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5 Reasons Burtown House Could be the Outdoor Wedding Venue of Your

5 Reasons Burtown House Could be the Outdoor Wedding Venue of Your Dreams

There are some wedding venues which have a certain romantic charm that goes beyond the aesthetics as if the buildings and the grounds have witnessed so much history that some of that wedding magic has seeped into the very substance of the place. Burtown House is one of these places.

With several venues for unique wedding ceremonies and cleverly planted gardens that ooze charm year-round, Burtown House is a wedding photographer’s dream.  Having recently shot an exquisite wedding at this venue, I must admit having fallen for the venue and here is why:

Burtown House Wedding
Burtown House Wedding Meal
Burtown House Wedding Photographs

Burton House Outdoor Wedding Venue

1. Wedding Venue Options

Let’s start with some practicalities – the wedding venues available at Burtown House.

Burtown House boasts a Scandinavian inspired Green Barn, which will delight you, guests, with thoughtful and nostalgic country design touches.  The real magic of Burtown House lies in the 12 acres of carefully curated gardens, parks, and woodlands with a further 180 acres of farmland.  Your outdoor wedding ceremony could take place on a woodland island, or perhaps an orchard that has seen hundreds of seasons which might be more to your taste.  If not, then the kitchen garden or the stable garden may tick all your wedding dream boxes. 

Burton House was once the centre of an impressive 2,000-acre estate named in history as Power’s Grove. Built-in the 18th century for Robert Power, who was the High Sheriff of Kildare at that time, this beautiful venue is loved nowadays for its food, surroundings and of course, its weddings.

Planted for every season, Burtown House gardens are a bounty of floral adventures and seasonal bouquets, and flower arrangements for your outdoor wedding day can be organised with the wedding management team.

From a wedding photography perspective, multiple venues mean a much broader range of photography options and background textures.

5 Reasons Burtown House Could be the Outdoor Wedding Venue of Your Dreams 17

What makes Burton House so special is the venues history of hosting spectacular weddings and the choice that they offer when it comes to planning your dream wedding.

Within the original house, you will find a bow-fronted dining parlour that overlooks the garden, a stunning grand staircase which is illuminated in natural light from a tall rounded arch, sash window and stunning plasterwork which was added in the late 18th century along with the extension to the original house.

Because of its beautiful interior, on rainy days, Burton House gives couples to be plenty of opportunities to capture truly spectacular wedding photographs inside as well as outside, making it a favourite venue of mine.

2. Homegrown goodness

Using only seasonal produce, much of it sourced from the Burtown House farmlands, the food your guests could enjoy is fresh, delicious, and as pretty as a picture – which is, of course, very important to me as your photographer.  With a farm to fork philosophy, Burtown House wedding feasts are a riot of colour and sensory inspiration, carefully tailored to you and your partner’s tastes.

When it comes to the cuisine for your big day, you’re in for a treat. Burton House is known for its farm to fork philosophy, so depending on the time of year you get married, your menu will vary to suit the produce that is in season at that time. Most of the ingredients used in the dishes at Burton House are grown on-site, while the chefs also source the best products from other Irish farms, as well as from Italy and Spain.

3. Carefully Carefree

Inspired by wanderlust and a love of authentic, beautiful things, Burtown House interiors manage to effortlessly combine rustic, contemporary and chic design into a space that at once feels very special, but also like you’ve just come home.  Walls of windows and clever seasonal arrangement mean that the outside always feels accessible, while carefully curated art and furniture provide luxurious comfort.  
These authentic and unique interiors provide you with the opportunity for wedding photography that represents who you are as a couple – a must-have for photographs that capture this enchanting day.

4. Secluded Secrets

I’ve mentioned before in previous blog posts how I like to give newly married couples a little time on their own as the day goes by so quickly and it’s easy to get caught up in entertaining guests.  One of the times you’ll get to slip away is for photos, and Burtown House delivers the most delicious, secluded nooks and crannies for this very special time.  

On the site visit to the venue, I’d love to show you the photography potential of some of these spaces.  If you’ve explored the venue together previously, then a photoshoot in your favourite part of the estate is the perfect opportunity to absorb the beauty of the moment.

Like the rest of the venue, Burton House is unique in terms of its accommodation. The Stableyard sleeps 8 guests including the couple to be within stunning sleep quarters. Unique, stylish and bursting with character are words that describe the luxury accommodations on offer here. And, being located in the heart of Kildare, the rest of your wedding guests wouldn’t have far to travel to find a nice hotel or B&B to stay the night of your wedding.

5. Wedding Inspired by You

Perhaps the loveliest aspect of Burtown House is the time and care the Burtown House wedding team put into every single wedding.  This team truly understands that your wedding is a representation of who both of you are and so the event and all the details need to be authentically you.  Whether you’re looking for a rustic wedding or an outdoor wedding, or perhaps a combination of the two, the Burtown House team are there to help.

Your wedding at Burtown House can be held all in one venue or your guests can move from location to location with the wedding ceremony in the sundial garden, drinks in the woods and your reception in the Green Barn as an example.

Outside on the grounds, you will also find so many places to tie the knot or include on your big day for a drinks reception or a photo opportunity. Within its enchanting woodland island, you will find a picture-perfect stream-bound garden that dates back to medieval times and that is perfect for the most romantic of weddings.

Alongside of the house, you will find the courtyard of the grounds which is a wonderful space that catches the sun and is perfect for a summer’s wedding. Another popular option is the secluded sundial garden which is a treasure waiting to be discovered behind beech hedging.

Burtown House co-ordinates every little detail, utilising as much of the natural beauty of the grounds as possible.  

Unique wedding photography regardless of the location is my speciality, but an inspiring venue like Burtown House with its medieval history, attention to detail and garden splendour certainly helps to inspire wedding photography as unique as you are.

Burton House gives their guests the opportunity to choose their day down to the very last detail and with an array of spaces on offer for you to embrace and enjoy on your wedding, it is no wonder it is a hit! Aside from the venues already mentioned,

Burton House is also home to a Scandinavian-inspired Green Barn which would suit those couples to be who are looking for a more contemporary or rustic wedding. They also have a magnificent marquee which they can set up for you in a number of locations on their grounds, depending on the backdrop you would love.

I feel very privileged to have been part of so many couples’ weddings over the years and have worked in grand castles, hotels, boutique venues and more. 

Through this lens, I have to say Burtown House offers a whimsical, inspiring, and rare opportunity to enjoy the fullness of the Irish seasons in this authentic venue.    

Burton House is truly a creative dream for couples to be. It is one of the best venues in Ireland when it comes to choices and options which really give you so much control over how you dream your wedding day will look.

Enough from me though, it is time to let some recent photographs from a Burton House Wedding, do the talking

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