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Carton House Wedding Venue

4 ways Carton House, The Grandest of Wedding Venues, Could Give You Epic Wedding Photographs.

4 ways Carton House Hotel, The Grandest of Wedding Venues, Could Give You Epic Wedding Photographs.

No matter how many times I take wedding photographs for couples, one of my favourite parts of the journey is identifying how best to weave the particular “brand” of romance that epitomises each couple. Some couples’ romance is simple, some are sweet, some is complex, and some is grand!

Within each wedding I photograph, I find a way to incorporate the unique aspect of each couple’s relationship into their wedding photos.

This is, of course, helped enormously when the venue is a Carton House Hotel Dublin.

If you’d describe your love for each other as “epic” then here are 4 ways Carton House will give you the most exquisitely grand wedding photos.

Carton House Wedding Venue

1: Wedding Photographs with a Historic Backdrop

One of the things I think is truly unique about Carton House is the history and it’s not just in the story of this beautiful building, it’s in dozens of tiny details that create a very special and romantic atmosphere.

A little background: Carton House has stood the test of time over eight centuries! The estate was owned by the FitzGerald family since 1170 and the first record of Carton house is recorded in the 17th century.

When you are at Carton House, this history pervades so much of the space. It’s not just the décor that has been beautifully restored, but a sense that you are in a place that has “seen” a great deal of romance and lasting love in its time.

From a photography perspective, the architecture and scale of Carton House provide so many different options for epic wedding photographs. The setting is like stepping back in time to a long-forgotten era of chivalry and romance.

2: Exquisitely Grand Wedding Photographs

I’ve mentioned the scale of Carton House before but #2 in my list for choosing Carton House for your wedding must mention it again.

Frankly, modern architects just don’t make residences in quite the same way anymore. Here are a few of these aspects that I so admire about Carton House:

  • The Ceilings are very high. This means that photos of your wedding when you get married at Carton House have a wonderful balance regardless of how many extended family members you include.
  • The grounds are expansive. I’ll expand on this a little later in the article, but I wanted to mention here that sweeping vistas of greenery create effortless elegance to your wedding photographs.
  • Carton House and the Hotel are beautifully balanced but also very large. As a backdrop to a romantic moment, the buildings at Carton House are on a truly grand scale.
Carton House Wedding Photos

3: Rich and Decadent Interiors as a Luxurious Wedding Photography Setting

Carton House has been beautifully restored, and the rich and decadent colours were chosen for the interiors to look like something from a movie or magazine shoot. Indigo’s, rich navy, maroons, and greens are elegantly balanced with natural materials such as wood and leather and embellished with metallic details.

One of my all-time favourite rooms is the “Ball Room”. Clad in wood and with a beautifully ornate fireplace, the bell room has over a dozen servant bells encompassing the perimeter. The Bell Room is one of several truly unique rooms that has my fingers itching to pull out my camera.

Carton House Wedding Photographer

4: Epic Garden Vista’s for Elegant Outdoor Wedding Photographs

Carton House Website: and more Wedding Venues in Kildare :

As you know from previous articles I’ve written, I really enjoy using outdoor spaces for wedding photography. One of the aspects of the epic gardens at Carton House that I enjoy the most is trees. Truly ancient trees are living testament to the land and Carton House has a gorgeous natural collection of them. As a backdrop or a prop whether for the happy couple or for the seasons to play out their natural dramas, the trees add a timeless elegance that can’t be recreated at new, more modern venues.

The vast expanses of lawn are another area of that I particularly like. For winter weddings, sweeping snow-covered lawns (If the weather blesses us with snow) are a dream to work with from a wedding photography perspective. Likewise, the rich, rolling green of these lawns in summer gives a wonderful feeling of serenity to summer wedding photographs.

Regardless of when you have your wedding at Carton House, this historic setting delivers grand settings for wedding photographs that will stand the test of time.

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