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2 hours photo booth

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3 hours photo booth

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4 hours photo booth

Gold Package €450 for limited time only !!!


What is a Photo booth and Why You Should Have Photo booth At Your Wedding ?


  • – Unlimited photos & prints
  • – Unlimited photo & video message options
  • – Real-time video while taking pictures
  • – Huge selection of props
  • – Giant 19″ touchscreen
  • – Fully trained Booth Attendant
  • – Gallery online with all photos
  • – You receive digital copies of every picture taken (on USB)
  • – Duplicate copies of all photos in our deluxe photo album
  • – Most advanced Photo Booth in Ireland: green screen, karaoke option, video messaging, and more






  • Stressed event organizer (SEO): Hi there, Daniel, I’m stuck, I don’t know what to do …
  • Daniel: So sorry to hear that, what’s the problem?
  • SEO: I organize all sorts of events – corporate evenings, children’s parties, family events, and so on – and my own wedding is coming up next month. Help! I don’t know what to do. People now, when they’re not gawking at TV, have their faces glued to tablets and smart phones … it’s impossible to give them a good time unless you lay on non-stop instant entertainment. Lose their attention for a second and they’re zipping off to Facebook and Twitter …
  • Daniel: So what are you thinking of?
  • SEO: I’m not. I haven’t a clue what to do. All I need is something with a real wow factor so my guests can have a blast of fun whenever they want… but that’s going to cost an arm and a leg.
  • Daniel: I think I can help you.
  • SEO: Yeah, yeah, tell me another …
  • Daniel: No, really, all you have to do is say, “Daniel, dear, please bring one of your magic Photo Booths to my wedding …”
  • SEO: What the **** is a Photo Booth?
  • Daniel: It’s new. It’s exciting. It’s revolutionary. It’s cutting-edge. It adds a real wow factor to weddings, parties and special events. And it’s highly affordable.
  • SEO: Cut the marketing crap. What is it?
  • Daniel: Ok, it’s a portable unit that takes great digital pictures. Your guests go inside, one by one or in groups of up to ten. They close the curtains and go mad, especially the women, choosing freely from a huge selection of props, losing all inhibitions, posing and playing up for the camera.There’s a superb printer, so they can print out the photos within a couple of minutes. And they can also get a real-time video of the whole session. And there’s lots more, just look at all the features listed on the DKPHOTO website … a giant touchscreen, a karaoke option, video messaging, a password-protected online gallery with all the photos, a trained Booth Attendant …
  • SEO: Stop! I can’t take it all in!
  • Daniel: A big plus is that people get their pictures almost immediately. When the other guests see what’s going on, they’re into the Photo Booth like a shot. They can also share the pix on Facebook and Twitter, or via email, while they’re still in the booth!Plus there are two versions of each photo, one for your guests and one for you, so you can select at will and create your own photo album!Your guests will be continuously gathering around the Photo Booth and talking about it. It’ll create a terrific buzz during the whole event!
  • SEO: Not during My Speech, I hope?
  • Daniel: Ah come on now, nothing could compete with Your Speech …
  • SEO: So how do I get this for my wedding?
  • Daniel: Oh, just contact one of my team of assistants at 087 780 72 97, go to my Facebook Fanpage or fill out my contact form. But you need to get a move on, as our Photo Booth service is in huge demand …
  • SEO: Will do. But can I get rid of the karaoke option? Please?
  • Daniel: Don’t worry, we’ll make sure the volume is turned down for the full duration of Your Speech…


A Photo Booth is a roomy portable unit that takes excellent digital pictures.
It adds a great ‘wow’ factor to any event, including weddings, corporate events, children’s parties, family events, sporting events, etc.

Whether one by one or in groups, your guests can enter the Photo Booth and have great fun as they lose their inhibitions behind the curtains and pose for the camera.

In just a couple of minutes, they’ll have a set of unlimited photos to take away, and you’ll have a set of copies.



The Photo Booth is rapidly becoming a highly popular type of wedding entertainment – and may become standard before long. Get ahead of the posse, and give your guests a great time – as well as lots of photos to take
home with them.


A Photo Booth can add that something extra to any event. We can customize the booth to suit your needs, such as matching your colour schemes or corporate logo, or changing the photo backdrop.


Whether it’s a birthday party or a ‘any excuse for a party’ type of party, our Photo Booth will make sure your guests have endless fun and leave with a record of funny moments that they can look back at any time they want.


Trying to think up something new for your kiddie party? A Photo Booth is sure to be a big hit. With a wide range of funky props to choose from, the kids will have boundless fun taking mad, ridiculous, crazy photos. But you’d better wear earplugs because the laughter will be deafening…