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Mount Juliet Wedding Venue

5 Reasons Mount Juliet Wedding Venue the Most Romantic Location for a Wedding

Mount Juliet Wedding Venue is the Most Romantic Location for your Wedding.

As a wedding photographer, I’m always on the lookout for the most romantic wedding locations possible and in a recent shoot with a beautiful couple, I’ve come across a true gem. Mount Juliet Wedding Venue in Kilkenny, Ireland, is a grand, five-star wedding venue with a sweeping vista’s ancient trees and visible passion poured into every tiny detail. I had to share my 5 top reasons I think this wedding venue is one of the most romantic venues available in Ireland.

Mount Juliet Wedding Venue

1: The Story – Mount Juliet Hotel

Like all truly great stories, the Mount Juliette story is a love story. In 1757 a young Somerset Hamilton Butler settled on 500 acres of lush Irish land, complete with forests, a river over which an eight-arched bridge, which still stands today, and a ridge that overlooks the entire estate. His new bride- Lady Juliet Butler- inspired the name of the estate and together, the two worked tirelessly to develop Mount Juliet into the thriving, beautiful estate that still stands today.
From romantic roots springs an estate where attention to detail has been the theme for over 250 years results in magnificent multifaceted features that truly make this a special wedding venue.

2: The Garden Wedding Venue

Often used for civil ceremonies, the garden wedding venue at Mount Juliet is situated on the lawns in front of the Manor House, surrounded by lush flowering plants that provide pops of colour at different times of the year.
The most romantic part of the garden wedding venue, however, has to be the aisle, the entrance of which is a beautifully weathered stone circle through which the groom, bridal party and bride must walk. Lined with beautifully planted grasses, shrubs and daisy plants and carpeted in lush green grass, the garden wedding venue aisle makes for the most exquisite wedding photographs.

Mount Juliet Wedding Ceremony
Mount Juliet Wedding Ceremony
Mount Juliet Wedding Ceremony

3: The Manor House Weddings Venue

The Manor House at Mount Juliet hosts up to 96 guests and is a light and airy space in creams, soft greys, and white. With perfectly framed vistas of the magnificent gardens, the Manor House wedding venue is classically elegant and softly romantic.
I particularly like the colour pallet chosen for this venue and the huge windows that allow in so much natural light it almost feels as though you are outside.
Although the wedding I photographed at Mount Juliet was a summer wedding, a winter wedding in the Manor House venue with snow drifting outside would be truly romantically spectacular.

5 Reasons Mount Juliet Wedding Venue the Most Romantic Location for a Wedding 1
5 Reasons Mount Juliet Wedding Venue the Most Romantic Location for a Wedding 2
5 Reasons Mount Juliet Wedding Venue the Most Romantic Location for a Wedding 3

4: The Hunter’s Yard Wedding Venue

Accommodating up to 200 guests, the Hunters Yard wedding venue at Mount Juliet is a delightful blend of rich country colours, modern touches, and respectful homage to the working history of this beautiful estate. The exposed wooden beams, which can be encased in fairy lights or flowers, depending on your wedding vision, along with roaring fires, makes this wedding venue a delightful choice for couples wanting a romantically cosy wedding.
The intimate pub, with rich colours, leather furniture and country details, is a beautiful wedding photography opportunity regardless of weather.

5: The Estate Grounds

As you know from reading previous posts, I particularly like gardens as a feature in wedding photographs, and the estate grounds are truly special. Mount Juliet is all about individual attention to detail. One of the loveliest and potentially most romantic aspects to this estate is the opportunity to include animals in your wedding photographs. Season-dependent farm animals such as lambs are available for inclusion in your wedding photo shoot, and the venue is open to a fur friend joining you for your wedding. In the exquisite wedding photo shoot, we managed the couple’s dog and happily led the bridal party down the aisle adding a truly personal and romantic touch to the day.

5 Reasons Mount Juliet Wedding Venue the Most Romantic Location for a Wedding 4
Mount Juliet wedding reviews:

I have to mention the trees at this wedding venue, particularly for an Autumn wedding. The ancient oaks that tower alongside many of the paths and roads are bejewelled in rich golds, ochres and ruby and make for the most magical and romantic backdrop to any wedding.

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True romance is found in the details, in a gentle touch, a thoughtful gesture, and these abound at Mount Juliet in almost every element of the venue. For a truly unique and lusciously romantic wedding venue, be sure to take a look at the photographs on my website and to visit the Mount Juliet website as well.

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