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Cloughjordan House weddding Alternative Wedding Venue

Cloughjordan House Wedding – Alternative Venue


Cloughjordan House – Alternative Wedding Venue by DKPHOTO

Cloughjordan House Wedding – Alternative Wedding Venue

Cloughjordan House Wedding- photos by DK PHOTO

One of my favourite wedding venues in Ireland is Cloughjordan House in Co. Tipperary. This is a venue with a difference. There is a real sense that you are having an epic house party in this incredible old manor house. The house is set on a site of 8 acres and as you take in the expansive setting there is something very special about Cloughjordan House that takes your breath away.

The staff go above and beyond,

to roll out the red carpet for their wedding day couples and their wedding guests. I definitely associate a feel-good factor with this Irish venue and I always look forward to working with my brides and grooms here.

As a wedding photographer, this venue has so many locations

to choose from for your wedding day photographs. I always feel spoiled for choice when I know I am coming to Cloughjordan House. Around each corner, there is a picture-perfect moment to capture and it is so important to have that on your wedding day.

I have seen so many wedding ceremonies take place across Ireland but Cloughjordan House has the unique ability to offer wedding day couples a range of options to suit their style and the vision each couple has for their wedding day.

Cloughjordan House Wedding

They offer the option of exchanging your wedding day vows outside, surrounded by mother nature, in their rugged forest, which is a short walk through the beautiful grounds. This set up is truly spectacular and there are so many magical moments that I have been able to capture throughout the wedding ceremony in this set up. But you would need to have confidence in the Irish weather, which is always a worry!

I have seen the Manor House itself used as the backdrop to a bride and groom’s ceremony as they can turn the garden into a seated area and they create an aisle up the centre of the garden for the bride and groom to meet and exchange their vows. This beautiful house in the background makes for spectacular photographs throughout your wedding ceremony. It’s a very special set up.

Cloughjordan House is the perfect option!

So many of my brides and grooms are eager to have a laid back and relaxed atmosphere from start to finish on their wedding day. The rustic wood shed at Cloughjordan House is the perfect option if this is the style you are looking for. I have seen this venue decorated in delicate fairy lights, flowers and candle light to create an intimate set up. On the other hand, it works as a space to hang carnival bunting and colourful streamers to create a cosy country barn style wedding.

For the wedding couple eager to create a luxurious and opulent feel they also have a 17th-century ballroom, which boasts stunning chandeliers and wall candles. The WOW factor to impress your wedding guests is here in all its grandeur!

From the moment I arrive to Cloughjordan House on a wedding day morning, there is a wonderful relaxed feeling as you enter the beautiful grounds. While at night, when I slip away to let the bride and groom enjoy their celebrations, the party vibe is in full swing and there is a wonderful excitement that vibrates through this wonderful venue.

As it is one of my favourite Irish locations for a wedding day, please have a look at their website to find out more about this magical venue:

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Cloughjordan House Alternative Wedding Venue by DKPHOTO Wedding photographer

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