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Engagement photos Ireland photographer

10 things photographer suggests Shoot Your Engagement or Not to Shoot. Engagement photos/shoot? Yes or Not?

10 things DK Photo’s suggests you think about to help you decide.

I have to start this article by saying I absolutely LOVE shooting engagements. There is something about engagement photo shoots that encapsulates romance in the most fundamental way. My fondness for engagement photograph shoots includes the sweetness, the surprise and the personality of the groom that is so evident in the way he asks his bride for her hand.

I also have a secret (or perhaps not so secret) passion for surprising couples with the amazing footage that encapsulates who they are as people and their unique romance. Engagement photo shoots really provide a wonderful canvas for me to have the best time when it comes to setting up secret cameras, drones and more. (I have a fabulous link I’ll be sharing later in the article of an engagement shoot I did recently.)

Engagement Photographer Ireland
Engagement Photos Ireland

Engagement Photos – To Shoot Your Engagement or Not to Shoot Your Engagement.

But now…on to help you to decide whether an engagement shoot is for you or not.

5 reasons for having an engagement photoshoot.

1. A Forever Moment

Similar to your wedding, an engagement is a once in a lifetime moment. It’s a promise, and it’s the beginning of your journey together. Capturing that forever moment in a subtle way means you have the first moment your family together began – something so precious is worth keeping forever.

2. Professional Photographs at the Start of Your Wedding Journey

So many people invest so much time into professional photographs for their wedding so that they have beautiful pictures with the right lighting, the right image composition, and a professional eye for detail. What better way to start your wedding journey than with professional pictures of your engagement, too?
At DK Photographs, we take the time to understand who you are as a couple so that the details of the location you’ve chosen, the clothing, the friends and family are all captured.

3. Capturing the “Yes”

One of our favourite aspects to engagement photographs is capturing the surprise of the bride to be, the emotion and nerves of the groom and, of course, the “Yes”. If the engagement is a surprise, we spend time with the groom working out the perfect spot to hide, along with the positioning of the bride and groom so that we can capture this precious moment.
Engagement photo shoots like this take a great deal more planning than even wedding photo shoots because there are a number of potential glitches we need to plan for so that we have cameras in the right place at the right time. This is one of the reasons I love shooting engagements the most.

4. Photograph Partnership

If you’re planning an elaborate wedding with many moving parts that need to be captured in photographs, then having an engagement photo shoot is a good opportunity to start the relationship with your photographer. Developing a photographer partnership is the best way to ensure amazing images and working on more than one event to document your wedding is the best way to ensure an amazing wedding diary.

5. Calming the Nerves

Some people love the camera, but most don’t, so having an engagement photo shoot with just you and your partner to be is a great way to learn to relax with your photographer. Engagement photo shoots can be quiet and intimate or involve whole families and groups of friends. Whatever you’ve chosen for your engagement, learning to relax in front of the camera is very important so that you feel completely comfortable expressing emotion for your big day.

You can also use photos – for your Wedding Invitations? See sample – Aisling and Harry
Engagement Photographer Ireland
Engagement Yes or not
Engagement Photographer Invitations

Now onto 5 reasons you may feel you DON’T want a professional photographer at your engagement.

1. The Price

Professional photographers can be expensive, so you may be wondering whether it’s worth the extra expense to have a professional photographer shoot your wedding and your engagement. All I can say here is that, if all goes well, you’ll only get engaged once, so great photos are a once in a lifetime opportunity.

2. You are already comfortable in front of the camera

You may feel you don’t need any extra practice in front of the camera, and here, if you have a great photographer, I must agree. The best photographers are able to make you feel comfortable in a few minutes.

As long as you are 100% sure the photographer you’ve chosen for your wedding is that sort of person, then you should be fine.

3. You want a private engagement

We recently did an exquisite, surprise engagement shoot on the cliffs of Ireland using a drone to get the most amazing photographs and videos. From this lovely couple sharing a romantic stroll, to dancing on the cliffs of Ireland with the sea below to the big question. The engagement was private, intimate, and captured on film and photo for this lovely couple so that they can look back and enjoy it for years to come.

However, it may not suit you should you want the moment to be private without any cameras focused on the occasion.

4. Timing

Most wedding photographers work over the weekends, so if you’re planning your engagement for a Saturday night, you may struggle to find a great photographer to help you.

5. The infamous “what could go wrong?” factor

One of the things that are always a potential issue is the weather on your wedding day. You could have amazing photographs with a sunset and gorgeous light for your engagement and wind, rain, and sleet for your wedding.

Now the DKPHOTO team can make anything look incredible but having two dates to work with spreads the odds of having great weather. Another major “what could go wrong” factor is if your partner declines your proposal…

I hope this article has provided you with some food for thought and that you’ll consider including us as you plan for the biggest question you’ll ever ask.

Enjoy Your Planning

Daniel :)

Wedding Photographer Engagement Photos
Photographer Engagement Photos
Wedding Photographer Engagement Photos
Engagement Photos Cliffs of Moher
10 things photographer suggests Shoot Your Engagement or Not to Shoot. Engagement photos/shoot? Yes or Not? 8

We are so incredibly grateful!

Brittany Thompson

My now fiancé surprised me with a photography session at the Cliffs of Moher while on a trip to Ireland. Little did I know, Daniel (DK photo) and my fiancé had been speaking months prior to arranging the perfect proposal.
Daniel drove many hours to be there for our special day and captured every moment of it more perfectly than we could have imagined.
From the amazing photos to the video he created from drone footage he captured, Daniel went above and beyond to ensure that we would have beautiful memories of this moment for a lifetime. He is not only professional but warm and inviting, which made us feel so comfortable and natural in our element during our session. We are so incredibly grateful!


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