Perfect Location for Wedding Photographs in Ireland

The Ultimate Guide to find the Perfect Location for Wedding Photographs in Ireland


The Ultimate Guide to find the Perfect Location for Wedding Photographs in Ireland


Very often people ask me about how to choose the perfect location for their wedding photos. Sometimes my wedding couples have two locations in mind for their wedding day photographs, so how do you decide between the two?

I wanted to write a blog post about this and I hope it will help you!


Your Wedding Your Way!




Wedding photographers are happy to pick a place at your wedding venue to take your photographs but picking a special location should be your job so that you find the right location for you.


Allow me to explain…

I LOVE my job as a wedding photographer but my perfect locations are outdoors as I enjoy hiking, skiing etc. so I could suggest a lakeside view or a mountain landscape. But you could be a couple that are really drawn to city scape photography or areas that have an industrial feel for your wedding photographs. Or perhaps you have your heart set on the dramatic backdrop of a castle.

To avoid problems, you should pick the location yourself. If you left it to me, I could be suggesting a short drive to a scenic mountain backdrop when we really should be taking your photographs in front of a beautiful castle

Your Wedding Photographers Portfolio

Of course, if you want to see what locations for wedding photographs your wedding photographer likes, just open his or her website and check out the galleries. From this research, you will have a feel where your wedding photographer feels comfortable taking photos.

If you choose a location that matches your wedding photographer’s style then you are really going to be onto a winner

For example, you may have been dreaming of a wedding photograph where you are standing on a huge staircase where your wedding dress is cascading down the steps beautifully! But your wedding photographer has nothing like this in their portfolio. Instead, they have lots of outdoor wedding photographs with people having fun and smiling in their portfolio.


Best wedding photographer Ireland




It is so important that you book the RIGHT WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER for you so that you get exactly what you want from your day.




The 10 Top Tips to find the Best Location for Your Wedding Photos


Understanding Photography - What does "PHOTOGRAPHY" mean?


The word "photography" was created from the Greek roots φωτός (phōtos), genitive of φῶς (phōs), "light" and γραφή (graphé) "representation by means of lines" or "drawing","painting"

 together meaning:  "drawing with light" and/or "painting with light"



  • This is why the light is the most important component of any photograph! The second is location!Mount Wolseley Wedding photographer

  • If It’s Not Broke… Don’t Fix It

    If your wedding venue has nice places for your wedding photographs then you should stay in your venue! You picked your venue because you liked it and it was the perfect location for your celebrations. So, if you can use your wedding venue for your wedding photographs then it is the PERFECT location.

  • Keep Your Wedding Photographer in the Loop

    If there are locations within your wedding venue that you really like for your wedding photographs then TELL YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER! Of course, the locations that you identify may not work for photos - but always be honest and ask before or on your wedding day as wedding photographers are not "mind readers" Open and honest communication is so important.

  • Your Wedding Day Portraits

    If you have your heart set on having portrait picture as Husband and Wife then it’s very important to pick a location to take these photographs as close to the wedding reception as possible, or on the way to the wedding reception.
    Your wedding day is very short (especially in the winter as at 4pm there is no daylight left ) so it’s really important that we take these important photographs quickly.Plan a Winter Wedding in Ireland

  • Make Life Easy

    Look for places with easy access. Remember on your wedding day it's not as easy to walk with your wedding dress, veil and high heels. For example - A forest location is perfect IF it is close to the carpark!Baloons photo wedding

  • Find the Light!

    Look for locations where there is interesting light and shadows. Remember we are going to be "painting with light" :) – It’s a really good idea to see the place you have in mind, a few days before your wedding day at the time you are going to be taking the photographs. That will give you a much stronger sense of how it looks at that same time of the day if our Irish weather will be the same...

  • Variety is the Spice of Life

    Look for places where we can take your wedding photographs with a variety of backgrounds. A perfect example of this would be a forestry landscape that breaks into a lake scene. In this case, you can have some photographs taken in the open space with lake views as well as having some shots in the forest.Lough Rynn wedding

  • Look at Your Backdrop

    It’s important to realise that open spaces are not as good as open spaces that have something going on in the background. The camera loves trees, bushes and shadows, as they create depth in a photograph.Best wedding Venues Dublin

  • Into the Shadows!

    During the summer, when the sunlight can be overpowering, shadows are a lifesaver! They also act as a place where you can hide from the sun. Family photos in direct light is the last location that your wedding photographer should choose, as you will have squinting expressions. Not a good look!Elopement Ireland

  •  Rainy Days

    Rainy days and Ireland go hand in hand. But we are used to the rain and we can manage! Trees offer fantastic cover for the Bride and Groom to take refuge under if it is raining. In fact, some of my most amazing photographs of a couple on their wedding day, were taken when they were waiting together for the rain to pass, completely unaware that I was snapping them. Natural, intimate and beautiful! Elopement IrelandElopement Ireland photographerElopement Irish photographerElopement Irish photographer





I hope that my Top 10 tips will help you to understand how I pick locations. I hope you will not be surprised if I ask you to go to the carpark! But trust me… It will only be because I have found incredibly interesting light...... And remember, as a wedding photographer I am painting with light!   :)

Enjoy Your Planning!  :)




Destination Wedding Ireland

The Ultimate Guide to find the Perfect Location for Wedding Photographs in Ireland by DK PHOTOGRAPHY


Wedding Ceremony Photography

Wedding Ceremony Photography

Wedding Ceremony Photography by DK PHOTOGRAPHY

Wedding Ceremony Photography


8 Top Tips for having a Picture-Perfect Wedding Ceremony


The wedding ceremony is the most important part of your entire day. After all, it is the moment you become husband and wife! I encourage all my Brides and Grooms to absolutely enjoy every single moment of the wedding ceremony and to relax about the photographs that are being taken.

But, so many of my wedding day couples ask me for tips and advice on how to help me to take the best photographs during the wedding ceremony. So, I have decided to dedicate a post to this very topic.


Here are my 8 top tips!


Here Comes the Bride!

This is a HUGE moment for every single bride! It can feel very overwhelming. I have had Brides that move very quickly up the aisle as they don’t really like the spotlight, but the most important thing to remember is to take your time.

Walk slowly and say hello to your wedding guests as you make your way up the aisle. Look forward to your groom and take a moment with your Dad or whomever has escorted you.

The more time you take the easier it is for your wedding photographer to capture these moments. We have one chance to take these photographs so the more relaxed and the slower your move the better your photographs will be!


Let There Be Light

During the ceremony you will be invited to light the candles that represent you as single people. Later in the ceremony you will light the main candle that represents the married couple, from these two candles. These are very special moments in the ceremony so again I recommend that you take your time with each of the candles. I only have one opportunity to capture these moments so the more time you give me in these moments the better!


Step Away from the Mass Booklet!

Another good tip for you is to step away from the Mass Booklet! I know that it is important for you to keep track of the wedding ceremony, but I always recommend that you look at your readers, your celebrant and each other. I can capture some lovely moments when your gaze is in the moment. These are far better photographs than capturing both of your heads buried in a Mass Booklet!


Hand in Hand

I also find that when your hands are free of the Mass Booklet you are much more likely to hold hands and to have some special moments together at the top of the aisle. These make for very intimate photographs!


A Loving Gaze

There is no need to worry about where the wedding photographer is at any stage during the wedding ceremony. You really don’t need to look at the camera at any stage. It’s far more important that you look at your husband to be or wife to be as these moments are so special.


With This Ring

Exchanging the rings is another key moment in the wedding ceremony. Again, take your time here and make sure to look at one another and not at the celebrant. Your celebrant is there to help you through the words that you need to say but you should be saying these words to your husband/wife to be. Not the celebrant!


Totes Emosh!

It’s a HUGELY emotional day! The wedding ceremony and the wedding day speeches are the two most likely moments for tears to fall. Don’t worry about this at all. Happy tears are part and parcel of every wedding day and showing your emotions can create magical moments in your photographs.

Have you Bridesmaids to hand with tissues and a fresh application of mascara and your good to go!


Sealed with a Loving Kiss

Your first kiss as a newly married couple is the BIG moment in your wedding ceremony. Don’t be shy! KISS MORE THAN ONCE! Enjoy the moment. Have a hug for a second and smile to your guests. It’s so important to give your wedding photographer a chance to capture these photographs.


I hope you have enjoyed my 8 Top Tips for a picture-perfect wedding ceremony.

Happy planning!

Choosing Best wedding photographer


Cloughjordan House Hotel Wedding

Schedule Wedding Morning

Also some tips on wedding blog :

One Fab Day

Wedding Ceremony Photography - by DKPHOTO WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY

Schedule Morning Wedding Day

Schedule the Morning of your Wedding Day


The Top 3 Ways to Schedule the Morning of your Wedding Day


How to Maximise your Time with your Wedding Photographer?

How to capture both the Bride and the Groom on the morning of your wedding day?


Morning Schedule Wedding Day



I really wanted to share my experience when it comes to the best ways to schedule the morning of your wedding day, when you have one photographer. It’s important to get some photographs with the Groom as well as the Bride on the morning of your wedding day and I have lots of experience as to how you can make this work.

I shoot weddings for my Brides and Grooms alone and I know that you will not be disappointed that you only had one photographer. Believe me, having two photographers does not automatically mean more photographs or better photographs.

This is something that I get asked about a lot, so I have written a separate blog post to explain why I think one professional photographer is ENOUGH!!!

Click here to have a read through:


Second Wedding Photographer or not?



Schedule Morning Wedding Day

Top 3 Ways to Schedule Your Wedding Photographer



I shoot weddings on my own and I have three ways to capture both the Bride and the Groom on the morning of your wedding day.



1. To the Groom!

The first option is that I go to the Groom’s house first. Then I go to the Bride’s house. I need to be at the Bride’s house at around 10/11am.
In order to make this schedule work, the Groom MUST be ready for photographs by 10am at the latest. (Ideally from 9.30am – 10am) Yes! It’s early (which is why it is not always an option ) But if the Groom can pretend to put his suit on in the morning it can work. Remember, the option is there for him to take it off after I leave his house


2. Ladies First

If the distance between the houses is NOT longer than 10minutes I can start at the Bride’s house at 10 am and then travel to the Groom’s house at around 12 pm. I will then come back to the Bride’s house for the final touches. I then leave the Bride’s house and I'm in the Church/Hotel 30minutes before the Mass/ceremony where I meet the Groom and the Groomsmen and Priest - it's very important for me to see Priest before Mass! 

If the distance is more than 10minutes I do not recommend to travel between the houses. My reason for this is very simple - I'll be sitting in my car for 30-40minutes and I am not taking photos while I am travelling. The morning is very short and I can miss a lot of moments in the Bride’s house if I am travelling. In this scenario, I think it is far more beneficial to have more time with the Bride.

TIP:   If the ceremony is at 12 am - ( for example Winter weddings )- I would recommend meeting Groom and Groomsman only at the Church or Venue 30 minutes before the ceremony - please see below, as morning is very short. 




3. Together Forever!

If both the Bride and Groom are staying in the Hotel, it’s just perfect as I can shoot both of you separately and I will not have to worry about missing anything. There is no travel time between you and it is so easy to float between the rooms while keeping you apart.  You have the best of both worlds.



Schedule Morning Wedding Day

Bride morning wedding photos





The majority of my Brides and Grooms get ready in separate locations so from my experience I recommend the following option to create a lot of special photographs:

I start at the Bride’s house at 10 am where I capture the Bride getting ready. It’s very important to follow a few simple rules to make the getting ready part of the morning easy and fun to photograph.


I have often heard the make-up artists wanting to leave the bride until last so that makeup is the freshest.

Please don’t agree to do this. It’s best to have your makeup and hair done before one or two of the Bridesmaids – if there are more than 2 or 3 Bridesmaids.

TRUST ME – You don’t want all Your morning photos without any makeup… 


I then leave the Bride’s house and I'm in the Church/Hotel 30minutes before the Mass/ceremony where I meet the Groom and the Groomsmen. Then I will have photos with the Groom greeting guests, his family arriving and I always take a few nice moments with the Groom relaxing with his Groomsmen.


Groom wedding morning at church

Morning wedding Groom


Photos from an amazing day at Ballymagarvey Village



I have lots of tips and advice for a stress-free wedding day here:


How to plan stress free wedding?



Scheduling Your Videographer

If you have a Videographer, I advise you to request that he or she will leave your house with enough time to get to the ceremony at least 30minutes before it is due to start. This allows time to set up cameras and sound so that all the equipment has been tested and is working perfectly.


The 30min before the ceremony rule, works for both me as the photographer and for the videographer, for a stress-free ceremony.


I hope that these top three ideas help you to figure out the best way to schedule your time with your photographer on the morning of your wedding.

Happy planning and I hope to hear from you soon :)


Average price Wedding photographer Ireland?


Award winning photographer Ireland DublinDaniel

Wedding Photographer Dublin Ireland Wicklow Kildare DKPHOTO

Choosing the best Wedding Photographer?

Top tips for choosing the best Wedding Photographer

Am I the right Wedding Photographer for You?



You’ve Got a Friend in Me!

My number one goal is to work with my Brides and Grooms as friends and to build a really positive relationship with them. I do not think about my wedding day couples as clients. I really do see them as friends. By having a genuine friendship relationship with my Brides and Grooms I can do my best work as a wedding photographer.


Award winning photographer Ireland Dublin

Your Wedding Day is not a Photoshoot!

I should not say that as I'm a wedding photographer But, let me explain!


Not every wedding photographer is for you. As I’m getting married next year, I’m on the same side as you. I’m looking for the perfect wedding photographer to photograph our wedding day. You have to do a lot of research to find the wedding photographer that makes you feel WOW! Look at the AMAZING photographs they have taken! But also, you have to meet with the photographer to make sure that you want this person to be with you on your wedding day. Remember, your photographer will be one of the people who you will spend so much time with on the most important day of your life! It is so important that you get on.

With this Top Tip in mind, I wrote a very important post offering tips and advice on how to choose the right wedding photographer for your wedding day. Click on the link below:


How to choose the right wedding photographer?


My Approach

But I want to say something about me…

I deeply believe that who am I and what I LOVE about wedding photography makes me the right wedding photographer for so many wedding couples.

I'm always very honest with my clients. This is why I have never had an unhappy Bride and Groom and I want it to stay that way!

My style of shooting is very relaxed. I love to have fun with my wedding couples and I strive to capture all the emotions of the day. My main goal is to show the connection and romance between two people in love.


Family Matters!

I’m not a "traditional" wedding photographer but Yes, I am more than happy to take the official Family photos.

Please click on the following link for a blog post on capturing your family photographs with ease:

Family photos on wedding day



But if you are looking for a lot of Family portrait photos on your wedding day then you will not get the variety of photographs that I show on my website in my portfolio. For the best of both worlds, I recommend that we establish a list of family photos which covers all of your immediate family. We can then fly through the list and before you know it you will be free to enjoy your drinks reception.


Capturing the Natural Moments

For me, the most important wedding day photographs capture the emotions and the connection of the couple. It’s not about the perfectly fixed wedding dress on a staircase in a Castle!

If you want all of your wedding photographs to be posed photographs of the two of you looking into camera, then I’m not really your wedding photographer.


Best wedding photographer Ireland

Wedding Photoshoot after your wedding day?

If you want a wedding photoshoot, I would recommend that you book that after your wedding day. On your wedding day you should be enjoying the festivities and spending time with your friends and family.


Drink reception fun photos


A few weeks or months after your wedding day, it is very easy to have a photo session in the mountains or on a beach etc. Whatever your dream location is.

But to answer your question – Yes! I take portrait photos of the Bride and Groom on their wedding day :)



My Portfolio

If you are on my website because someone recommended me to you please check out my portfolio. Have a look at my photographs, my creative approach and how I edit my photos, as your photos will have the same style.

It's so important to see as many photographs from a wedding photographer as possible when you are making your decision. The photographs of your wedding day will have the same style of edit and colours he or she uses on their website. By doing the research their will be no surprises!

If you like a moody dark edit then you need to choose a wedding photographer who edits their photographs that way.

If you love colours and vibrant edits then you need to choose someone who is matching that style. In doing so, you will avoid problems and unnecessary misunderstandings for you and your wedding photographer.

Wedding real moments

De-stress Wedding

Please also read a post that I have written about creating a Stress-Free wedding. This post explains a lot about my style of shooting:

How to Plan Stress-free wedding?



And last but by no means least, please read this testimonial that I have recently received, before I have even delivered the photographs to the Bride and Groom.

"Hi Daniel, 

Sorry I’m only getting to mail now, we only came home from honeymoon last night.

Firstly, I just want to say you were absolutely fantastic and put me at ease from the moment you came to our room. Your questions and help at the start really rested my mind as I was very nervous, you told me exactly what I should do from not only a photograph point of view but about walking up the aisle etc. I was glad to have you talk me through all that.  

Secondly my children think you are the coolest person on earth, they have not stopped talking about you. Thank you for being so good to them. You went above and beyond and I am very grateful. 

Lastly you were a pleasure to work with, I forgot you were there and I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed the posed photos in the garden. I really got into it as you were so positive and encouraging. You made us both feel good about ourselves. 

I cannot wait to see our photos and thanks again for being amazing. You are the best. 

Samantha and David"


"Daniel is just wow! My wife and myself are amazed with him. 
He is just fantastic man, we are deaf couple, he wasn’t nervous about us being deaf, he used gestures to communicate with us so there was no communication-barrier between us. 
he make us feel relaxing and keep us happy. 

We had him from 10 in morning till to roughly at 9 or 10pm, we didn’t even noticed that he was there and he still took pictures of us.
Photo booth was brilliant, all of our guests loved it!
His pricing is well worth it. If we have to do wedding again, Daniel will be our first choice without a question.
Our wedding was supposed to be on 11th of November but Daniel wasn’t available so we changed our date  because he was available on that day, we only changed the date because we want him to be our photographer.
Ten out of ten, brilliant photographer and really lovely man".

Sabrina and Harry


I hope you have found my tips and advice helpful and that you will find it easy to choose the right wedding photographer for your wedding day.

Happy Planning!


Top 10 Tips for the Groom and Groomsmen

Top 10 Tips for the Groom and Groomsmen

Top 10 Tips for the Groom and Groomsmen - DKPHOTO


Top 10 Tips for the Groom and Groomsmen

Groom and Groomsman - top 10-groom-tips



I have thought for a long time about writing a post for the Groom and Groomsmen, but I’m not sure if ANY Groomsman it Groom will even read this :) Ha-ha!

But these tips - do and don’ts - will really help your wedding photographer to take good photos.


  • Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Don't be afraid to show emotions. There is absolutely no shame in crying on your wedding day.

Smiles and tears create epic wedding stories! Your photographer will never show those photos online without your permission as we know that these can be very private moments so don't be afraid to let your emotions out.


Groom face

  • Unplug

Try to avoid using your phone on your wedding if possible. Of course, if you need to plan travel, or you need to contact someone that is ok. But if you are in one location all day enjoy your wedding day without a phone.
You don't want to spend all day on your phone. There will be no time to relax and enjoy a wedding day if you have your head stuck in your phone.


Click here for more info on an unplugged wedding.


  • Be Prepared

If you want getting ready photos be sure that you are ready with your Groomsman or Best Man as your photographer needs to take your photographs quickly in order to and come back to your Bride!

Don’t start taking a shower if your photographer is due to arrive! Be ready before and your Groomsman. It will help your photographer and you will get better photos!

Groom and Groomsmen morning

  • Loose the clutter

Don't leave anything in your pockets during whole wedding day! I’m talking about car keys, coins, phones etc. Pockets get very bulky and your photographer can't edit that in photoshop later. You can hold anything you need in your jacket. It will look much better in your photos. Leave the rest of your bits and pieces in the car or hotel room - You don't need it!


  • Open or closed jacket on your wedding date?

I recommend to leave your jacket open all day - the reason is very simple. You should open your jacket when sitting and close it when standing. But men forget to open their jackets when sitting and then your shirt and jacket lifts up and it doesn’t look good at all. In this case better open and have more relaxed look.
If the Groom decides to leave his jacket open, all the groomsmen should open their jackets as well and leave them open all day.

Groom and groomsman

  • Tux tips

If you are wearing a tuxedo please read these tips from an expert :)


  • Buttonholes should be worn on the left!

This is easy to remember when you think of one simple rule: Women on the right as they are always right! :) So, men on the left side.

Don’t put the buttonhole into the small hole in your suit. They need to be pinned. Ask your Mum or your sister to help with that or the Best Man :)


groom boutonniere

  • Eyes on the Prize!

Don't look at the camera during the ceremony - look at your Bride as often as you can and smile to your Bride during the ceremony. She will smile back! Hold each other’s hands during the ceremony, not the mass booklets :)


  • The First Kiss.

This should be any easy request for you to carry out. KISS MORE THAN ONCE – This gives me more of a chance in case I miss the first kiss, I have the second kiss to make sure the moment is captured. Take your time and hold tight – It’s your first kiss as a married couple!!!



First kiss Wedding

  • With This Ring.

Look into your Bride’s eyes when you exchange rings and vows – Try not to look at the ground or at the Priest! When you are looking at your Wife to be - it always creates nice photos!



Most importantly enjoy your wedding day. That is the most important!


Groom fun



Enjoy Your planning!



How to plan winter wedding Ireland

10 Top Tips to help Plan a Winter Wedding in Ireland

 10 Top Tips to help Plan a Winter Wedding in Ireland


With winter around the corner, I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you my top tips for a planning winter wedding from the point of view of a wedding photographer. All of my tips are based on my experience.



Plan a Winter Wedding in Ireland


Winter is best time of the year for lovely sunset photos. I am a Sunset Master Photographer :) if I do say so myself!

First and foremost, you need to know that from 4pm there is no daylight so if you want any daylight photos you must plan your timings well.

The day is very short and all of my tips are to help to get the best wedding photos and to ensure a stress-free wedding day.


Planning Stress-Free Wedding ? :

How to plan stress free wedding?



Sunset Wedding photoBaloons photo wedding


Be ready for the cold. Cosy fur shrugs and pashminas are really beneficial for the bridal party if you want to have photographs taken outside but don’t want your Bridesmaids or the Bride to turn blue!



Plan your ceremony as early as you can! 22nd of December is shortest day of the year. Remember that the day is too short to have your wedding ceremony at 3 pm as by 4 pm it's basically night time.



It’s a really good idea to factor in the weather when deciding on your church and venue for the reception. What is the distance between the church and venue?

How easy will it be for your wedding guests to travel that distance if it's snowing etc?

Just have it in mind when planning - less travelling in winter it's better for You and Your guests!



TOP TIP:  Please do not plan any visits to pubs before Your photos! A day is very, very short! And at 4 pm there is no daylight it's Night time :) ...





It’s a great idea to have spare shoes in the boot of the Bridal car if you would like photos somewhere, besides for example the beautiful tree in Rathsallagh after darkness as it can be very wet. It’s genius to have spare shoes ready to go so that you are not destroying your lovely Louboutin’s or Jimmy Choo shoes :)



Winter wedding photography is very challenging for any wedding photographer. You need to make sure that they have experience dealing with winter conditions and can cope with the lighting or more importantly, the lack of lighting.

Any cut in the budget for your wedding photographer can make a HUGE difference in the quality of your wedding photos.


I explained in there:

Average price for wedding photographer Ireland


Winter weddings should not be taken on by inexperienced wedding photographers as it is so easy to make BIG and costly mistakes.


Winter Wedding IrelandWinter Wedding Ireland



Greet guests: 10 seconds for each person and if its 200 quests giving You approx 35 minutes ...


You can ask your priest to announce at the end of the Mass that the Bride and Groom will greet guests in the hotel, not outside the church as it’s cold.

Also, in the last few months, I have seen Mass without Holy Communion. This change in the ceremony saves approx 20/30 minutes and a lot of priests are OK with that.

With a Winter Wedding, every minute saved is important :)




This could cut the time at the church by 30-50min and will give you more time with family and friends or you can use this saved time to take daylight/sunset photos.




I did a small test for sunset photographs and winter timing a few weeks ago in Ballymagarvey Village:

Imagine this timeline – If your wedding ceremony was at 3 pm in Ballymagarvey Village, but the Bride was a bit late as guests were still arriving so the ceremony starts at 3.20pm. The ceremony takes 45min and then there was a greeting line after the ceremony. We would be lucky to start taking your wedding photos by 4.30pm. Your winter wedding photographs would be taken in pure darkness.



TOP TIP: Winter Wedding at Ballymagarvey when the ceremony is at 3 pm on site please plan first look then at for example 1.30pm 




In this case, by dropping the greeting line you would get a chance to take some stunning sunset photos in the back of Ballymagarvey Village!!!

Irish Wedding Venues Ballymagarvey Village


Be sure to have the family photos taken SUPER fast. It’s a cold day so keep the list of photos needed as short as possible so that you will not subject your family to getting cold while they wait for everyone :) Also your family are much more likely to scatter off as they will not want to stay outside getting cold!

Se more details there:

Family photos on Your Wedding Day


With a winter wedding, I always advise avoiding any visits between the church and the hotel (Pubs and landmarks for example) as the day is very short.


I love winter weddings and I'm always very busy shooting winter weddings but I wanted to take this opportunity to share some small tips based on my experience :)

Enjoy your planning and see you soon!



Wedding Ceremony Photography

Alternative, creative, quirky, reportage, documentary wedding photographer

Alternative, creative, reportage, documentary wedding photographer?

What is  alternative, creative, reportage, documentary wedding photographer?


Alternative, creative, quirky, reportage, documentary wedding photographer?

So many of my Brides and Grooms come to me overwhelmed and confused! They have heard their friends and family who have gotten married, talk about wedding photography and wedding photographers. There are so many words being used now to describe Irish wedding photography and what makes for a great wedding photographer.

Words like reportage, alternative wedding photography, documentary and a creative photographer can cause panic for a Bride and Groom who want to book the right wedding photographer for their wedding day. But what do all those words mean?!


Allow me to explain, as I am an alternative, creative, reportage, documentary wedding photographer!   … :)


I work with Brides and Grooms on their wedding day in a way that allows them to ENJOY their day. To me, that is 100% the most important thing. You do not want to spend hours posing for pictures and faking moments. I allow the day to unfold and I capture the magic moments of your wedding day as they happen.

I am there to create the wedding photographs that will tell the story of your day. From the excitement and celebrations in the morning to the party on the dance floor after midnight! I am there in the background documenting your beautiful day.

Wedding photography has moved away from posed photos and contrived “moments”. Of course, I will take the traditional family line up of photographs that are important to have (and anything that you Mother or Grandmother are insisting upon!) but my main focus is to allow you to enjoy your day uninterrupted and free of hours of photo taking.:


see more details there about family photos:

Family photos on wedding day


I always ask my Brides and Grooms to sneak away for 20min with me to enjoy some special time together in a romantic setting. Wedding days go by so quickly after all of the months and years of planning. That is why I encourage my wedding day couples to take some time out together. To talk about all that has happened so far in the day and to enjoy a celebratory glass of champagne together. I have one rule! That they completely forget that I am there and to forget all about a camera. Just enjoy the time together. It’s such a special day and these moments make for the most beautiful photographs, that you will treasure forever.

My wedding day couples are all so different. Some people dream of a fairy-tale princess castle, while others want to throw a party in a hay shed. I have seen it all and everything in between. Each and every wedding day is different and so it should be.

The most important thing is for all of The Brides and Grooms to enjoy their day and to have their wedding day moments captured. The laughter and tears, the nerves and excitement. It all comes together to be the best day of your life and my job is to capture those moments for you.


Have a look through my portfolios to see some samples of my work and I am more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

How to choose right wedding photographer?

How to plan stress free wedding?

Average price for wedding photographer


Enjoy all your planning and you can now relax – The reportage, alternative, documentary and creative wedding photographer that you are looking for is not as hard to find as you may think!


Also if You are planning an alternative wedding in Ireland :

I hope to talk to you soon!

alternative, creative, rapportage, documentary photography

wedding sparklers photos

Sparklers Wedding Photos

Sparklers Photos - what You need?

I Love sparklers in photos! I have shown a lot of sparklers beings used in my photos on my website over the last few years

Sparklers Photos on Your Wedding Day!

I Love sparklers in photos! I have shown a lot of sparklers beings used in my photos on my website over the last few years. So many of my future Brides and Grooms get excited when they see these pictures and really like the idea of using this idea on their wedding day.

I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you my top tips when it comes to using sparklers on your wedding day. There is more to it than meets the eye!

I would love for you get really WOW photos with sparklers so let’s go through the most frequently asked questions about sparklers!


Darkness into Light!

First and foremost, for sparklers to be effective they have to be used in a dark place. If it’s not dark the photo will never look good. For this reason, you must remember this very important rule:

  • SUMMER – time for sunset photos or just evening photos (I love them as well! )



  • WINTER – It gets very dark very quickly which is ideal for sparkler photos. From 5 pm onwards will work fine


Winter Wedding Ireland



Perfect Timing

It’s important to understand that the sparklers can be done only at one stage of your wedding day. I highly recommend just before the first dance as 99% photographers are not staying longer than a few dances and if you are having a summer wedding you need to allow time for the darkness to fall.


What kind of sparklers to buy and how many sparklers?


This is so important - YOU NEED LONG SPARKLERS. I use 18-inch sparklers or longer for photos so that we have time to get some really nice options once they are lit.

If there are a lot of people that you want in the photo, then the longer the sparklers, the more time you have to capture these magic moments!
I think 50cm LONG sparklers for a photo shoot is enough


I think You don't need more than 20-40 sparklers for group shoot- You don't need all quests just a few people who love to have some fun! :)


Here is a photo as an example:


Sparklers Photos Wedding



You can find sparklers here:

 Size does matter here  16” or 18” are best !!!



The sparklers will create a WOW moment but I always like to plan the perfect place for that photo. I feel it is most important to make the most of the moment




Ballybeg House weddingBallybeg House weddingBallybeg House weddingBallybeg House wedding



Solo Sparklers!


Sometimes it is a better idea to take the Bride and Groom on their own. I recommend this if I can’t find a good location to have the sparkler shoot with a lot of people - MOST HOTELS are those places as some hotels have a lot of lights outside which ruin the sparkler effect.

Then it is better to get just the Bride and Groom with a few sparklers. It’s much faster and it’s less stress than trying to convince your wedding guests to come outside in the cold when they are enjoying themselves.


To Sum Up!

SO, in summary it is most important to buy long sparklers and ask Your wedding photographer if its better to take SOLO photo or photo with some of Your quests.


I hope that these tips will help you to capture that perfect sparkler photo as you start your life together as husband and wife. Enjoy all the planning and I hope to hear from you as you choose your wedding photographer.


You can find more tips :



Average price wedding photographer Ireland

Average price for a wedding photographer - Dublin and Ireland?

What is the average price for a wedding photographer in Dublin and Ireland?


What is the typical or average cost for a wedding photographer in Dublin and Ireland


Wedding Photography Packages?


How do I avoid losing half of my wedding day getting my wedding photographs taken?
The big wedding day questions answered!





  • Here are the most of the common questions that I get asked by my Brides and Grooms?
  • How much will a wedding photographer cost and why?
  • What is the average price for a wedding photographer Dublin and Ireland?
  • How can I save money on my wedding day - wedding photography packages?
  • How do I avoid losing half of my wedding day getting my wedding photographs taken?




I hope that by answering these questions for you that I will help you to plan a stress-free wedding budget.





I will be the Groom on June 1st 2019 and we are in full swing planning our own wedding. This is why I think I can answer that question as I'm on both sides – I am the Groom and the wedding photographer with hundreds of weddings in my portfolio.





The wedding budget is very important and it is the list that you will agonise and stress over as the planning starts and the costs slowly begin to mount.

The budget will have a HUGE impact on your wedding day and what you choose to spend your hard-earned money on needs careful consideration. What decisions will have the biggest impact on your memories, how you spend your day, how long you will need to spend looking at the camera, how much time you will have to enjoy the day with family and friends?

A lot of people keep asking the same question on Wedding Facebook Group: What is the average cost for a wedding photographer?

I want to answer this important question in the best possible way :)


The Quick Answer: The average price- ( wedding packages)  in 2018 for a wedding photographer in Ireland according to One Fab Day is between €2,000 and €4,000.




While this rate might be okay for some, perhaps it will not be for others. Yes, it’s a lot of money! Is it worth spending so much???


In the last few months alone, I've gotten a lot of emails from people who want me to reshoot their wedding photos, as they are not happy with their wedding photographer’s photos. (Not my work, but because they had hired inexperienced wedding photographer or family member...)




A lot of people regret saving the €200-€500 that they made by booking the more affordable option. They needed the cost of the photographer to fit the price that they had in mind in their wedding budget. It can be such a costly saving!

I have to remind the wedding couples that you cannot recreate the emotions, moments and atmosphere that you have on the most important day of your life! It is impossible to re-shoot so I strongly recommend that you make sure that you are very excited by your wedding photographers’ portfolio before you make the booking.


  • First things first
    How important are your wedding day photographs to you?


  • The second question
    Would you risk hiring someone whose portfolio of photos are ok but not great, but the price is far less - €400, €500, €900 less?


  • The last and most important question
    How much would you pay for your amazing memories to be captured professionally on your wedding day?


Couples don't realise how much of an impact the wedding photographer and videographer will have on their wedding day.


I will try to explain all of this now.


But you can also click through to this post as it goes through this entire topic in loads of detail:
How to choose the right wedding photographer?


The average price for a photographer in Ireland and Dublin is between €400 and €4000. I know these figures as they are based on figures I got when I was looking for my own wedding photographer. These figures are based on my own experience as a Groom trying to find the right wedding photographer.


I guarantee you that you will find a photographer ranging from both ends of that scale.
So, what is the difference between the photographer you can book for €400 and the photographer you can book for €4000???


Firstly, would you like an average photographer to work on your wedding day or the best photographer with years of experience? (Of course, you want the best photographer for the cheapest price, but that is not realistic!)


That's the difference - There is no way that you will book a good photographer with experience at approx. €1000.






Average price wedding photographer Ireland



I know that a good photographer can have very different meanings as each and every person has a different opinion. I recommend that you find the photographer that makes you excited when you go through their portfolio and makes you think WOW – What a great photograph for that couple!!!


When I was looking for a wedding photographer for my own wedding I got a lot of quotes ranging from €1000 to €1500 euros. But, I didn't see anyone with a lot of experience and with breathtaking photos.


You must find the wedding photographer who has a portfolio that excites you and then look at the costs of hiring him or her. This is why asking for an average price is not a good idea as an average price is anywhere between €400-€4000.



I have seen that €2000- €3000 prices are from experienced and exciting photographers
in Ireland. When you are spending that money, you are going to be in good hands - believe me!



Having an experienced and talented wedding photographer on your wedding day ensures that you have a stress-free day and you are safe in the knowledge that your WOW moments are being captured.

A stress-free bride and groom are so important to me. I have gone through the secrets to a stress-free wedding in another post that you can read through by clicking here:


Planning stress free wedding

Experience is very important. Wedding photographers with experience can help you to plan your wedding day and they know how to work on the wedding day to ensure that they have a lot of good photos. They have to be able to achieve this very fast and in an efficient way. In doing so you will still have a lot of time with your family and friends.




Photographers without experience will waste time using poor locations that have little potential to capture good photos. They lose time and daylight trying to get photos for ages. All the while, your day is sipping by and you miss out on time with your friends and family who are waiting for you at your wedding reception.


You can miss out on enjoying your wedding day - for €400 euros in savings? Hmmmmm...


It happens very often. Last week I shot a wedding and the Bride’s sister told me that she had absolutely no time with her guests as the photographer took ages taking their photographs and she felt her whole day was spent posing for him. She was very disappointed.



That's the risk - Booking someone who will be learning about wedding photography on your wedding day is not a position you want to be in. You need someone who has experience in being fast and efficient.



If you are getting married in Fota Ireland, Altamont Gardens or The Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin and many other places for example; they require that your wedding photographer has an insurance policy up to 6.5 million euros.

A cheap wedding photographer will not have any insurance and he can be banned from your venue. That is a problem and stress that you don’t want the week or days before your wedding.


A sample of my own Photography Permit -  Fota Gardens  





A good professional wedding photographer will have your wedding day photographs backed up in a few places to make sure that they are kept safe and secure. They will also ensure that they are saved online just in case of a fire in an office etc.

Online backup is very expensive and most average photographers will have no online copy  - as it’s just too expensive, but a professional wedding photographer will invest in this security.

You are risking losing your photos if something goes wrong when you book a cheap wedding photographer.



A professional wedding photographer will use a camera that makes an instant copy straight into the camera. Again, if something goes wrong your photos are on two copies on two separate cards in the camera, so there is not fear in losing your precious images.



How do you want your photographs to look - Very posed and staged?
Make sure to look through your wedding photographer’s portfolio. This will give you a good example of their style of photography. Make sure you look through one couples day and not a montage of the photographer’s best photographs from a hundred different weddings. You can tell then, that the photographer will get something similar on your day.

When I was looking for our wedding photographer I was looking at the photographer’s website - It was WOW but then when I saw a full wedding album it was very very average... The photographer got lucky with ONE WOW MOMENT. You want more than that!


How much You will pay for amazing memories???

Wedding Photography Packages?


Average cost wedding photographer Ireland


Wedding photographer prices Ireland

It is the BIG question and I have explained this topic in more detail on my pricing page and in this post:


How to choose the right wedding photographer?


Remember one very important point. Your photographer will spend your wedding day with you. Make sure that you check the testimonials of your chosen photographer :

You can see my testimonials here:
Wedding photographer testimonials


Keith a wedding videographer, has taken the time to write about his perspective of hiring the right wedding videographer.


And most importantly, the more relaxed and comfortable your photographer can make you feel in front of the camera the better your photos will look.



I received this yesterday:

Daniel, we had so much fun with you... it was like being with a lifelong friend... Thank you so much for everything. I haven't laughed so much!




There is no average!
There is also no magic – the best wedding photographer will cost money but those photos will stay with you forever.

You need to answer this very important question:
If I book a cheaper option will I be able to relax on my wedding day and be confident that my wedding photographer is going to have the WOW Factor??? Is having peace of mind worth the €400/€500 saving?


Remember that after your wedding, only your memories and photos stay with you - nothing else.

So please make a good decision an avoid disappointment as after the wedding it is too late!


I hope these pointers have been helpful to you. Enjoy all your wedding planning. I hope to hear from you to go through my portfolios as I would love to be part of your very special day.



Average cost wedding photographer Ireland

Perfect Wedding Venue close to Dublin Palmerstown Estate

Perfect Wedding Venue close to Dublin?

Looking for a Picture-Perfect Wedding Venue close to Dublin?

Palmerstown House Estate

Are You looking for the perfect romantic wedding venue close to Dublin?




Perfect Wedding Venue close to Dublin?


I have had the pleasure of photographing a number of my wedding day couples in the Palmerstown House Estate, Johnstown, Co Kildare. I had to mention it on my blog as it is such a special location. It is the perfect wedding location for any wedding couple that wants to have a wedding in Dublin, but who also want the WOW factor of a country manor. It's also every wedding photographer in Dublin dream to work there!

A short 30min drive away from the capital city gives brides and grooms the keys to host their wedding day in this stunning historical house. It is located on a huge site and it is surrounded by beautiful gardens and walkways. There is something truly magical about this beautiful building.

The bridal suite is absolutely fabulous. It is the height of luxury with its four-poster bed, draped windows and comfortable suite of furniture. Any bride getting ready here on the morning of her wedding day will have a smile on her face and a smile for the camera.



The Palmerstown House Estate - Perfect Wedding Venue close to Dublin?


is a photographer’s dream for the external wedding shoot. The building itself makes for an impressive backdrop in any picture. Around every corner there are pretty steps, arches and pillars to work with. Plus, the walkways through the garden and woodlands make for wonderfully romantic moments for the newlyweds.


Perfect Wedding Venue close to Dublin? Palmerstown EstateThe Manor House and the Golf Lodge are at the disposal of the wedding couple and they both offer exciting locations to host your guests for prosecco, canapes and the wedding day celebrations. I have seen both locations set up and the Palmerstown House Hotel pull out all the stops to ensure that you and your guests are getting the 5-star treatment.


Perfect Wedding Venue close to Dublin? The Manor House


is the perfect location for any wedding couple that wants to experience an elegant wedding day celebration that is steeped in history. The décor of all the rooms in the manor is luxurious and opulent. That WOW factor flows into the wedding celebrations as the beautiful chairs, table decorations and centrepieces all work together to create a dinner party that Lady Mary in Downtown Abbey would be proud of!

The Golf Lodge boasts a wonderful view across the 18-hole golf course on the site. I have seen this used for larger wedding parties of 200 as the High Chapparel Suite at the Golf Lodge can cater for larger groups.


One of the most WOW locations


in the Manor is the staircase that leads into the main hall of the wedding reception. It is lit by a magnificent chandelier and it transports you back to the era off the 1800’s. It’s this sense of old-world romance and elegance that makes The Palmerstown House Hotel a very special wedding location.

Staircase Palmerstown Estate

To find out more about this exciting location log onto:


Cloghjordan Wedding Venue

Perfect Wedding Venue close to Dublin? by Wedding Photographer DKPHOTO

Here are some sample photographs from the weddings that I have photographed at The Palmerstown House Hotel over the last few years: