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Are you looking for your perfect exclusive wedding album?


We are so confident that we can offer 2 years warranty for our wedding albums


You don’t need to be our wedding client to book your wedding album with us. We only need your wedding photos in high resolution.


  • Would you like the peace of mind of a 2-year warranty?
  • I’m more than happy to design your wedding album for FREE and deliver to your doorstep!
  • We deliver all albums for free – Republic of Ireland
  • Do you like the idea of having your wedding album hand made with a huge emphasis on quality?
  • If your wedding photographer can’t provide you with an album or if you are not happy with the style of album that he or she is offering.
  • We offer a few different types and cover materials. We have high quality leather, fabrics and colours to choose from.
  • We also have additional options for you to put a photograph on the cover, engraving on the cover, as well as storing the album in wooden boxes.
  • Please feel free to contact us to get more info about our wedding albums as we would love to talk you through all the options and to deliver on what you have in mind.
    The pricing options on our wedding albums are below.
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Backing up photos on multiple drives and discs may be fine for the short term, but digital storage eventually suffers from ‘data rot’!  Decades from now, you'll be showing your grandchildren images from this day, and you'll be so glad you invested in preserving these memories in wedding albums. 

Only in the last few weeks, several people have got in touch with me because they’d lost their USB with their wedding pictures, or it wasn’t working, or they’d lost their digital copies on their computer.

Most people have to suffer the awful loss of precious photos in order to take the precautions needed to ensure it never happens again!

Now I do, of course, keep digital copies of all my photos on my hard drive and also store them in the cloud, but we never know what can happen when it comes to storage.

This is why I always recommend:

Always have your own online copy of your wedding photos – (DROPBOX)  and always print your album after your wedding as I keep a copy of Your wedding photos in my files for 6 months.

Google boss, Vint Cerf, says ‘Print out your photos!’. Print out your most treasured photos or risk losing them!

He said in February 2015 that, as operating systems and software get updated, documents and photos stored on old tech can become inaccessible.

Backing up photos on multiple drives and discs may be fine for the short term, but digital storage eventually suffers from ‘data rot’.

And storing in the cloud with Google, Amazon, etc is pricey – and these companies may not be around in the coming decades.

Dr Cerf warned that vast amounts of digital information may soon be lost in a new digital “dark age”, so, to ensure the long-term survival of important photos, it’s essential to print them out physically and keep the prints in a safe place.

That’s why I strongly recommend that people make sure to order a wedding photo album so they have all their best wedding photos printed out.

To suit all comers, I offer several types of albums, at different prices. They’re very affordable and will cost you less than paying for cloud storage

If You have any questions please contact me.

If you have not booked an album in your package we have album offers for you to choose from.

Plus, it’s incredibly easy to build your wedding album and to choose your favourite photos. It’s a very easy process. Just click the small heart in the online gallery, tag the photo as FAVOURITES and create a list of your favourite photos.


When you have a list please contact me and we can design your wedding album using your chosen photos!

I can offer handmade wedding albums – they are just amazing.

In all my years in the wedding business I have tested so many wedding albums but only now I am 100% happy with the wedding albums I offer and my supplier.

The quality is amazing.

I can offer two types of albums – Photobooks with photos printed into the pages (our most popular albums) or traditional style albums with photos printed and glued into pages.


Our most popular size is 30×45 cm 60 pages which features 150 photos

You can get a more affordable album with 40 pages but then you can fit only 100 photos into the album design.

In a 30 page album I can fit no more than 80 photos.

In my experience, most of my couples struggle to choose only 80 photos for album.

Please be sure that you make an online copy of all your photos – DROPBOX or AMAZON DRIVE WORKS GREAT AND THEY’RE FREE OF CHARGE!

Wedding Albums Sample videos:

30x45 cm 40 or 60 pages - most popular album

20x30 cm 40 pages

20x30 cm 40 pages with box

Traditional Album

Wedding Albums Pricelist

Standard 30x45cm 60 pages wedding album with leather cover- (150 photos design). -most popular wedding album
Standard 30x45cm 40 pages wedding album with leather cover - (100 photos design)
30x30cm 40 pages wedding album with leather cover - (80 photos design)
Small wedding albums 20x30cm 60 pages  - ( price for one wedding album )
Small wedding album 20x30cm 40 pages  - ( price for one wedding album )
Traditional wedding album with 100 photos printed and glued on pages - (100 pages wedding album)
Box for wedding albums - handmade wood/leather boxes.  Highly recommended! Secure wedding album against dust, water, dirt also during transportation ...
Shipping costs.
FREE - Republic of Ireland
Extra USB drive with all Your photos - can be used as a gift.


DEAL - one album half price plus discount on wooden box


SET OF ALBUMS - ( Christmas Gifts idea for your family? ) - most popular set!

 Standard  Wedding Album 30x45 60 pages with WOODEN BOX  + 2 small wedding albums 20x30cm 60 pages with pouches - ( price for two wedding albums - with one small album half price! -  all albums same design )

DEAL - one album half price plus discount on wooden box

  SET OF ALBUMS - ( Christmas Gifts idea for your family? )  Standard  Wedding Album 30x45 40 pages with WOODEN BOX  + 2 small wedding albums 20x30cm 40 pages with pouches - ( price for two wedding albums - with one album half price! -  all albums same design )

…” what can I say Daniel and Anna….

this is the most beautiful wedding album I’ve ever seen!

it is made of the highest quality the leather, the album, the suede cover, the extremely heavy wooden and leather box!

it’s just a dream …never mind the actual photos which are just the most natural and romantic and funny all in one!

we are thrilled with every bit of your wedding photography service and have already got our friend to book you for September….can not recommend enough!

I know now why you won all those awards! “