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Passport photo

Professional Passport Photo Carlow

Are you looking for a professional passport photo service in Carlow town? 

Passport photo can be done ONLY IN CARLOW TOWN WHERE IM BASED!

Guidelines for a passport photo for Pose and Visuals:

  • You need to stand in front of a completely plain, light grey, white or cream background
  • No objects such as door panels or plants should be visible in your passport photo
  • Your photo must be in focus, lighting and colour should be balanced, not too dark or too light
  • There must not be any shadows on your face or behind your head
  • Ensure your facial features are clearly visible, hair should not cover any part of the eyes
  • Glasses can be worn in your photo, provided the frame is not covering any part of your eyes and there is no glare on the lenses.
  • Make sure your expression is neutral, you are not smiling and your mouth is closed
  • Do not tilt your head up/down or left/right. Look straight into the camera
  • Please ensure there is visible space between your head and shoulders and the edge of your photo

Professional Passport Photo Carlow

  • You cannot take a ‘selfie’ or use a webcam
  • You can take a photo with a digital camera or smartphone, but the zooming function on the smartphone should not be used
  • The photo must capture your image from head to mid-torso (your photo will be cropped to the correct size for a passport photo during the online application process)

Professional Passport Photo Carlow

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