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K club Hotel Wedding

8 Unique Wedding Photograph Locations at the Magnificent K Club in Kildare

8 Unique Wedding Photograph Locations at the Magnificent K Club in Kildare

K Club – most wedding venues offer couples a few unique wedding photograph opportunities. These locations set a tone for the wedding which often fits the couple perfectly and makes for a truly magical wedding story. Occasionally, a couple will come to me where each person has vastly different ideas of what they are looking for in their wedding photographs.

The K Club just outside of Dublin is the perfect venue for couples who want a wide range of wedding photograph locations with a certain amount of opulence and flair. The K Club offers far more than just 8 incredible photograph locations, but I’ve chosen my favourites to discuss in this article.

8 Unique Wedding Photograph Locations at the Magnificent K Club in Kildare 1

Wedding Photograph Location 1: The Hotel

The K Club’s original 19th Century house is tastefully decorated with periodic furniture, colours, and décor, bringing old world charm to your wedding photos. The intricate detail in every aspect of this beautiful wedding venue is a wedding photographer’s dream, providing an opulently textured backdrop for your big day.

8 Unique Wedding Photograph Locations at the Magnificent K Club in Kildare 2
8 Unique Wedding Photograph Locations at the Magnificent K Club in Kildare 3

Wedding Photograph Location 2: The Fountain

The K Club boasts a spectacular fountain, which, when you are planning wedding photograph hotspots, could be just the backdrop you ordered. The K Club fountain is particularly spectacular in the evening and twilight as twinkling lights from the hotel sparkle in the reflection pool water.
From a wedding photography perspective, the movement of fountain water can bring a delightfully romantic atmosphere to your photographs in the warmer months and a frozen fountain in winter is simply spectacular.

Wedding Photograph Location 3: The River

Winding through the epic grounds of the K Club is a picturesque river with rolling green banks and forested areas, the perfect location for a casual picnic type wedding photoshoot.

8 Unique Wedding Photograph Locations at the Magnificent K Club in Kildare 4

Wedding Photograph Location 4: The Garden

I’ve discussed the endless possibilities of wedding photographs in the gardens of a variety of venues. The unique aspect of garden wedding photography the K Club offers is a formal garden setting, complete with an aisle and space for guests to sit, making it one of the most elegant ceremony settings I’ve seen in some time.
A delightful aspect of the K Club formal garden is its location close to the hotel. This means aerial photography shots are possible. This completely different angle takes ordinary garden wedding photographs to the next level and is a wonderful addition to any wedding album.

8 Unique Wedding Photograph Locations at the Magnificent K Club in Kildare 5

Wedding Photograph Location 5: The Island

One of the most enchanting locations for wedding photographs at the K Club is the Island. Complete with an enchanting forest and an array of trees and foliage, the Island gives a sense of privacy, seclusion, and romance.

Wedding Photograph Location 6: The Library

As a wedding photographer, I’m always looking for details in rooms, or garden settings that will help to communicate the unique romance of the couple getting married. An unusual but richly decadent ceremony choice at the K Club is the library. An original 19th Century venue complete with a glorious fireplace, glittering chandelier and architectural details that will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time 100 years, the Library offers a truly unique wedding venue for couples.

Wedding Photograph Location 7: The Tara Suite

Choosing the K Club as your wedding venue is to choose to include history into your special day. It’s to take a step back into time when opulence oozed from every sconce, and weddings were grand affairs that transformed entire suites into something magical. The Tara Suite at the K Club epitomises this romantic historical time and offers exquisite wedding photography opportunities, either around the marble fireplace or with a backdrop to the rolling gardens in the distance. The Tara Suite is a must-have wedding venue for couples looking to celebrate their love in old-world charm and style.

Wedding Photograph Location 8: The Bridge

I’ve left my very favourite location at K Club for last. The bridge. Picturesque in every detail, from the glass-like river that gently meanders beneath it to the crisp white architectural details that make up this lovely suspension bridge. Surrounded by lush forests, the bridge at the K Club has to be one of my all-time favourite spots for wedding photographs. Whether the angle of the photograph is from one of the banks looking up at the happy couple or on the bridge as they stroll towards the camera, or as the bride drops some petals into the river below, the options for unique, beautiful wedding photographs are endless.

I’ve only listed 8 of the incredible wedding photograph opportunities available at the K Club, but there are so many more that I could have included! Be sure to take a look at the K Club website for more information and get in touch with me to discuss the best spots at the K Club for memorable wedding photographs.

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