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Wedding Checklist

Wedding Checklist – The ultimate guide to serene wedding planning

So, the big question has been popped. You said YES! And your family is in a state of delirious excitement about the big day, but as you sit down to start planning, it feels like there are a million things to be done, and you’re not sure when to do what or how to manage it.

Not to worry! We’ve put together a wedding planning checklist, divided into categories so that you can plan your wedding in serene bliss.

Wedding Checklist - The ultimate guide to serene wedding planning 1

The Basics

Before you get swept away in the myriad of little details, Pinterest Pins and Instagram ideas you’ve seen, you need to take care of the basics:

1: Planning with your partner:

To prevent wedding planning from taking over every aspect of your life, set up some time with your partner. You can make this every day for 20 minutes or once a week for an hour or two. Having time set aside will also help you to be more organised when you do discuss wedding planning.

2: Buy a wedding planning book.

Documenting what both of you want, along with quotes, timing, and decisions, will be enormously helpful as you get closer to your big day. While you may think you have superpowers, keeping hundreds of details straight is trickier than you might think.

3: Decide on a budget

To avoid starting your married life drowning in debt, deciding on a budget together and keeping each other accountable to it will do more for married bliss than you can imagine. If you are going to accept financial help from family, decide what they will be paying for and how you are going to navigate their opinions on those items.

4: Decide on a season for your wedding.

The season you choose for your wedding will affect everything, from venue to clothing to the availability of wedding service providers.

5: Decide on a theme for your wedding

If you’ve always dreamed of a country wedding, but your partner wanted a formal wedding, you may have to discuss compromises. Once you’ve agreed on a way forward, the real wedding planning fun begins.

Wedding Checklist - The ultimate guide to serene wedding planning 2

The Wedding Bookings

1: The Venue

Wedding Checklist - The ultimate guide to serene wedding planning 3

Take some time to research wedding venues and draw up a checklist of things that are very important to you. Venues often dictate the number of guests you can invite, along with a range of other aspects to the wedding.

Once you’ve chosen a venue, you will be able to see which dates are available and suit you and your partner best.

2: The Photographer

Research your photographer very well and ask for references before you book him or her. Your photographs will be the only thing you have of your wedding other than your memories, so it’s incredibly important that you choose the right wedding photographer.

3: The Food

Incorporating food memories into your wedding feast is a lovely way to remind each other of your history and romance. Plan your wedding feast from the time guests arrive to the time they leave.

Wedding Checklist - The ultimate guide to serene wedding planning 4

4: The Music

Music at a wedding is such an important aspect of your big day, so think about the musical journey you’d like to experience from the moment you arrive until the last light winks out.

5: The Flowers and décor

Great wedding service providers are busy people, so booking them well in advance will help you to have a seamless wedding day experience.

It’s important to book these service providers before sending out wedding invitations because you may need to change the date to accommodate everything you want in your big day.

Wedding Checklist planning wedding

The People

1: The Person Marrying You

If you have a particular person in mind when it comes to who will marry you, make sure you have booked their time and communicate exactly what you had in mind.

2: The wedding party

Decide how many people you would like in your wedding party and ask them to join you on your big day before you send out general invitations. There are so many lovely ideas of how to ask someone to be part of your special day, so make sure you plan it well in advance.

Wedding Checklist - The ultimate guide to serene wedding planning 5

3: The guests of honour

Other than the people directly involved in your wedding party, you may have close friends and family members who are guests of honour. If you’d like to have a special moment with them at your wedding, make sure you discuss it with your partner and incorporate it into the planning.

4: The guests

Once you have all the information from the venue, you can put together a guest budget that will help to inform how many people you can invite to your wedding. Make sure you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to guests.

5: The helpers

The last thing you want to be doing on your wedding day is running around like a headless chicken trying to sort out details. Ask one or two people to be your go-between so that you can relax while they sort out any hiccups.

Wedding Checklist planning wedding
Wedding Checklist

The Details

As you get closer to your big day the number of details that need to be managed increases. Keep a clear list with dates and reminders so that nothing is forgotten. Here are 5 of the key aspects to keep in mind.

1: Clothes

Discuss colours and style with your partner so that you are both agreed on what you’d like your wedding party to look like. This may include being a little direct with flamboyant family members.

Wedding Checklist

2: Seating

Managing family politics can be one of the trickiest aspects to any wedding. By planning and managing the seating arrangements of your wedding, you can avoid bad blood from spoiling your day.

3: Running Order

Make sure you have a written running order of how you would like the day to go and what you would like your guests, your wedding party and the two of you to experience throughout the day. Communicate this clearly with your wedding services providers.

4: Traditions

There is something so lovely about starting or continuing family tradition at a wedding. Discuss what wedding, cultural, or religious traditions your family would like included in the wedding.

5: Stolen Moments

Plan for some stolen moments with your partner during the day. A few moments in which you can catch your breath and enjoy each other’s company.

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