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8 Top Tips for having a Picture-Perfect Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony Photography by DK PHOTOGRAPHY

8 Top Tips for having a Picture-Perfect Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony Photography

The wedding ceremony is the most important part of your entire day. After all, it is the moment you become husband and wife! I encourage all my Brides and Grooms to absolutely enjoy every single moment of the wedding ceremony and to relax about the photographs that are being taken.

But, so many of my wedding day couples ask me for tips and advice on how to help me to take the best photographs during the wedding ceremony. So, I have decided to dedicate a post to this very topic.

Here are my 8 top tips!

1. Here Comes the Bride!

This is a HUGE moment for every single bride! It can feel very overwhelming. I have had Brides that move very quickly up the aisle as they don’t really like the spotlight, but the most important thing to remember is to take your time.

Walk slowly and say hello to your wedding guests as you make your way up the aisle. Look forward to your groom and take a moment with your Dad or whoever has escorted you.

The more time you take the easier it is for your wedding photographer to capture these moments. We have one chance to take these photographs so the more relaxed and the slower your move the better your photographs will be!

2. Let There Be Light

During the ceremony, you will be invited to light the candles that represent you as a single person. Later in the ceremony, you will light the main candle that represents the married couple, from these two candles. These are very special moments in the ceremony so again I recommend that you take your time with each of the candles. I only have one opportunity to capture these moments so the more time you give me in these moments the better!

3. Step Away from the Mass Booklet!

Top Tip:
Please if at all possible, do not use your booklet during the Mass – (BRIDE AND GROOM). I have so many reasons for asking this:

– You will not have spare hands to hold.
– You will not look at your guests reading
– You will not look at each other!
– Possibly, all of your photos in the church will be you looking into a booklet

If you have any prayers to read – read a prayer and put down the booklet – Hold hands with your new Wife/Husband :)

Another good tip for you is to step away from the Mass Booklet! I know that it is important for you to keep track of the wedding ceremony, but I always recommend that you look at your readers, your celebrant and each other. I can capture some lovely moments when your gaze is in the moment. These are far better photographs than capturing both of your heads buried in a Mass Booklet!

4. Hand in Hand

I also find that when your hands are free of the Mass Booklet you are much more likely to hold hands and to have some special moments together at the top of the aisle. These make for very intimate photographs!

A huge recommendation we would offer to future bride and grooms is to memorize your wedding vows! – it’s only a few words!


I did it myself with my partner in crime :)   In doing so, you can look at each other (not at priest or celebrant) which makes for beautiful photos!

Remember, you always have a backup, as your partner will have to memorize the vows as well!

5. A Loving Gaze

There is no need to worry about where the wedding photographer is at any stage during the wedding ceremony. You really don’t need to look at the camera at any stage. It’s far more important that you look at your husband to be or wife to be as these moments are so special.

6. With This Ring

Exchanging the rings is another key moment in the wedding ceremony. Again, take your time here and make sure to look at one another and not at the celebrant. Your celebrant is there to help you through the words that you need to say but you should be saying these words to your husband/wife to be. Not the celebrant!

7. Totes Emosh!

It’s a HUGELY emotional day! The wedding ceremony and the wedding day speeches are the two most likely moments for tears to fall. Don’t worry about this at all. Happy tears are part and parcel of every wedding day and showing your emotions can create magical moments in your photographs.

Have you Bridesmaids to hand with tissues and a fresh application of mascara and you good to go!

8. Sealed with a Loving Kiss

Your first kiss as a newly married couple is the BIG moment in your wedding ceremony. Don’t be shy! KISS MORE THAN ONCE! Enjoy the moment. Have a hug for a second and smile to your guests. It’s so important to give your wedding photographer a chance to capture these photographs.

I hope you have enjoyed my 8 Top Tips for a picture-perfect wedding ceremony.

Happy planning!

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Wedding Ceremony Photography – by DKPHOTO WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY

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