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Garden Wedding

10 Reasons Nostalgic Garden Weddings Could Be the Right Choice for You.

I’ve featured a wide array of wedding venues on my website and I really like every single one of them, but this article is very special to me because anyone reading it can’t go to this wedding venue. It’s not available –

Garden Wedding in Ireland?


Garden Wedding Ireland

Because the beautiful, nostalgic wedding featured here was held in a personal garden where the history of the bride and groom was woven into the roots, where family and memories from the past combined to tell the story of this couple’s romance.
So why feature a wedding venue you can’t book for your special day? Because I’m hoping you might use this article as inspiration for a wedding that is truly unique to you in a garden that is steeped in your own personal history.
Here are my top 10 reasons nostalgic garden weddings could be right for you, inspired by the beautiful wedding of Ann Marie and Paddy which took place in their back garden.

1.All about YOU!

One of the aspects I particularly love about having a nostalgic garden wedding is that every element is guaranteed to be about you because there is no venue guideline, template, or way of doing things. You can decide exactly what you do and don’t want at your wedding.

2. Venue access

The second aspect of having the wedding in your garden is that you have endless access to the venue for as long as you need beforehand. If you want photographs beneath an arc of roses, you could start growing said roses 2 years before your wedding. The options for a nostalgic garden wedding are endless when it’s in YOUR garden!

3. Set up

For many couples, the week before the wedding can be incredibly stressful as they plan all the bits and pieces that must be safely transported and set up at the venue. In your own garden, there is none of that stress and instead, you can happily set up for weekends in advance.

Garden Wedding Ireland

4. Heritage photograph opportunities

I’ve worked with hundreds of couples over the years and having meaningful photographs that can be passed down to future generations is very important to every one of them. With a wedding in your garden, you can pass down photographs to your children and your grandchildren taken in the same house and garden they might play in! In fact, it could become a family tradition for future generations to get married in your garden.

5. Memory Making

I particularly love the idea of being able to walk around your garden, perhaps with your first child in your arms, reminiscing about your first dance together, or your first kiss as a married couple. Having your wedding in your garden creates nostalgic moments for years to come, as you recall your special day.

Garden Wedding Ireland

6. Better choices for your budget

There is no two ways about it. Weddings are expensive, but with a garden wedding you can choose to spend your money on things that are really important to you and will make your day truly memorable, rather than on a venue hire fee.

7. Unlimited time

Most wedding venues have a schedule to which they run so that they can manage multiple wedding bookings. In your own garden there is no such limitation, so you can spend as much, or as little, time as you like on different aspects of your wedding. In your own garden, there are no time rules and that is a very special thing.

8. Relaxed environment

If you have a moment to watch Ann Marie and Paddy’s wedding video, you’ll be struck by how relaxed and happy everyone looks. A relaxing, warm, familiar environment goes a long way to helping you and your guests feel at home. A nostalgic, warm, family wedding in your garden can be a simple but effective way to make everyone at your wedding party feel completely comfortable.

Garden Wedding Ireland

9. Unique

One thing is 100% certain, your garden wedding will be completely unique because no one else can ever hire the venue. I think there is great value in a wedding venue that offers something intimate, personal, and unique.

10. Party all night long

Finally, having a nostalgic wedding in your garden like Ann Marie and Paddy did enables you to party for as long as you like (providing your DJ or band is up for it) because there are no venue closing rules.

So, if you’re the type of couple who likes to do things your own way, who want freedom and friends and family surrounding you and who wants to make memories you can share for years afterwards, then a wedding in your own garden just might be for you.

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