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5 Wedding Photograph Farnham Estate

5 Wedding Photograph Must Haves found at Farnham Estate

5 Wedding Photograph Must Haves found at Farnham Estate

Farnham Estate Wedding Photographer

So, your big day is looming and you’re trying to decide which wedding venue would be the perfect setting for this personally historic event.

There is so much to consider: location, scenery, pre-drinks, the ceremony, post-drinks, reception, guests, and much more. Choosing between different venues can be very tricky, which is why I’ve put together 5 points for you to consider from a wedding photography perspective.

1: Beautiful bride and groom preparation rooms

Farnham Estate Getting ready
5 Wedding Photograph Must Haves found at Farnham Estate 1
5 Wedding Photograph Must Haves found at Farnham Estate 2

When most people plan their wedding, they think about the photos only in terms of the couple photos, however great wedding photography captures moments throughout the day, and this includes the preparations.

If your wedding, including the ceremony, meal and reception, is 6 hours long, there is normally at least 3 hours of preparation time. For me, as a wedding photographer, this time is some of the best time to get beautiful, touching, family-oriented pictures of the closest friends and family to the couple.
But I can only capture these moments really well if the preparation rooms provide a good backdrop. I look for lighting, textures, colours, and space when choosing a photography venue.

Farnham Estate wedding venue offers exquisite wedding preparation rooms, from a gorgeous spa to tastefully decorated suites, all perfect for capturing those precious moments before two individuals become a family.

2: Sweeping Vistas:

5 Wedding Photograph Must Haves found at Farnham Estate 3

There is something truly majestic about wedding photos in which the couple is a part of a sweeping landscape. From a wedding photographers’ perspective, finding backgrounds that provide depth and a little drama make for the best album images.
Farnham Estate wedding venue offers a variety of vistas to suit almost every couple’s style. Here are a few of my favourites:

The forest

Farnham Estate Photos

There is something particularly magical about wedding photographs in amongst the ancient trees of a forest. The crisp contrast of bridal whites against a forest’s dark green backdrop makes for breath-taking photos.
Another reason I love the Farnham Estate Forest is how the forest marks the season of the wedding. Whether your wedding is in summer, autumn, winter or spring, the trees provide a natural reminder of the time of year your wedding was held.

Farnham Estate lake

The lake

The Farnham Estate Lake, with its ever-changing hues of blue provides a gorgeous backdrop for any wedding photographs. One of the things I particularly like about the lake is the tendency for mist in the cooler months. Ethereal whisps of mist are a wedding photographers’ dream backdrop and the lake at Farnham Estate can be the wedding venue’s best feature.
The Hill Top
With just the right positioning on the Farnham Estate, there is an opportunity to get a gorgeous photograph of a wedding couple with a sweeping lawn to their feet and nothing but sky above them. This exquisite wedding photograph vista is one of the most striking at Farnham Estate.
The lawns
The sweeping swathes of emerald lawn available at Furnham Estate are an absolute delight to shoot wedding photographs on. From bride and bridesmaids to full family and wedding party shots, Farnham Estate doesn’t disappoint.

3: Interesting architecture

Farnham Estate staircase
5 Wedding Photograph Must Haves found at Farnham Estate 4
5 Wedding Photograph Must Haves found at Farnham Estate 5

The third aspect to look for when deciding on a wedding venue is the architecture. Whether your choice is modern, Art Déco, ancient or country, the architecture of your wedding venue will feature heavily in almost every indoor picture.
Farnham Estate has been shaping the history of the area for over 330 years, and this history is visible in the architecture of the beautiful buildings that make up the estate.

Some of the architectural aspects I particularly like from a wedding photography perspective include:

The Stonework in the restaurant

There is incredible stonework in the restaurant at Farnham Estate, from a mixture of ancient stones that one can imagine made up some of the first buildings, to a patchwork of red brick. As a wedding photograph backdrop, it is unique.

Archways and Staircase

Throughout the gorgeous Farnham Estate buildings, there are a range of striking archways that make for the most delightful wedding photograph setting.

The Circular Cellar

Probably one of my favourite rooms has to be the Farnham Estate circular cellar, although it’s more of a wine room than a cellar. Complete with a circular table for tasting and hundreds of bottles of wine all concentrically arranged, it is interesting, unique and this wedding photographer’s dream.

4: Indoor/Outdoor spaces

5 Wedding Photograph Must Haves found at Farnham Estate 6

With weather in Ireland being the constant x factor – in other words, you’re never truly sure what it will do, regardless of the season or the weather predictions – having a wedding with seamless indoor/outdoor spaces is an absolute must.
Farnham Estate has managed to integrate indoor and outdoor spaces effortlessly with large windows that frame the view to perfection. This means that regardless of what the weather is up to, you can be sure of beautiful wedding photos.

5: A Great Reception Venue

Farnham Estate Ballroom

When you ask people what they most enjoyed about a wedding, the large majority will talk about the reception. This is when the formalities are over, and everyone can let their hair down. From a wedding photography perspective, being able to catch these relaxed happy moments is really important and often very difficult.
Farnham Estate reception rooms provide gorgeous, stylish backdrops while facilitating a great party – one which your guests will remember, and your photographer will be able to capture.

Love places to photograph Wedding Dress at a venue inside and outside.
Choosing a wedding venue is never an easy task, but this guide will assist you in choosing a venue which will help your photographer enormously.

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