once. The most important thing, in my opinion, is to decide on what makes sense to you as a couple. What type of day do you want and how can you stamp your identity onto it?
There are four areas that I think are the most important to look at:
The Venue.
The Photographer.
The Food.
The Band.


The Venue

My husband and I are both from Connacht so we quickly agreed to look for our wedding venue within the five counties. We wanted something a little different so when walked through the doors of Markree Castle in Ballisodare, Co Sligo we were very impressed.  The reception has a huge open fire, there is a beautiful staircase with a stained-glass window and the dining room looks like something out of ‘Downton Abbey’. It was perfect! It felt like we would be having an elegant house party in a castle which is exactly what happened on the day!


The Wedding Photographer

Everyone says the same thing when they talk about their wedding day. The day went so fast! I couldn’t agree more. That’s why for me, having our magical moments captured throughout the day, was so important. The wedding photographs are all you have when the big day is over. I wanted our wedding photographs to capture the emotion, fun and WOW moments of our wedding day. Daniel from DKPHOTO exceeded our expectations.

Take your time finding your wedding photographer. Make sure that you can see he or she is talented at capturing photographs that you would be excited with, if they were yours. Look through an album. It’s easy for a photographer to have 10 amazing photographs from 10 different couples. But what did the wedding album look like?

You can see there full wedding stories by DKPHOTO

Áine & Steve from Dkphoto on Vimeo.

Claire & Daniel from Dkphoto on Vimeo.


Talk to your wedding photographer and give them a sense of what you want. As they get to know you and your personality an experienced wedding photographer will get a sense of what you are looking for. Don’t stress yourself out micro-managing with photograph lists. Your wedding photographer should know what wedding  photographs need to be taken. It’s your job to enjoy the moments.


Wedding planning advice - Top Tip

Weigh up the costs and the quality of the work. If one wedding photographer is more expensive, but his or her work has the WOW factor, then I would advise that you to revisit the budget. Do you really need the sweets trolley?! For me, having amazing wedding photographs after our wedding day was far more important than having favours on the tables or confetti for the guests to throw and all those little extras add up.


The Food

The Irish wedding guest is obsessed with the food. I have found over the years that guests forget the details that brides put so much work and effort into. They remember if the food was good and if the wine was flowing.

It’s a long day and by the time the dinner bell rings people are hungry. There is nothing worse than being asked to listen to 60min worth of speeches when your tummy is rumbling - or plan to have speeches after a meal or short speeches before meal.


Wedding planning advice - Top Tip

We asked the castle staff to top up the wine a little but often. The perception was that the glasses were constantly being topped up with wine but our guests were still only served a half bottle of wine per person.


The Band

Getting the party started is so important and will all depend on your wedding band. You need a wedding band that are versatile, energetic and know how to work the crowd. An experienced wedding band won’t need a set list of songs from you and they should be willing to allow you to see them in action at another event or at a showcase. That’s so important!


Wedding planning advice - Top Tip

Be careful of your timings. If the dinner runs long or your photo session gets delayed, some wedding bands allow that to eat into their time. You are spending a lot of money on the entertainment so make sure to check what their start and wrap times are and how flexible they are if things run a little late.


Don’t sweat the small stuff!

Above all else, enjoy your day. Allow yourself to take in each moment as it happens. Enjoy the excitement and try to relax. You have hired the best people to make sure that your day runs smoothly and they are there to ensure that everything is taken care of.

Wedding planning advice


Your only job on your wedding day is to smile and to enjoy the wedding celebrations.

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This comprehensive list of tips and advice will guarantee that you will choose the right wedding photographer  : 

How to choose the perfect wedding photographer for your perfect wedding day


Wedding planning advice by DKPHOTO and Olive :)

Do you need a second wedding photographer

Do you need a second wedding photographer at your wedding?

Do you need a second wedding photographer at your wedding?


This is a question that I get asked a lot from my brides and grooms. It is not an easy question to answer as every wedding is different.

I'm planning my own wedding at the moment which will take place on 01.06.2019 and I'm now on the same side as you. :)

I have been looking for the best wedding photographer and best videographer I can get! :)

My search is over now and I'm happy with my decision - Single shooter booked!


If a couple wants a second shooter I can provide that service but in my opinion and from my professional experience of shooting weddings in Ireland and abroad, I believe that having one dedicated wedding photographer has far more benefits that having two wedding photographers. But everyone has to do what’s right for them and their day.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with booking two people to work as a team, if you feel more comfortable with that option.

If a couple wants a second shooter I can provide that service!

But, let me explain why I believe that one wedding photographer is the best option and when second shooter will make more sense !




Two Wedding Photographers – Double the Wedding Photographs – Right?!
It makes perfect sense to think that if you have two wedding photographers on your wedding day, that you will then be wowed with two sets of amazing pictures. The more pictures from your wedding day the better!

However, the reality is very different.

It’s important to understand that the second shooter will really only deliver the moments that your wedding photographer will miss. But if you have hired an experienced single wedding photographer, you will never feel that something is missing when you see your wedding day photos.

An experienced wedding photographer is well aware of the most important moments throughout your wedding day and will be there to capture those moments for you.




The only occasion where I can see the benefit of having a second wedding photographer is when the Bride and Groom are in separate locations and capturing the Groom getting ready before the ceremony is a MUST for the couple.

If the Bride and Groom are less than 15min- 20 minutes drive apart I can cover both houses. No problem!

Normally, I stay with the Bride until I need to be at venue for the ceremony. I usually arrive 30min before the ceremony so that I can shoot guests arriving and the Groom greeting guests. This is a very good way to shoot both the Bride and Groom on the wedding morning.

I often have the Groomsmen gather around the Groom to adjust cuff links, boutonnieres and ties etc. to give the appearance of getting ready. These photos really bridge that one gap in the morning’s preparations.


Will I regret my decision?


You can read some testimonials here. There are no moments missing from these wedding days and these couples did not need a second shooter at all:


Less is More


When I started to research for my own wedding, I was looking for only people who work alone. In my opinion, having less people around the Bride and Groom is better on the day. There are less people to take away from your private moments. There are less people to deal with and there is less stress involved in capturing your photographs.


Value for Money?

it is easy to get sucked into the idea that having two people is better than one....


I know that it is easy to get sucked into the idea that having two people is better than one. Especially when the selling point is that there are two people shooting for the price of one. Plus, you are naturally worried that everything will be captured on your day. Two people may give you a false peace of mind. But I honestly believe that choosing quality is far more important than choosing quantity.


And now from the technical point of view:


Can you imagine a small church where you have 2 wedding photographers and 2 or 3 videographers? It’s starting to feel pretty crowded! With all these people shooting around you, it’s incredibly difficult for everyone to avoid having each other and each other’s equipment in the background.


Having one wedding photographer who is free to move around subtly during the ceremony will allow for a variety of angles and nothing will be missed.




Take a look at these examples of how easily I can capture a variety of angles during your ceremony:

You can see Bride , Groom , Quests , Parents , Singer , People reading during ceremony and more - I shoot all those photos alone moving around :







 as You can see on those photos - You can see  Bride , Groom , Quests , Parents , Singer , People reading during ceremony and more - I shoot all those photos alone moving around- I didn't run ! :)

You can see full wedding here :






Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Videographer


I have outlined in another blog post some of my top tips to consider when choosing the right Wedding Videographer for your wedding day. Please have a look at that info here:


One Wedding Photographer Giving 110%


I prefer to work alone and to do everything myself. When I am responsible for every moment of your wedding day being captured I know that nothing will fall through the cracks. I can only rely on myself as I have 100% of the responsibility and that’s the way I like it.

I honestly believe that if you choose the right wedding photographer for your wedding day you will not need a second shooter. One wedding photographer giving 110% will guarantee you wedding photographs that you will treasure for a lifetime.

You can read some testimonials here:


Do you need a second wedding photographer? by

This comprehensive list of tips and advice will guarantee that you will choose the right wedding photographer  : 

How to choose the perfect wedding photographer for your perfect wedding day

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